Food is super important, not only in real life but in Minecraft. Without food, your character in Survival Mode cannot run, and you would lose health slowly and starve. The good news is that Minecraft features various food sources, and some are better for the environment, while others are more animal-friendly. This means all players can find the best food sources in Minecraft.

Indeed, the best food in the game is not always the most flavorful or rare; it's the kind of food that's easy to get, fills up your hunger bar the most, and keeps you full for a long time. So, what’s the best food source in Minecraft? Let’s discover together in this article by


Crafted from 3 Wheat

Bread is a readily available and common food item in Minecraft. Players can easily obtain it by starting with a single wheat seed, which can be obtained from the grass found in almost any biome. By planting and growing this seed, players can harvest wheat, and it takes 3 wheat to craft a single piece of bread.

Bread In Minecraft
Bread In Minecraft

When consumed, bread provides 2.5 Hunger Points, which is a decent amount of sustenance. However, its saturation value of 6 Hunger Points per piece isn't as high, meaning players may need to consume more bread than they produce to maintain their hunger levels effectively. Nevertheless, bread remains a reliable source of food, particularly because it can be used for trading with villagers or crafted with ease.


Crafted from wheat, milk, eggs and sugar

While a cake may not appear to be the most pragmatic choice of sustenance for missions, its easy crafting process, thanks to the abundance of resources, ensures that it's always a crowd-pleaser when it's time to enjoy one. In Minecraft, cakes offer the advantage of providing sustenance to multiple individuals without the need for any eating animation.

Cake In Minecraft
Cake In Minecraft

When you place a cake, you can rapidly click the action button to consume it, and can also share this sweet dessert with your friends. Consuming an entire cake yields 14 Hunger Points, or even just a single bite grants 2 Hunger Points. Cakes prove to be a fantastic way to maintain teamwork and ensure everyone stays nourished during your adventures.

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Chorus Fruit

Collected from The End

In The End, you can find a lot of the best food sources in Minecraft, including Chorus Fruit, especially after defeating the Ender Dragon. However, getting to The End is a late-game activity, and some players may not want to go there just for fruit. But Chorus Fruit can randomly teleport players, which can be a lifesaver.

Chorus Fruit In Minecraft
Chorus Fruit In Minecraft

What's cool about Chorus Fruit is that it lets you teleport without hurting yourself, unlike Ender Pearls. Plus, it restores a lot of Hunger Points, and there's plenty of it in The End, so you can carry a ton of this fruit from another dimension.


Farmed from other carrots

Carrots, while providing only 1.5 Hunger Points, are an excellent food source due to their ease of cultivation. Acquiring a stack of carrots is a straightforward task, and as long as you keep even one in your inventory, you can cultivate a near-endless supply, especially with the help of Redstone. Carrots grow relatively quickly, and the availability of bone meal further accelerates their growth.

Although carrots may not offer the highest saturation or Hunger Point values, their ability to stave off starvation, even in dire situations such as being trapped in a cave with minimal resources like water and a dirt block, makes them a valuable and nearly limitless food resource.

Baked Potato

Farmed from other potatoes and then cooked in a smoker, furnace, or campfire

Obtaining potatoes in Minecraft may initially seem underwhelming, especially when there's a chance of getting a spoiled potato that can poison players. Still, potatoes are a valuable food source in the game because they can be cooked using any fuel to create a baked potato. They also provide a unique challenge for veteran players, as they offer a pacifist way to thrive in the Minecraft world.

Potato In Minecraft
Potato in Minecraft

When holding a baked potato, players can expect an increase of 2.5 Hunger Points, along with 6 hunger saturation. Although the saturation value isn't the highest, potatoes are incredibly easy to farm once players have obtained a single potato. Cooking them in various devices not only transforms them into a more nourishing food source but also rewards the player with a small amount of experience, making them one of the best food sources in Minecraft to have in your inventory, especially when no other food source is available.

Cooked Chicken

Kill and cook chicken

In Minecraft, chickens are a common sight, although they can be a bit tricky to catch. Fortunately, cooking them is a straightforward task. Consuming cooked chicken provides players with 3 Hunger Points, which is a decent amount of nourishment, particularly considering the 7.2 hunger saturation it offers. Additionally, using a sword with the Looting 3 enchantment can make it even easier to collect cooked chicken from chickens.

Raw Chicken in Minecraft
Raw Chicken in Minecraft

When cooking chicken, you can also gain experience points, which adds to its value. You can cook chicken using a furnace, smoker, or campfire.

Cooked chicken may not be at the top of the list of best food sources in Minecraft because chickens serve multiple functions. Apart from providing food, they can lay eggs, which have various uses, and they are space-efficient in farm setups. In addition, the widespread presence of chickens in almost every biome within the game makes them a convenient and accessible resource for players.

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Cooked Mutton

Kill and cook sheep

Cooked mutton in Minecraft offers a total of 3 Hunger Points, making it a relatively satisfying food option. To obtain cooked mutton, players need to first kill a sheep to obtain raw mutton. Cooking the raw mutton not only yields a decent food source but also provides the player with some experience points.

Raw Mutton In Minecraft
Raw Mutton In Minecraft

Sheep are commonly found in various biomes in Minecraft, and there are even some great biome mods that players can explore to encounter different types of terrain and challenges.

However, the issue with using sheep for cooked mutton is that sheep are a valuable resource themselves due to the wool they can produce. Wool serves various purposes in Minecraft, such as crafting beds, decorative items, and more. Consequently, maintaining a sheep farm for wool production might be a more strategic choice than using them primarily for mutton, given their multi-purpose nature in the game.

Cooked Pork Chop

Kill and cook adult pigs

In Minecraft, pork chops can be obtained from various sources. While they don't grow on trees, several mobs can drop pork chops. Pigs and Hoglins can drop raw pork chops, but if these mobs are killed while they are on fire, they will drop cooked pork chops. The Nether, in particular, provides an excellent food source in the form of Hoglins, ensuring a steady supply of cooked pork chops.

Pork Chop In Minecraft
Pork Chop In Minecraft

The Nether stands out as the best source of pork chops. Hoglins might be formidable opponents in the Nether, but their rewards are well worth the challenge. With a powerful sword featuring the Looting and Fire Aspect enchantments, players can accumulate stacks of cooked pork chops. What makes cooked pork chops especially attractive is their remarkable saturation value of 12.8 and the provision of 4 Hunger Points, making them a highly efficient and best food source in Minecraft.

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Cooked Salmon

Catch or kill, then cook salmon

Salmon is a readily available food source in the game, and players can obtain it by fishing or searching for them underwater. Salmon spawn quite frequently and in significant numbers, making them an easy catch. When you cook salmon, you receive a small amount of experience as a bonus.

Raw Salmon In Minecraft
Raw Salmon In Minecraft

The true advantage of salmon, aside from its accessibility, lies in its saturation points. Cooked salmon provides players with 3 Hunger Points and an impressive saturation of 9.6. This high saturation value means that, despite the ease of obtaining salmon, players won't need to consume stacks of edible fish to stay satisfied and energized throughout their adventures in Minecraft.

Golden Apple

Crafted from an apple and Gold Ingots

Apples are a valuable resource in Minecraft, but they can become even more powerful when crafted into Golden Apples. Having these in your inventory can make you feel nearly invincible, enabling you to take on formidable foes like the Ender Dragon and the Wither. Yet, it's advisable not to test the limits of a Golden Apple against the Warden, as even this powerful item may not be enough to defeat those formidable creatures.

Golden Apple In Minecraft
Golden Apple In Minecraft

Gold becomes more abundant once players venture into the Nether and start gathering additional resources for their expanding empire. Given this, it's a wise investment to craft Golden Apples. Golden Apples offer several benefits, not only healing for 4 Hunger Points but also providing Regeneration 2 for 5 seconds and Absorption for 2 minutes. These powerful effects can significantly enhance your survivability during challenging encounters in Minecraft.

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Golden Carrot

Use a crafting table to combine a Carrot with Gold Nuggets

In Minecraft, crafting a Golden Carrot is even easier than crafting a Golden Apple. This is because a Golden Carrot only requires Gold Nuggets, which are relatively easy to obtain. You can find Gold Nuggets in abundance in the Nether, or you can simply convert one gold ingot into 9 Nuggets. This means that players can effectively use just one gold ingot for each carrot to create a powerful food item. The Golden Carrot provides a substantial 6 Hunger Points when consumed.

Golden Carrot In Minecraft
Golden Carrots In Minecraft

While using a Golden Carrot doesn't offer the same additional bonuses as a Golden Apple, it's highly effective at addressing hunger. With a generous restoration value of 14.4 points, players won't need to consume a carrot every minute just to stay alive. This makes Golden Carrots a practical and efficient food source in Minecraft, especially when dealing with extended gameplay or challenging adventures.

Cooked Beef

Kill and cook adult cows

Killing a regular cow or an intriguing Mooshroom in Minecraft yields a piece of raw beef. This raw beef can be cooked in the same manner as other meats, offering players an opportunity to gain experience and acquire cooked beef. Cooked beef, without a doubt, stands out as the best food source in Minecraft, thanks to its impressive stats. Consuming cooked beef provides the player with 4 hunger points and a substantial saturation value of 12.8.

Raw Beef In Minecraft
Beef In Minecraft

While cooked beef is unmatched in terms of its stats, the fact that cows have only one primary use outside of their loot makes them ideal for farming. Cooked beef can be stacked up to 64 like other food items, and players equipped with the Looting 3 enchantment will find themselves consistently well-supplied with cooked beef from some of the best farms in Minecraft. This combination of efficiency and reliability makes cooked beef a top choice for food in the game.

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