Genshin Impact Hydroculous are scattered all around Fontaine. You can collect these items during your exploration adventure in this Hydro nation. Let's check out the quantity and locations of these collectible items until update 4.1 here.

I. Hydroculus Quantity [Till Update 4.1]

Fontaine is a large nation with aboveground, underground, and underwater areas. This nation also has 150 Hydroculi until update 4.1. It's still fewer than the quantity of Dendroculi in Sumeru (271 Dendroculi). But there can be more Hydroculi in upcoming updates when further parts are unlocked.

You have to collect all Hydroculi in aboveground, underground, and underwater areas around this nation to maximize the level of the Hydro Statue of Seven in Fontaine. It will be a difficult challenge for Genshin Impact players.

Hydroculus Appearance
This is the appearance of Hydroculus in Fontaine.

It's easier to farm Hydroculi by using Hydroculus Resonance Stone to locate nearby oculi to farm them faster. You have to reach Reputation Level 8 in Fontaine to get this gadget for your Hydroculus farming trip. Mark their locations on your minimap to check all collected and wait-to-collect items.

II. Hydroculus Locations & Farming Routes

Hydroculi can be found on the ground, underground, and even underwater. Fontaine has a large area of water bodies with lots of boats and ships. You can find many oculi on these offshore ships. Let's check out the best Hydroculi farming routes in the current Fontaine here, including 85 Hydroculi in Fontaine 4.0 and 65 Hydroculi in Fontaine 4.1.

Hydroculi Locations
Here are 65 Hydroculi locations in the new map of Fontaine 4.1.

#1. Court Of Fontaine

The northern part of the current map is an urban area with the capital city of this nation where the Court of Fontaine is located.

  • You can find 9 oculi along the waterway to the city inner.
  • There are 3 oculi in the outer round of the city.
  • 10 oculi appear in the water bodies in the north of this map.
  • Go to the Opera Epiclese to grab 3 items.
  • Marcotte Station has 2 items.
  • 9 oculi are scattered in the mountain area in the north of the Fontaine Capital City.
North Of Fontaine
Oculi map in the north of Fontaine includes both above-ground and underwater locations.

#2. The Beryl & Belleau Regions

Traveler has to go through the south of Fontaine to reach the capital city in the North. Unlike big cities in the north, the south of the Hydro nation is more rural and mountainous. Here are the recommended farming routes for you.

South Of Fontaine
Here is all the Hydroculi map in the South of Fontaine.
  • There are 2 oculi near the first Statue of Seven in Fontaine that you unlock right after entering this nation.
  • Take the boat towards the capital city. Along the way, you can see the mark of 14 oculi along two sides of the waterway.
  • There are 9 oculi in the water body in the middle.
  • 20 rest oculi can be found in the mountainous area of Elynas.
Near The First Statue Of Seven
There are two Hydroculi near the first Statue Of Seven that you can easily collect when arrive in Fontaine.

#3. Mont Esus East

There are eight Hydroculi in the Mont Esus East. You can find them around the Teleport Waypoint. Therefore, you should start your farming route from this waypoint. Then, head north, south, and east to see their icons on the minimap. They often spawn low on the ground and on the top of a box and tower.

There are two Hydroculi underwater in this area. From the waypoint, head south and dive into a cave. You can collect them while doing the quest "In Search of Lost Time". Other collectibles spawn along the path and near mountain cliffs.

Mont Esus East
There are eight locations of Hydroculi in the Mont Esus East region.

#4. Central Laboratory Ruins (South)

You can find 18 Hydroculi in the Southern part of Central Laboratory Ruins. Two of them are hidden in an underwater chamber. You can find them while processing the quest "Treacherous Light of the Depths".

The other 16 items spawn above the ground, near two Statues of Seven and three Teleport Waypoints in this region. You don't have to solve any puzzles or unlock any hidden chambers to get these collectibles. Here are some recommended farming routes in this area.

  • Start from the Statue of Seven near the Court of Fontaine, go along the path to the other Statue of Seven, and collect around 10 oculi along the path.
  • From the Teleport Waypoint in the South of the area, head towards the domain of the Experimental Field Generator boss and find 4 items in this area.
  • Teleport back to that waypoint and glide down the mountain slope towards the Statue of Seven and the Lake on the north side.
  • When reaching the lake and unlocking another teleport waypoint, head to the north and south ends of the road to grab two other collectibles.
Central Laboratory Ruins South
Mark all Hydroculus locations in the south of The Central Laboratory Ruins on the ground and underwater.

#5. Central Laboratory Ruins (North)

There are 24 Hydroculi in the Southern part of Central Laboratory Ruins. You can find five collectibles on the high ground of the floating ruins. Travelers have to run and glide along the floating path. There is one collectible inside one Hydro cube.

Other 19 collectibles spawn above the ground. You need to use portable Energy devices in the institute to get some hidden collectibles. Besides, most of them are easy to collect. Keep an eye on the minimap and head towards their locations to find them. Here are some notes for you.

  • You can find lots of oculi on different steps of the mountain slopes.
  • Stick to the coastal line so that you will not miss any collectibles lying between the land and the water bodies.
  • There is one off-shore oculus on the small island in the north of the water part, near the northern border of Fontaine 4.1.
  • You should start from the northmost teleport waypoint and head south to take advantage of the terrain because this waypoint lies on the top of the mountain. So, you can glide down and look around to spot oculi. Gliding is faster and easier than climbing in Genshin Impact.
Central Laboratory Ruins North
All Hydroculus locations in the north of The Central Laboratory Ruins are above the ground.

You should use Anemo characters like Wanderer, Venti, and Kazuha to launch into the air, touch these items, and jump between broken parts of the floating path. Besides, Zhongli, Albedo, and Geo Travelers can provide Geo platforms to climb and reach floating oculi.

#6. Underwater Area

You can find 15 Hydroculi in the underwater area of the new Fontaine map in Update 4.1. Half of them spawn inside underwater tunnels. You can see their icons on the minimap while processing quests in this area. Most of them spawn near Tepeort waypoints. Therefore, you should collect these items when going to unlock these underwater waypoints.

Underwater Hydroculus Locations
Mark these underwater Hydroculus locations in the new map of Fontaine 4.1 to collect these items.

III. How To Use Hydroculi

When getting enough Hydro Oculi to unlock a new level of the Statue of Seven, you should go to one of three statues at the entrance of the city, West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, or Court of Fontaine. Unlocking a new level of this statue gives players many attractive rewards, such as Primogems, Shrine of Depth Keys, etc.

Collecting Hydroculi is one of the best ways to collect Adventure Encounter Points and claim Daily Commission Rewards without having to do these missions. You can unlock a Daily Commission gift box when collecting every two Hydroculi. Don't forget to claim Daily Commission rewards after obtaining eight Hydroculi per day.

Hydroculus In Fontaine
You need to collect Hydroculi while exploring the map and unlocking waypoints to save time.

With 150 Oculi in the current map, you can unlock the Statues of Seven in the Land of Hydro to level 7. Just wait for further parts of the Hydro nation to be unlocked for more Hydroculi.

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