The netherite pickaxe is one of the most important tools for players to survive and thrive in the world of Minecraft. Learning how to make netherite pickaxe in Minecraft is something that every Minecraft player needs to do at one point eventually.

The netherite pickaxe is the best tool for mining in Minecraft. It has superior durability and speed over other pickaxes. Plus, with +6 attack damage, you can use the netherite pickaxe as a weapon for survival.

How to make a netherite pickaxe in Minecraft 1.20

Crafting material for netherite pickaxe

In order to craft a netherite pickaxe, you need to get 1 netherite smithing template, 1 diamond pickaxe, and 1 netherite ingot.

How to get netherite upgrade smithing template

Netherite upgrade smithing template is a new item introduced in Minecraft 1.20. You need this item to upgrade your diamond tool, weapon, and armor to netherite.

Netherite Upgrade
Netherite upgrade smithing template is a new item in Minecraft 1.20

You can only find netherite upgrade smithing template in chests in Bastion Remnants. Each chest has 10% to produce a netherite upgrade smithing template. However, you are guaranteed to get a netherite upgrade smithing template in chests in Treasure Rooms.

How to make diamond pickaxe

You need 3 diamonds and 2 sticks to craft a diamond pickaxe. You can mine diamonds using an iron pickaxe and 2 wooden planks will give you 4 sticks.

How to Make a Pickaxe in Minecraft
How to Make a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft

How to make netherite ingot

You need to enter the nether world to get the materials for netherite ingot, meaning that you need to make a nether portal first. The materials for 1 netherite ingot are 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold ingot.

In the nether world, you need to find ancient debris. This is the required material to make netherite scrap and you need a diamond pickaxe to mine it. You can find ancient debris near the Y coordinate of -14. You need to mine at least 4 ancient debris.

In the next step, put 4 ancient debris into the furnace with some fuel to make 4 netherite scraps.

Netherite Scrap
How to make Netherite Scrap in Minecraft

Now, you need to make 4 gold ingots. You can also mine golden ore in the nether world around the Y coordinate of 0 to 31. You need at least an iron pickaxe to mine gold.

Put 4 gold into the furnace with some fuel to make 4 gold ingots.

Make Gold Ingot
Gold ingot recipe in Minecraft

Finally, to make a netherite ingot, you put 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots into the crafting table (placement doesn't matter).

Netherite Ingot
Netherite Ingot crafting recipe in Minecraft

How to make netherite pickaxe

To make a netherite pickaxe, you need a diamond pickaxe and a netherite ingot, which we told you how to make in the above section.

Now, you need a smithing table to combine those 2 materials. If you don't have a smithing table yet then here is the recipe. You need 2 iron ingots plus 4 wooden planks of any kind and put them into the crafting table like the image below.

Smihting table crafting recipe in Minecraft.
Smithing table crafting recipe in Minecraft.

Open the smithing table and place the netherite upgrade smithing template in the 1st slot, the diamond pickaxe in the 2nd slot, and the netherite ingot in the 3rd slot. You will see the netherite pickaxe in the result slot and you just have to pull it into your inventory.

Make Netherite Pickaxe
Netherite Pickaxe recipe in Minecraft

What can you do with a netherite pickaxe?

The netherite pickaxe is the only pickaxe apart from the diamond pickaxe that can mine obsidian. The netherite pickaxe has the most durability out of all pickaxes in Minecraft. It has 2032 uses while the diamond pickaxe only has 1562 uses and the gold pickaxe has 33 uses.

While the gold pickaxe has a slightly faster mining speed than the netherite pickaxe, the netherite pickaxe is still by far the best pickaxe in Minecraft.

Best enchantments for netherite pickaxe in Minecraft

As the netherite pickaxe is the best pickaxe in Minecraft, you would want to put all the best enchantments you have on it to further improve its efficiency. Here is the list of the best enchantments for the nehterite pickaxe in Minecraft.

Enchanted Netherite Pickaxe
Best enchantements for Netherite Pickaxe in Minecraft

1. Unbreaking

The Unbreaking enchantment gives your netherite pickaxe a chance of not losing its durability while using. Basically, it improves the durability of the tool, so you can use it for a longer period of time.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency is an enchantment that increases mining speed. With this enchantment, you can save a lot of time mining material. An Efficiency V enchantment can double the mining speed of the netherite pickaxe.

3. Mending

The Mending enchantment will automatically repair your tool using experience orbs dropped from your activities. With this enchantment, you can literally use the tool forever without breaking it.

4. Fortune

Fortune is an enhancement that increases the number of items that drop when you are mining. You will get more items than usual while mining with this enchantment and save yourself a lot of time and work.

5. Silk Touch

Silk touch is a special enchantment. You cannot use Silk Touch and Fortune on the same tool so think carefully before you add it to your netherite pickaxe.

Silk Touch allows you to mine the block itself rather than the material. You also need to mine fragile blocks such as ice and glass.

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