AUG has been removed from the airdrop in PUBG Mobile 2.8. Its spawn rate is comparable with the legendary weapon M416 now. But is it better than M416? Let's compare and pick the better 5.56 AR here.

#1. Damage

M416 and AUG have the same damage point of 40.9 HP/hit. The airdrop AUG had a higher damage of 42.9. But its power was nerfed when this gun moved out of the airdrop. Therefore, it's hard to conclude which gun is better in terms of damage.

M416 And Aug Damage
M416 and AUG have similar damage per hit.

#2. Firing Rate

The rate of fire is also a critical status of a firearm. Though the non-airdrop AUG was nerfed, it still has a higher rate of fire. It means that you can shoot more bullets per second and deal higher damage to the target with this gun. Besides, your AUG also runs out of ammo earlier than the M416. Therefore, you must guarantee the accuracy of your AUG.

#3. Damage Per Second (DPS)

As explained, with a higher rate of fire, AUG also deals higher DPS to the target. While the DPS indicator of the legendary AR M416 is 426 dps, the nerfed AUG still deals 520 damage per second to the target. It's an advantage of AUG A3 in bullet spraying.

Aug A3
AUG A3 has a higher DPS due to its higher firing rate.

#4. Recoil & Accuracy

The recoil rate has a great impact on the practical output damage of these weapons. You only deal damage to the opponent when your bullet hits the targeted point accurately. The old AUG A3 is preferred because of its lower recoil and higher accuracy. But after being nerfed, the handling feature of this gun is also nerfed.

Its recoil rates were increased by 10% horizontally and 20% vertically. In comparison with the M416, the new AUG has around 5% higher vertical recoil but 15% lower horizontal recoil rates. Therefore, you have to pull the aim more when wielding an AUG. Besides, you should lower your body by crouching to make the barrel more stable when spraying bullets in mid-range spraying.

M416 And 6x Scope
M416 has a little higher recoil.

#5. Reload Duration

When reloading 30 bullets per normal magazine without quick mag attachment, the M416 takes you 2.2 seconds while the new AUG takes you 3.2 seconds. With up to one second faster, you can shoot down the opponent with 426 damage as long as all your bullets hit him accurately. It's critical in close combat and open-field engagement.

#6. Bullet Velocity

The new AUG A3 got a nerf in the bullet speed, which definitely affects its popularity. The airdrop version has a great bullet speed of 940 m/s. The ammo velocity of the current edition drops a bit, which is 900 m/s. But it's still higher than the M416 which has a standard velocity of 880 m/s.

New Aug
The new AUG is still better than the M416.

In conclusion, both guns have ideal damage points, recoil rates, and bullet speeds. These features are not hugely different. But overall, AUG is still better than M416 in both close and mid-range combat.

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