In strategy games, players can assess both their luck and planning abilities through various methods. Over the years, these games have evolved, incorporating diverse mechanics to enable strategic thinking in different scenarios. One enduring feature in many strategy games is the use of a grid, representing movement for both players and opponents.

This grid may consist of squares, hexagons, or distinct pieces of land, yet the movement process remains consistent. With a plethora of exceptional games developed over time, grid-based strategy games undoubtedly stand out as the finest choice for gamers.

1. Civilization 6

Predictably, among all the strategy games employing a grid-based mechanic for strategic planning, Civilization 6 unquestionably stands out as the most exceptional choice. Throughout the franchise, every Civilization game has consistently captivated players, and this trend seamlessly continues with the sixth installment.

Sid Meier S Civilization 6
Civilization 6

In Civilization 6, players construct their settlements on a hexagonal grid. Understanding the surrounding terrain is crucial because players progressively expand within the grid to incorporate these resources into their Empire.

2. Invisible Inc

Strategy games come in various themes and scenarios, not limited to active wars or intense battlefields. For instance, in games like Invisible Inc, players adopt a stealthy approach to tackle challenges.

Invisible Inc
Invisible Inc

In Invisible Inc, players navigate a square grid, aiming to evade the sight of individuals they need to sneak past. Controlling multiple spies, players infiltrate major corporations, aiming to eliminate targets or gather vital data. The game's randomly generated world ensures that each map and grid layout is unique.

3. The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga franchise stands out as one of the finest in the realm of grid-based strategy games. Its consistent quality is evident, with The Banner Saga 3 emerging as the pinnacle of this series.

The Banner Saga 3
Banner Saga

Given that the third installment serves as the epic finale to the Viking saga, it's unsurprising that Stoic spared no effort in crafting engaging strategic combat scenarios for players. Despite the game's visually captivating world, the battles unfold on a straightforward square grid, occasionally featuring objects to enhance complexity. All these elements combine to make The Banner Saga 3 an unmissable title for players.

4. Triangle Strategy

Gamers seeking a traditional grid-based strategy game can find their match in Triangle Strategy. Crafted by the same developers behind the equally impressive Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy boasts outstanding pixel graphics that harmonize seamlessly with its grid-based gameplay.

Triangle Strategy

Despite intricately designed maps, players are confined to a square grid, enabling movement either horizontally or diagonally when engaging opponents. Playing Triangle Strategy may evoke nostalgia for fans of older Fire Emblem games, creating a sense of familiarity in the gaming experience.

5. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is another remarkable military strategy game featuring grid-based movement. Unlike Hearts of Iron 4, this game doesn't depict any historical wars but transports players to a futuristic world where aliens have taken control.

Xcom 2 Gameplay Cropped

Players assume command of a select group of skilled soldiers, embarking on missions to combat aliens, gather data, or rescue hostages. The missions occur on maps of different sizes, all navigated using a grid-based system. Players strategically position their units before launching attacks in an attempt to overcome their adversaries.

6. Hearts of Iron 4

Released in 2016, Hearts of Iron 4 continues to captivate players even after seven years, drawing them back to this military game whenever they seek an engrossing strategic experience. Players have the freedom to assume control of any nation from World War 2 and lead their armies to victory through intense strategic warfare.

Hearts Of Iron 4 Gameplay
Hearts of Iron 4

In the game, players engage in battles across the various countries involved in World War 2, each divided into smaller sections that players maneuver across. While it may not appear as a typical grid, these segmented areas compel players to navigate strategically, aiming to pursue their enemies and ultimately secure victory in the war.

Games centered around World War 2 hold a significant place within the RTS genre, allowing players to immerse themselves in the reenactment of one of the most devastating conflicts in human history. Hearts of Iron 4 caters to enthusiasts of warfare, demanding extensive time investment to grasp its economic intricacies and optimize division arrangement for the creation of an optimal military force. Encompassing a notably expansive map representing the Earth before 1936, the game presents numerous variables to evaluate prior to troop movements, resulting in a sophisticated and multi-dimensional gameplay encounter.

7. Tales & Tactics

Even in its early access phase on Steam, Tales & Tactics displays significant promise as a superb squad-based auto battler. Its straightforward concept simplifies the process of devising strategies. Similar to Endless Legend, the gameplay unfolds on a hexagon grid, resembling a board game rather than a vast land map.

Players must strategically select their units and determine their placement on the board before the intense battle ensues between the opposing sides. Through their chosen units, players craft their unique narrative, with the game master narrating the player's most exceptional strategic feats.

8. Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a classic 4X turn-based strategy game where players have the chance to forge their own saga while striving to rescue their home planet, Augria. Adding a magical element to the gameplay, players must expand their population by constructing industry, farms, science facilities, and residences—all organized on a hexagonal grid.

Endless Legend
Endless Legend

Beyond its hexagon-based combat strategy, Endless Legend stands out for its breathtaking visuals. Every battlefield and landscape the player explores is meticulously crafted, forming vibrant and captivating settings where players can cultivate their epic tale.

9. Endless Space 2

Distinguishing itself in the realm of 4X turn-based gaming, Endless Space 2 places significant emphasis on distinct faction traits. What sets it apart even further is its unique expansion mechanism, which intricately links every facet of gameplay to a core concept. Catering to those who enjoy space exploration and a variety of victory paths, Endless Space 2 serves as a commendable alternative for individuals seeking a comparable experience to Civilization 6.

10. Crusader Kings II

A completely opposite experience to other RTS games, there is little to none combat in Paradox’s political intrigue simulator. In Crusader Kings 2, you would be given control of a bloodline – your job is to use everything from political marriage to denounce or even assassination to get your heir inside the royal family and eventually become the king or even emperor.

Maxresdefault 2Strive to unite all the territories in Europe

This game is a highly unique experience – it is based on real life. The way the story is told more or less shows you that it is not armies or flags or nations who shaped history. They are shaped by exceptional people. No two campaigns are the same, and with the modding system, replayability is pretty much endless.

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