PUBG Mobile Zombie's Edge is the latest Halloween-themed update. In addition to lots of new features, there are several myths about the gameplay of this update. Let's check out new PUBG Mobile Zombie's Edge myths, tips, and tricks here.

#1. Hoverboard Myth

You can stop a car with a Hoverboard without losing any health. It can be useful for solo mode since you can stop an enemy and shoot them. But you should avoid using it in duo or squad modes or their teammates can shoot you down before you can perform a clutch.

The Hoverboard can stop a car.

#2. Grenade Myth

The grenade can damage and knock your teammate down when he/she is next to an opponent. This throwable weapon was fixed so that it wouldn't cause damage to teammates. In fact, grenades still deal damage to your allies when they are close to an opponent.

Grenade Pubg Mobile 2 8
The grenade still deals DMG to allies when the opponents are nearby.

#3. Vehicle Myth

There is a new addition to the Ally gameplay system in PUBG Mobile 2.8. In the new update, you cannot shoot and cause damage to a vehicle when your teammate is sitting in the vehicle though you can burst the tyre.

It prevents friendly killing by vehicle explosion. Moreover, this enhancement is useful for you when you team up with random players, especially when you meet toxic players.

You Cannot Burst The Allys Car
You cannot burst the ally's car.

#4. Coupe RB Flying Tip

When you toss a grenade under the Coupe RP car with an ally sitting inside, this car will be launched into the air. The car will even fly higher when you throw the grenade under the car with some gas cans under it. It's interesting and cool to see the flying car with this trick. You can also troll enemies with this tip by showing them a flying car.

Launch A Coupe Into The Air
Launch a Coupe into the air.

#5. Dagger Vs. Pan Damage

The new melee weapon Dagger deals higher damage per hit to enemies than the pan. A pan hit deals 80HP to the target. But a Dagger can deal 90HP to the opponent per hit. This fact helps you select the right melee weapon for the early stage of the game and melee combat. You should pick the Dagger to stay defended when you cannot pick any gun after landing.

The Dagger Is Stronger Than The Pan
The Dagger is stronger than the Pan.

#6. Mutation Blade Movement

When using the Mutation Blade, you can launch your character into the air and fly a short distance. If you use this skill while flying in the air, you can pause your movement and slowly fall down. But it can be dangerous if you are high in the air. You can also use this tip to pause the flight and stop before landing among a number of opponents.

Pause Mid Air Movement
Pause mid-air movement.

These are some interesting myths about new features in PUBG Mobile 2.8. You can also learn some tips to play better and have fun in this new version from these myths and facts.

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