Genshin Impact 4.1 will introduce two new 5-star Fontaine characters and return two popular old characters. Though all four upcoming banners are attractive, lots of players are still confused about whether they should skip or gacha in the next update. Check it out here.

I. Should You Skip Update 4.1 Banners?

Deciding whether to skip or gacha in update 4.1 is really confusing because the Hydro Archon will come out in update 4.2. As one of The Sevens in Teyvat, Furina is expected to have an insane power like Nahida, Zhongli, and Raiden Shogun. That's why it's reasonable to skip the next update and wait for Furina's banner in Update 4.2.

However, Furina's release date has not been confirmed yet. Therefore, there is a chance that she will not come out in Update 4.2. So, you may spend a part of your Primogem savings on the next update 4.1.

Furina Banner
You can save Primogems for the Furina banner in update 4.2.

II. Which Banners Are Best To Gacha?

All four characters in the next update are very attractive. Let's check out the best character to pull in Genshin Impact 4.1. You can also make your own decisions after reading these suggestions.

#1. Neuvillette

Neuvillette has a cool and handsome appearance. Moreover, he has a mysterious profile and backstory that may make Genshin Impact players want to gacha his banner. Additionally, his kit is not complicated and difficult to use.

His Special Charge attack is the most powerful hit of this Hydro DPS unit. He shoots a water ray forward with this Special Charged attack which consumes three Sourcewater Droplets. These droplets are created when he unleashes his elemental skill and bursts.

Neuvilette Genshin Impact
Neuvilette has a simple but effective character kit.

But his Interruption Resistance at C0 is his weak point. You may have to use a shielder or teammate with an ideal Interruption Resistance. So, character selection for his team comp is limited. Moreover, his team also has to trigger many elemental reactions to optimize his passive talent of the Special Charge Attack.

#2. Wriothesley

There were many interesting rumors around Wriothesley before his official confirmation in the Genshin Impact 4.1 Livestream Program. According to some leaks before the Livestream program,  many leakers said he would come to the standard banners. However, this new Cryo DPS will be limited to event banners only.

He has an excellent design of a new-generation Cryo DPS character. Wriothesley has a useful kit with effective attacks. Moreover, this Cryo DPS has Interruption Resistance right at C0. Therefore, he does not require a shielder. You will have more options for his teammates.

Wriothesley Genshin Impact
Wriothesley is the first Cryo Catalyst wielder in Genshin Impact.

Wriothesley is also the first Cryo Catalyst wielder in this game. You can build him as the main DPS for a Cryo DMG team using Shenhe as a Cryo DMG buffer. But Wriothesley is an HP-scaling DPS unit like Hu Tao. Therefore, you need to have a healer in your team. Kokomi is an ideal option who can trigger the Freeze reaction in his Cryo team.

#3. Hu Tao and Venti

Both Hu Tao and Venti are old characters who have been rerun many times in Genshin Impact. Therefore, their banners are less attractive than the two new characters from Fontaine.

  • Hu Tao is still one of the best DPS units for single targets in this game. But her kit is also one of the most complicated and difficult character kits. Therefore, it disappoints lots of players. If you want to save Primogems for Furina or the two characters above, you should skip her banner in update 4.1. Moreover, you shouldn't pull Hu Tao if you haven't got her before because she is not very helpful at C1, and you may need tons of Primogems for her Hu Tao C3 and C4.
  • Venti is the Anemo Archon whose power is overwhelming in the early stage of the game. But this character is surpassed by many new characters who are more suitable to the meta of the game, such as Kazuha or Wanderer.
Hu Tao And Venti
Hu Tao and Venti are old characters who have been rerun several times.

But Hu Tao and Venti are still worth pulling for wealthy players. They have bold characteristics and interesting backstories. Therefore, lots of fans of these two characters are still waiting for them to return in the next update.

III. Conclusion

Saving Primogems for the banner of the Hydro Archon is still highly recommended. But her banner hasn't been confirmed yet. Therefore, Neuvillette and Wriothesley are the best options. Their attacks are infused with Arkhe Energy which is essential to counter Fontaine opponents.

Genshin Impact 4 1 Banners
Neuvillette and Wriothesley are the best options for Genshin Impact players in the next update.

If you are not a fan of these characters, you can skip their banners and wait for the Hydro Archon, Furina who is likely to come out in update 4.2.

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