Overture of Wandering Notes is a new web event in Genshin Impact. This is an interesting music quiz game for Genshin players and fans on the occasion of the Genshin Concert Tour 2023. Let's check out how to complete this event and obtain Commemorative Character-Themed Concert Tickets here.

I. Event Schedule & Eligibility

The Overture of Wandering Notes event takes place between September 12th and October 19th, 2023. It's one of the longest web events in this game because this is the celebrating event for the long Concert Tour titled "Melodies of an Endless Journey".

Overture Of Wandering Notes
Overture of Wandering Notes is an easy web event.

To get eligibility for this web event, you have to reach Adventure Rank 10 and above. It's an easy and interesting music game for most Genshin Impact players. You can quickly complete this quiz if you frequently listen to themed melodies of the game. Just join the event through the event link and test how many Genshin Impact theme songs you know.

II. How To Find Missing Notes

After logging into the Overture of Wandering Notes web event with your game account, you will receive a letter of a music sheet with three lost notes. Participants have to retrieve three music notes to complete this web event.

Melodies Of An Endless Journey
It's the celebrating web event for the Melodies of an Endless Journey Concert Tour 2023.

To obtain missing those notes, you have to answer three questions with three familiar melodies of Teyvat. Your mission is to select the right title for the melody.

  • Albedo and Diona will perform the Fragile Fantasy song. It's a beautiful melody for the Dragonspine area between Mondstadt and Liyue.
  • Childe and Eula will bring you a performance of the song titled Wrath of Monoceros Caeli. It's the theme music of Childe Boss Phase.
  • Xiao and Ganyu will perform a very familiar melody titled Liyue. It's the background music of Liyue Harbor, one of the most famous destinations in Teyvat, and the capital city of the Geo Nation.

Just select these three answers to receive three music notes. After retrieving all three lost notes, you can complete the music sheet and get rewards.

Find The Right Title Of The Melody
Find the right title of the melody to retrieve the lost note in the music sheet.

III. Event Rewards

Overture of Wandering Notes is an easy and quick event that you can finish in a few minutes. After completing the music sheet, you can get 40 Primogems. Moreover, participants also have a chance to get Commemorative Character-Themed Concert Tickets with the image of their favorite characters on the tickets. It's an exciting gift for fans of this game.

Collect Three Lost Notes
Collect three lost notes and claim attractive rewards from this simple music quiz game.

There are seven characters on the concert's banner, including Childe, Diona, Ganyu, Zhongli, Xiao, Eula, and Albedo. If you want to download all seven Character-Themed tickets, you can return the ticket after downloading the image. Don't ignore this chance to get 40 easy Primogems for upcoming banners. Lots of attractive playable units will come out soon.

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