PUBG Mobile 2.8 World of Wonder introduced many new features, devices, and map templates. Let's check out which devices and templates have been introduced in World of Wonder 2.8. They will make some changes to the gameplay.

I. New Gameplay Devices

There are many new gameplay devices in the World of Wonder. These devices will affect the gameplay of PUBG Mobile.

  • Character Switch Device (switch to the companion form to play);
  • Multiple Choice Decision Device (set up choices to select and activate during the match);
  • Condition Checking Device (verify conditions for certain actions);
  • Audio Device (add sound and music);
  • Custom Shop Device (establish in-game shops to buy supplies);
  • AI Waypoint Device (define movement routes of AI bots);
  • Random Action Device (set up random detectable actions).

These additions and enhancements will make changes to the gameplay of PUBG Mobile World of Wonder.

Pubg Mobile 28 Update World Of Wonder
Enter the companion mode to play with the Character Switch Device.

II. Construction & Ornamental Objects

Construction is one of the greatest features in the World of Wonder mode. Let's check out some new ornamental and construction objects in update 2.8.

  • Castle roof, window, gate;
  • Ferris Wheel;
  • Lots of Halloween-themed ornamental items, such as sculpted pumpkins.

These additions bring the Halloween atmosphere to PUBG Mobile. You can celebrate this festival with your in-game friends when update 2.8 is active.

Build Your Halloween Map
Build your Halloween map.

III. Interactive Objects

You can also find many interactive objects in the World of Wonder. These objects have different uses but all of them are designed to bring you an enjoyable gaming experience. Let's check them out here.

  • Light source (place it in night mode to add light to the map);
  • Interactized objects (make other objects destroyable);
  • Boost belt, conveyor belt, water current (boost and launch your character).

These new features make the game more interesting and easier. Utilize them properly to enjoy their advantages.

Lots Of Amazing Activities
Lots of amazing activities to experience in the game.

IV. Map Template

The PUBG Mobile development team also added some new templates to the game map section. These changes will amaze you.

  • Empty maps (including empty classic map template and empty original map template);
  • Extensive PVE gameplay template (terror town).

You can construct houses and structures on these empty maps to create battle royale maps with towns, villages, cities, and more.

Decorate Your Map
Decorate your map and enjoy the Halloween atmosphere in PUBG Mobile 2.8.

V. Movement Decives

There are some new devices for movement. These tools will give you special buffs.

  • PVE buff customization (includes detecting enemies, healing, repairing vehicles, boosting speed, slowing or stunning enemies, invincible buff, etc.);
  • PVE management divide (customize enemy mobs on your customized maps);

In addition, the new feature of Data Storage lets you save the progress in the World of Wonder mode. In addition to building and customizing your map with these new devices and features, there are lots of exciting activities to experience in PUBG Mobile 2.8 World of Wonder.

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