In Minecraft speedruns, it can be challenging to go really fast if you don't use the best world seeds. These seeds create worlds with all the things you need to reach the Ender Dragon quickly. With the right seed, players might find a Stronghold nearby or get starting gear without digging. The 1.20 update has added more cool places that can help you finish the game quickly.

An important part of speedrunning is getting to the Nether fast. To do that, you need Obsidian, which you get by mixing water and lava. You use Obsidian to make Eyes of Ender from Blaze Rods. These eyes open the End portal in the Stronghold. The best seeds for fast runs will have lava pools, so you can build a Nether portal and pop out close to the Blaze mobs when you switch dimensions. So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the following top 10 best seeds for speedruns in Minecraft in 2023.

Cherry Blossom Village

Seed: -1954962231574696778

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Village
Cherry Blossom Village

Villages are really useful in a Minecraft speedrun because some of the houses have chests with valuable stuff. This seed puts you in a Cherry Blossom biome near a small village. In that village, there's a house owned by a Blacksmith, which is a crucial character to find because they have important materials. You can get Iron, Gold, and an Iron Sword in the Blacksmith's house, which gives you a good start and enough stuff to mine Obsidian quickly and make a Nether portal.

Ruined Lava Portal

Seed: -569919664172379455

Ruined Lava Portal Minecraft
Ruined Lava Portal Minecraft

Ruined Lava Portal is no doubt one of the best seed for speedruns in Minecraft. In this seed, you can discover another village near where you start. But the most exciting part is a little group of Obsidian blocks set up like a Nether portal in a lava pool. It's above the ground, and you can use the Obsidian you find in chests in the village to complete the portal with the already-placed blocks. If you bring water and iron tools, you'll have a quick way to get to the fiery and perilous Nether realm.

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Desert Temple Ruins

Seed: 638141143732715702

Desert Temple Ruins Minecraft
Desert Temple Ruins Minecraft

Even though it might not seem like it at first, this seed has pretty much everything a Minecraft speedrunner could ask for, as explained by content creator TheAetherGamer. When you start in a biome that's a mix of savannah and desert, head to a nearby Desert Temple that's hidden in the sand. Inside, you'll discover at least three chests filled with lots of Iron and other useful stuff that will give your speedrun a strong beginning.

Icebound Blacksmith Village

Seed: -2095471597570576945

Icebound Blacksmith Village Minecraft
Icebound Blacksmith Village Minecraft

If you're searching for a village with Blacksmiths in Minecraft, this seed is perfect. It starts you off in a snowy place, and right across a frozen lake, you'll find the village you're looking for. Inside the village chests, you'll discover 5 Obsidian blocks, which is just what you need to finish the Nether portal ruins in the same snowy area. Plus, there's another chest at these ruins with a Flint & Steel to help you activate the portal.

Desert Pillager Outpost

Seed: 4621516844364984175

Desert Pillager Outpost Minecraft
Desert Pillager Outpost Minecraft

Pillager Outposts are typically too risky for speedruns, but in this seed, there's a special twist. Inside the bandit den, there's an Iron Golem locked in a cage. You can attack and defeat the Golem without making the other enemy mobs angry, and you'll get some Iron for free in Minecraft. Also, there's another Blacksmith Village in the area that holds nearly 14 Obsidian blocks and half a set of Iron Armor. This gear will be really useful when you're dealing with enemies in the Nether.

Twin Iron Villages

Seed: -822484008302087253

In the village, you'll start in a wintry forest, and something really special happens: you'll find not just one, but 2 Blacksmith villages right next to each other. Together, these villages have an incredible amount of resources, including nearly a complete set of Iron armor, Iron tools, and Iron ingots that you can use to make other things. If you dig down, you'll also uncover a large pool of lava, which is a fantastic beginning for constructing your Nether portal.

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Sunken Treasure Ship

Seed: -2835955152058382683

Sunken Treasure Ship Minecraft
Sunken Treasure Ship Minecraft

Finding underwater treasure in Minecraft can be tricky, but this seed makes it easy. Right from the start, you'll be close to a regular village that provides everything you need to explore a sunken ship beneath the water in the grassy biome nearby. Inside the ship, you'll discover Iron and, once again, you'll be near a source of lava. This seed offers another important element for your speedrun.

House of Diamonds

Seed: 6790734861381482413

House Of Diamonds Minecraft
When asked what is the best seed for speedrunning in Minecraft, we will confidently answer that it's the House of Diamonds seed.

Right when you start with this seed, your character will be inside a village, and you'll basically be on top of a Blacksmith's house in Minecraft. This sets you up really well because the chest in this house contains three Diamonds and several Obsidian blocks. There's also a nearby lava pool. You can use the Diamonds to make the strongest armor in the game, which will help keep you safe as you face Blazes and, ultimately, the Ender Dragon.

Isle of Buried Treasure

Seed: -821696136519134748

While most people using this seed might think that the 7 Obsidian blocks and 2 Diamonds found in a Blacksmith village are the best part, there's actually a lot more to this world. On the island where you spawn, you can discover three buried chests with treasure that would make any speedrunner in Minecraft ecstatic. Inside these chests, you'll find four more Diamonds, 6 Gold, and a whopping 44 Iron Ingots - an incredible find in any world.

What makes this seed even more fantastic for speedruns in Minecraft is that another village not only has a lava pool for an easy Nether Portal but is also located near the Nether fortress, which is on the other side of the dimensional rift. If you build your Portal in this second village, you'll be right next to the Nether fortress, allowing you to farm Blaze Rods as much as you want.

Bastions of Nether Loot

Seed: 3120335704963501264

Undoubtedly, this world seed is the ultimate choice for a speedrun. It boasts four Blacksmith villages right near your starting point. You'll have almost every resource you could ever need right from the beginning. Two hidden treasure chests provide about 5 Diamonds for you to collect. Even if you build your Nether portal in any of the villages, the Fortress will be very close when you teleport to the Nether in Minecraft.

Bastions Of Nether Loot Minecraft
bastions of nether loot minecraft

But that's not all – there are two Piglin Treasure Bastions near the Nether Fortress that offer even more materials for your upcoming battle with the Ender Dragon. You'll find a complete set of Diamond armor at these locations, providing you with the most powerful defense in the game. If you're aiming for your best Minecraft speedrun, this seed will make beating the final boss a breeze with the abundance of resources it offers.


In conclusion, these best seeds for speedruns in Minecraft offer a treasure trove of advantages for players seeking to conquer the game with efficiency and speed. With abundant resources, strategically placed Blacksmith villages, hidden treasures, and quick access to essential locations like Nether Fortresses, these seeds provide speedrunners with the ideal foundation to achieve record-breaking times and triumph over the Ender Dragon. When it comes to choosing the best seeds for speedruns in Minecraft, these selections stand as the ultimate keys to success in the world of blocky adventures.

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