Hu Tao is one of the best Spiral Abyss DPS in Genshin Impact if you master this character. Let's check out the best tips to use Hu Tao optimally and effectively in Genshin Impact to take advantage of this Pyro DPS.

#1. Set Up Statues Of Seven

Hu Tao is most powerful when her HP is equal to or lower than 50% due to her passive talent Sanguine Rouge. She will receive a 33% Pyro damage buff thanks to this talent. Therefore, you should set the healing limit for Hu Tao at 80%.

When Hu Tao uses her elemental skill, her HP will decrease by 30% to buff her normal attacks by 400%. Therefore, limiting her max HP to 80% is the best way to optimize her health level and maximize the output damage for this Pyro DPS.

Build Her Elemental Burst
Set up the healing limit for Hu Tao at 80 in Statues of Seven.

#2. Master Her Elemental Bursts

Many Genshin Impact players save her elemental burst for healing when necessary. But this wastes the huge damage of her ultimate attack. To make use of her elemental burst, you should unleash this burst when her elemental skill is still active. It will boost the output damage for the Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor insanely.

You should focus on the output damage for Hu Tao. She has Xingqiu and Yelan to support her team now. Therefore, she needs a shielder like Zhongli to keep her shape when her HP goes down. Then, Hu Tao does not need to use her burst as a healing skill.

Use Her Elemental Burst Wisely
Use her elemental burst wisely to deal insane damage to enemies. 

#3. Cancel Her Charged Attack Animation

Hu Tao's charged attack deals higher damage to enemies during the active time of her elemental skill. Thus, you should unleash as many charged attacks as possible within 9 seconds of her elemental skill.

After learning how to cancel the animation of her charged attacks, you can unleash another charged attack. There are two ways to cancel her charged attack animation in this game, including jumping and unleashing a charged attack.

  • If you have Hu Tao C0, you should jump to cancel the animation;
  • Only unleash another charged attack to cancel the animation when you have Hu Tao C1.

Try to unleash as many charged attacks as possible during the active time of her elemental skill.

Learn To Master Charged Attacks
Learn to master charged attacks to take advantage of her elemental skill.

#4. Pay Attention To Elemental Mastery

Many players often ignore the Elemental Mastery status for Hu Tao and only focus on the Crit Rate or Crit damage. But her power relies on elemental reactions. Therefore, you should build this status for the young Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. The ideal Elemental Mastery indicator for Hu Tao is over 150 or 200.

Those are the best tips to use Hy Tao in Genshin Impact from pro players. Master this 5-star Pyro DPS to defeat dangerous bosses in this game.

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