Now that all three potential mobs for Minecraft's 2023 mob vote have been unveiled, players need to ensure they understand everything about these creatures before making their choice. Despite the initial hint from Mojang about all options being "cute" passive mobs, the official announcements have revealed the candidates as a crab, an armadillo, and a penguin. These mobs, although more realistic than previous winners like the Sniffer or Allays, are set to introduce new features that will significantly impact Minecraft's gameplay.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 Copper Golem Allay Glare
It is time for the Mob Vote again

As with any Minecraft mob, be it hostile, passive, or otherwise, Mojang has strived to give each one unique characteristics and mechanics, providing players with fresh experiences to explore. Considering factors such as the biome where each mob will spawn, how they might transform and influence the game in the future, and why players might actively seek them out is crucial. Whether players approach their decision from a practical standpoint or base it on which animal they find the most adorable, having all the necessary information before making the final vote is essential.

The New Crab Mob

Announced as the first contender in the 2023 mob vote, the crab stirred excitement within the Minecraft community, inspiring players to construct survival bases reminiscent of the potential new mob. With its striking blue and orange hues and prominent claws on its small frame, the crab's visual appeal alone makes it a fantastic addition to the game and a desirable feature for players' aquariums. Moreover, its unique ability to climb blocks vertically, reminiscent of Minecraft's spiders, sets it apart from the existing passive mobs, making it a standout creature that could garner as much love as the beloved axolotl.

Minecraft Mob Crab
Crab Mob


Although it doesn't appear to be a new tamable mob in Minecraft, the crab offers other compelling features for players. Spawning in Mangrove Swamps, this new mob adds diversity to this relatively recent biome, enticing even the most seasoned players to explore the Overworld in search of both the biome and the intriguing crab. Notably, crabs drop a novel item called the crab claw, which Mojang claims enables players to interact with blocks from a distance. This mechanic has the potential to revolutionize Minecraft's gameplay, depending on the creative ways players utilize this newfound ability once they have the crab's claws at their disposal.

The New Armadillo Mob

Mojang's second announcement introduced the armadillo, which captured attention just like the crab, thanks to its adorable squeal of surprise when bumped by a boat. The armadillo's ability to curl up defensively distinguishes it from other passive mobs, providing a fresh perspective on mob self-defense that doesn't involve aggressive tactics like those used by pufferfish, bees, or wolves. Additionally, the armadillo's protective traits will introduce a new item, not for players themselves, but for their tamed wolves.

Minecraft Mob Armadillo
Armadillo Mob

Similar to Minecraft's turtles, armadillos will drop a distinct type of scutes that players can gather. However, instead of crafting turtle shells for players, these scutes can be fashioned into armor for tamed wolves. The specific appearance of this armor or whether it can be customized, like the new armor trims for players, has not been revealed yet. Nonetheless, this addition could be welcomed by players concerned about the safety of their pet dogs in the Overworld. As a new mob in Savanna biomes offering a valuable item, armadillos might become highly coveted both in the vote and within the Minecraft community.

The New Penguin Mob

Mojang's final reveal was the penguin, although its design deviates from the typical penguin players might have expected. Players might question why this new mob spawns in the Stony Shore biome rather than a place like the Frozen Ocean; however, this penguin seems to be inspired by the royal penguin, evident from its yellow crests. Considering polar bears already inhabit various icy biomes and hail from the opposite pole of penguins, Minecraft appears to pay homage to its real-world inspiration by placing this mob in its native biome.

Minecraft Mob Penguin
Penguin Mob

Unlike the other two mobs in the vote, the penguin doesn't seem to drop any new items for players to use. Similar to Minecraft's dolphins, penguins are expected to be friendly to players, offering a speed boost to their boats. If they could also be tamed, penguins might serve as valuable companions during ocean exploration. However, like their real-world counterparts, penguins struggle on land, which might balance their usefulness for players. Nevertheless, given the relatively undeveloped nature of Minecraft's Stony Shores, the introduction of the penguin mob could add some intrigue to this biome.

Considering all these details, players have until October 13 to make their decision when the voting officially commences at 5 pm UTC. The voting window will be brief, closing on October 15 at 5:15 pm UTC, with the winner announced shortly after during Mojang's Minecraft Live event. While the new mob vote has sparked debates about whether Mojang should include all three mobs in a potential all-star mob vote, incorporating previous losers and runner-ups, players should seize the opportunity to cast their votes for their preferred mob this year.

When will mob voting begin?

Mojang revealed the date for Minecraft Live 2023, also announcing the voting period for the new mob.

Players can cast their votes for the Mob Vote starting from 1 pm EDT on October 13, 2023, until 1:15 pm EDT on October 15, 2023. This provides players with a window of 48 hours and 15 minutes to choose their preferred mob.

How do I vote for upcoming new mobs?

While there's time remaining before the 2023 Minecraft Live Mob Vote begins, players need to understand the available methods to vote for their preferred mob. Essentially, there are three ways to vote: through a designated Bedrock Edition server, the official Minecraft launcher, and the game's website.

For those using the Bedrock Edition, a specially crafted server awaits, offering a custom map with enjoyable minigames and a platform to cast votes.

In the official game launcher, there will be a dedicated tab for Minecraft Live, enabling players to submit their votes seamlessly.

Additionally, the official Minecraft website will host a dedicated section for voting.

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