PUBG Mobile 2.8 will reintroduce a Zombie mode. Zombie's Edge: Elite Agent will be the theme mode of this update. Let's check out some tips and tactics to survive and get Chicken Dinner in this time-limited thrilling game mode.

#1. Check Aerolith Lab

The ground around this lab was affected by Aerolith's energy which turned this area into a dead land. No one or living thing can survive and reside here. You can find lots of loot in this lab to prepare for survival. But keep an eye on dangerous mutants that can damage or kill you.

But you will get a Respawn Card automatically after entering this zone that gives you another life in a match. If a player is accidentally killed by mutants and living forms in this lab, he has another chance to come back to the battleground.

Loot In Aerolith Lab
Loot supplies in Aerolith Lab.

#2. Rage Berserker in Aerolith Lab

Rage Berserker is a large, dangerous monster in the Aerolith lab. When you see the countdown clock on the screen, you will see the Aerolith tower attracting mutants and absorbing them to get energy and power up the Rage Berserker.

When the countdown ends, this dangerous monster will appear. Therefore, you must try to shoot down as many mutants as possible before Rage Berserker appears. Prevent the Aerolith lab from absorbing more mutants to weaken the summoned monster.

Keep An Eye On The Countdown Clock
Keep an eye on the countdown clock to know when the Rage Berserker spawns.

#3. Use a Dagger And Crossbow

The explosive bolts and the knife named Dagger are two additions to PUBG Mobile 2.8. These weapons have damage buffs in the themed mode of this version. You had better utilize them to clear mutants faster.

#4. Rage Berserker & Ripper on Map

When traversing the map in the Zombie's Edge game mode, you can encounter many Rage Berserker monsters with muscular right arms. But there is a weak point with the glowing red color on their mutated arms. Aim and keep spraying bullets to that point to decrease their HP bar.

Stay close to your team to contribute Damage and knock these Rage Berserker monsters quickly. Try to evade deadly attacks of their right arms. Don't try to avoid all Rage Berserkers because these monsters will give you genetic skills through their Mutation Gauntlets and Blades.

Shoot Their Red Weak Points
Shoot their weak points in red to clear these zombies faster.

The weak point of the Ripper is on its head. Keep shooting at that point to destroy this nimble monster rapidly.

#5. Obtain Mutation Gauntlets and Blades

Pick Mutation Gauntlets and Blades dropped by defeated Rage Berserkers. Then, equip these drops to punch down zombies with buffed fists.

  • The Gauntlets also allow users to perform Great Mash and clear lots of zombies with a powerful plunge attack.
  • The Blades give users a Wild Dash ability for a charged dash. It's useful when you are surrounded by lots of zombies. It lets you escape the waves of these life forms quickly without taking damage.

While exploring the Aerolith Lab, don't ignore the Maglev Hoverboard. This vehicle is very useful in this zombie mode. It can bring one player to traverse the map and fly across rivers.

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