In GTA Online, a wide array of vehicles is available, and with ongoing updates, even stranger options are introduced. Amid this diversity, Muscle Cars remain a constant, accessible to players either through street finds or a substantial amount of in-game currency. The appeal of these cars differs from player to player; while their handling might challenge some, in capable hands, Muscle Cars exude an undeniable cool factor.

1. Bravado Buffalo STX

For those aiming to survive in GTA Online, the Bravado Buffalo STX is an outstanding choice, offering a plethora of options to players willing to invest. Priced at $2,150,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos, this muscle car can be further customized into a weaponized version, provided players are willing to spend more money.

Buffalostx Gtaoe Front
Buffalo STX

With a remarkable top speed of 126.25 MPH and outstanding overall performance, the Buffalo STX stands out for its robust armor and jamming capabilities. It can withstand 12 oppressor missiles, 4 RPG shots, and 2 tank cannon blasts, making it a formidable contender on the road and an excellent asset for mission preparation.

2. BF Weevil

The BF Weevil in GTA Online stands out due to its unusual appearance among the typical vehicles. Despite its peculiar look, it excels off-road, providing a satisfying blend of muscle car power and off-road capability. However, its price tag might be steep for some, initially priced at $870,000, with an additional near $1,000,000 needed for enhancements at Benny's Original Motor Works.

Bfweevil Custom
BF Weevil

To transform this car into a classic, players can spend an extra $980,000 at Benny's Original Motor Works for further customization. The appeal of this vehicle isn't solely based on its visual appeal; it also boasts an impressive top speed of 137.50 MPH.

3. Vapid Dominator ASP

The Vapid Dominator ASP is a blend of Muscle and Tuner car, introduced in the 1.57 Los Santos Tuners update in GTA Online. While this update may not be the most significant in the game's history, it does offer players a decent muscle car option at a cost of $1,775,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos.

Dominatorasp Gtao Front
Vapid Dominator ASP

Despite its steep price and a relatively average top speed of 119 MPH, the Dominator ASP boasts impressive stats across the board. This makes it a reliable choice for both racing and stylish cruising in Los Santos, providing players with a solid and confident driving experience.

4. Declasse Yosemite

Typically, when people envision a muscle car, they picture something sleek and definitely not a pickup truck. However, the Declasse Yosemite defies these expectations; despite its appearance, it is a highly capable muscle car available for purchase at both Southern S.A. Super Autos and Benny’s Original Motor Works for $485,000, a price tag that might seem frustratingly high given its value.

Yosemite Gtao Front
Declasse Yosemite

The significant advantage of this bulky vehicle becomes apparent when driving at a high speed of 117 MPH, as its size allows it to forcefully clear the path by knocking down other cars and bikes obstructing the aggressive road ahead.

5. Declasse Vigero ZX

If players perceive the Declasse Vigero ZX as pricey, their intuition is accurate. This vehicle carries a hefty price tag of $1,947,000 from Southern S.A. Super Autos, making it an exceptionally expensive purchase, especially considering it's a muscle car amidst other costly items in GTA Online.

Vigerozx Gtaoe Front
Vigero ZX

The allure of the Declasse Vigero ZX lies not only in its original version's top speed of 125 MPH but also in the exclusive HSW Improvements available to players on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. With these enhancements, the vehicle can achieve a remarkable speed of 157.50 MPH, making it a worthwhile investment exclusively for next-gen players.

6. Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom

In GTA Online, the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom stands out as an affordable muscle car, priced at $15,000 at Benny’s Original Motor Works. For those seeking additional style, they can opt for unnecessary visual upgrades by spending an extra $490,000 at the same workshop.

Sabreturbocustom Gtao Front
Sabre Turbo Custom

When it comes to nearly flawless muscle cars, the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom ranks among the best. It can be customized to cater to individual player preferences, and its braking performance is relatively good for a muscle car, making it a well-deserving choice.

7. Vapid Pißwasser Dominator

At Southern S.A. Super Autos, players have the option to buy the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator for $315,000. This particular vehicle doesn't offer extensive customization opportunities due to its role as a Nascar car specifically sponsored by the fictional brand Pißwasser in GTA Online.

Pisswasserdominator Gtavpc Front
Pißwasser Dominator

Despite functioning as a promotional tool, the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator proves to be an outstanding muscle car, showcasing excellent handling, acceleration, speed, and, notably, braking abilities. Its impressive top speed of 126.50 MPH is particularly noteworthy, especially considering the exclusive Pißwasser livery it features.

8. Vapid Dominator

A much more budget-friendly choice for a muscle car is the Vapid Dominator, which can be acquired either for $35,000 or found roaming the streets near Pillbox Hill. The car's frequent appearance in Los Santos and its affordability, being priced under $50,000, make it an excellent option.

Dominator Gtav

What's even more appealing is the Vapid Dominator's top speed of 120.25 MPH, along with consistently decent performance stats. It's a coveted vehicle for many players and a smart selection for an efficient muscle car that won't break the bank in GTA Online.

9. Vapid Imperator (Arena)

Despite being the fastest and most resilient option on the roster, the Vapid Imperator (Arena) is downgraded due to its exorbitant cost. From a statistical standpoint, it stands as the premier muscle car in GTA Online. However, its superiority in performance doesn't translate into affordability and financial sensibility.

Apocalypseimperator Gtao Front
Imperator (Arena)

To acquire this vehicle, players must fork over a staggering sum of $2,284,940 at Arena Work. Additionally, it's worth noting that this vehicle cannot be utilized in standard races, rendering it an impractical choice for racing enthusiasts. While its exceptional top speed of 132.75 MPH is noteworthy, the overall cost makes it excessively expensive.

10. Vapid Dominator GTX

The Vapid Dominator GTX appears to be a blend of a sports car and a muscle car, available for purchase at Southern S.A. Super Autos for $725,000. Despite its hybrid appeal, it comes with a steep price tag, and the top upgraded speed doesn't justify the high cost.

Dominatorgtx Gtao Front
Dominator GTX

With a maximum speed of 108.50 MPH, it offers only a moderately average performance considering its hefty price. Furthermore, the braking system on this vehicle is significantly outdated, even though it may appear to be one of the best muscle cars in the game.

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