PUBG Mobile 2.9 will feature the Christmas theme with a flying Santa's Sleigh. This special vehicle also has some interesting features that make you excited! Let's check out how this new vehicle operates in the game.

#1. Reindeer

PUBG Mobile Christmas update 2023 will reintroduce a special vehicle with two parts. A wooden reindeer is the first part of Santa's Sleigh which has a motor system inside to make it move rapidly like a real reindeer.

This vehicle spawns randomly on the map. PUBG Mobile players can pick and ride it to traverse the map. When it speeds up, this vehicle can reach a high speed of 90km/h. But this reindeer only runs on the ground.

Wooden Reindeer
You can find this wooden reindeer in many locations all around the map during the event.

#2. Sleigh

The sleigh also spawns randomly all around the map. This wooden sleigh has two seats and it can run without the reindeer. Moreover, its max speed reaches 114 km/h on the ground. It even runs faster than those wooden reindeer.

However, this sleigh easily turns over when you ride it on the mountain slopes. Moreover, this sleigh does not have any protection. So, you and your teammate can be shot down easily when running through a camping spot of enemies.

The wooden Sleigh
This wooden sleigh is harder to control than any other vehicle in PUBG Mobile.

#3. Santa's Sleigh

When you get both the reindeer and the sleigh, ride the reindeer to the front of the sleigh and tap on the Attach button to install a complete Santa's Sleigh. Though its max speed only reaches 65km/h, this Santa's Sleigh can fly high in the air.

Attach The Sleigh To The Reindeer
Attach the sleigh to the reindeer to get a full Santa's sleigh.

Tips To Ride Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh can be new for a lot of players in PUBG Mobile who haven't experienced it in The Christmas Update 2019. Therefore, it can be a new interesting experience in the upcoming update. But you need to know these tips and details when using this vehicle in PUBG Mobile to traverse safely and avoid early death.

  • Sit on the back of the wooden reindeer to control the sleigh and ride this vehicle.
  • Switch to the sleigh's seats to fire back or shoot enemies.
  • Try to wiggle to evade bullets as this sleigh will be destroyed and fall down when getting hit by an AKM with two full magazines of 7.62mm bullets.
  • Reduce the height and find a cover if you get sprayed while flying in the air to get ready to leave the sleigh safely. You should land on the ground before jumping out of the sleigh, or you can be killed by getting fall damage.
The Santas Sleigh
The Santa's sleigh is dangerous but interesting to ride.

An event mode will also be launched in the upcoming Christmas update. This new vehicle can add excitement to the game during the event. Just wait for more fun in PUBG Mobile 2.9.

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