PUBG Mobile 2.8 has a great change in the weapon system. FAMAS 2.0 has replaced AUG A3 in the airdrop and become one of the rarest Assault Rifles in this game. Let's check out the strong and weak points of this weapon and some advantages of this new edition here.

#1. Enhanced Power

The base damage of the new weapon - FAMAS 2.0 was enhanced moderately. Its hit point increases from 37 to 38 HP/hit. The firing speed also increases insanely from 800 to 900 bullets per minute. Then, the damage per second also increases a lot, making this gun a powerful AR for bullet spraying. It lets you defeat the opponent faster.

New Famas 2 0
New Famas 2.0 has a higher damage point and DPS point.

#2. Optimized Attachment

The amount of attachment slots decreases. You can only attach a scope, barrel attachment, and a canted sight to your FAMAS 2.0. The full magazine capacity is limited to 30 counts. Wielders cannot extend the ammo capacity by attaching any further mag to this firearm.

But this nerf makes FAMAS 2.0 balanced. It's powerful enough for you to shoot down an enemy team with the given bullet capacity.

#3. Reduced Reload Duration

The long reload duration make the old FAMAS less preferred in fast-paced FPS game like PUBG Mobile. The remade version of FAMAS in update 2.8 lessened the reload duration of this AR from 3.5 to 3.2 seconds. This is the fixed reload time for this gun as you cannot attach a quickdraw mag to reduce this duration.

Famas 2 0 Buff
These buffs make it an ideal firearm for close-range combat.

#4. New Iron Sight

FAMAS 2.0 has a better iron sight for the early stage of the game when you cannot pick any scope. However, most pro players in PUG Mobile do not use this type of sight to aim because the large body of this gun blocks a wide range of sight.

#5. Reduced Recoil Rate

The best enhancement of FAMAS 2.0 is the reduced recoil rate. This new version is easier to control than the old one with a smaller recoil range. Its verticle and horizontal recoil patterns are even smaller than M416 which is known as one of the most stable firearms in this game.

Famas 2 0 In Airdrop
That's why FAMAS 2.0 should be an advanced supply in the airdrop.

With these changes, FAMAS 2.0 became the best 5.56 AR in PUBG Mobile. That's why it can kick AUG A3 out and replace it in the airdrop crate.

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