Newcomers to GTA Online can find exhilaration in the boundless possibilities that await them within the digital realm of Los Santos. A crucial initial step in GTA Online involves acquiring a vehicle, and one effective method is to seize the numerous cars scattered on the streets or those currently in civilian possession.

The optimal cars for theft in GTA Online differ based on their resale value and speed. These vehicles represent essential targets for players embarking on their journey as aspiring criminal masterminds in the game.

1. Ocelot F620

The design of this Coupe exudes the aura of a seasoned GTA Online player. Valued at $80,000, it's quite a pricey vehicle to casually cruise the streets of Los Santos, especially with the doors unlocked and keys left in the ignition. Nevertheless, it holds its own among the significant updates in GTA Online.

F620 Gtav Front
Ocelot F620

This car boasts an attractive appearance, providing players with the option to either utilize its top speed of 117.50 MPH or sell it to Los Santos Customs for a maximum of $8,000. Although the sum may not be substantial, considering the car's relatively easy availability near Del Perro Pier, Galileo Observatory, and Burton, players should remain vigilant to seize this opportunity.

2. Dominator

Muscle cars are always a fantastic discovery on the streets of Los Santos. They serve as an excellent introduction to the game's vehicles due to their distinct handling and braking capabilities compared to other cars. Among the frequently encountered muscle cars is the Dominator, which is commonly spotted around Pillbox Hill.

Vapid Dominator Gtx

Getting a Dominator can quickly earn players $3,500 by stealing and selling it, making it a lucrative opportunity. Fortunately, it's not overly challenging to locate in GTA Online. On the other hand, it's also a desirable car to keep for its appearance and its ability to reach a top speed of 120.25 MPH.

3. Sentinel XS

The Sentinel XS stands out as a valuable vehicle that players can acquire in GTA Online. This Coupe model can be found in Rockford Hills, Vinewood Hills, and Del Perro Pier. By stealing it, players avoid the $60,000 purchase cost and can even sell it off the street for $6,000, making it a decent starting point in the game.

Sentinelxs Gtav Front
Sentinel XS

Although not the most expensive option in GTA Online, it provides a solid beginning. With a top speed of 117.25 MPH and a sleek design appealing to modern car enthusiasts, the Sentinel XS holds significant promise, especially for owners of next-gen consoles. For PS5 and Xbox Series S/X players willing to invest $1,305,300 in HSW Performance Upgrades, this vehicle can reach speeds of up to 137.75 MPH.

4. Bati 801

The Bati 801 stands out as a noteworthy mention, despite being a motorcycle, due to its exceptional performance. Although relatively affordable, it can be located in La Puerta and Sanders Motorcycles, Mission Row.

Bati801 Gtav Front
Bati 801

In GTA Online, the Bati 801 remains among the top motorcycles. Players who haven't acquired one should seize the opportunity to pick it up from the street when they come across it. Motorcycles offer a thrilling experience, allowing players to explore new possibilities by soaring through the skies and maneuvering between cars and buildings.

5. Dubsta 2

For players fortunate enough to have a lot of friends or ample space, the Dubsta 2 proves to be an excellent SUV option. What makes it particularly appealing is the ability to simply grab it from the street and park it directly in their garage or property, with spawns near the Los Santos Customs in Burtin.

Dubsta2gold Gtav Front
Dubsta 2

With seating for four, players can enjoy rides together through Los Santos, unless an Oppressor MK2 decides to spoil the fun. Despite its impressive off-road handling and a top speed of 102 MPH, outrunning a heat-seeking missile is a challenge for any vehicle.

6. Übermacht Oracle

In the urban landscape of Los Santos, players have the opportunity to discover the Übermacht Oracle, a four-seater Coupe readily available on the streets. Obtaining this car this way saves them a substantial $80,000 they would otherwise spend on purchasing it. Additionally, selling this vehicle back can fetch them a noteworthy sum of $8,000, making it a financially beneficial move.

Oracle Gtave Front
Übermacht Oracle

The Oracle boasts a top speed of 115 MPH, and its speed, acceleration, braking, and handling statistics are consistently impressive. This means players can fully experience the capabilities of German engineering as they race through the streets of Los Santos.

7. Lampadati Felon

One of the high-end Coupes available in GTA Online is the Lampadati Felon, a vehicle that can be located and sold for $9,000. Finding and selling this car straight off the street offers players a significant payout, although the owner of the vehicle, valued at $90,000, might not be pleased that it was stolen and sold for a mere fraction of its worth. However, this quick cash can prove helpful in covering expenses before embarking on a mission.

Gta5 Lampadati Felon Gt
Lampadati Felon

Players can scout for the Lampadati Felon in the affluent areas of Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills. With its average stats and a top speed of 113.75 MPH, it serves as a decent starting vehicle. Still, players have the option to sell it for immediate cash.

8. Karin Sultan

While the Karin Sultan may not boast an appealing design, being a four-seated Sports Car, it remains a valuable acquisition for newcomers. Despite its lack of aesthetic charm, the Sultan offers decent speed, reaching a maximum of 115.75 MPH.

Karin Sultan

The Sultan is a frequently found vehicle in GTA Online, making it an excellent choice for theft as players don't have to be overly vigilant. However, its market value doesn't justify its retail price. Players can find the Sultan in various locations, including Harmony, La Mesa, Strawberry, Senora Freeway, and Larry's RV Sales.

9. Ubermacht Zion

Often spotted in traffic, the Ubermacht Zion might seem like a common sight, but its impressive statistics make it a valuable car worth grabbing. Players should seize the opportunity to take the Ubermacht Zion whenever they encounter it, regardless of whether someone is already inside. This two-seater vehicle boasts commendable stats and can reach high speeds.

Zion Gtav Front
Ubermacht Zion

While selling the car won't yield significant profits, its real value lies in being a stealable vehicle that players can bring home. It serves as a vehicle that players can store and enhance at Los Santos Customs, allowing for various modifications that can further enhance its speed and performance in GTA Online.

10. Vapid Police Cruiser

Although the Vapid Police Cruiser isn't a vehicle that players can permanently keep, it offers a thrilling experience. In GTA Online, there are various police car models, and when a group of citizens armed to the teeth decides to take these cruisers out for a joy ride, the Los Santos Police Department is left bewildered. These vehicles cannot be sold or stored, so they are best enjoyed for fun and intense getaways.

C21aad Gta V A I Police Pursuit Disabler 71ad
Police Cruiser

Among the police cars, the Vapid Police Cruiser stands out as the fastest, accommodating up to four players, including the driver. Moreover, players can use this vehicle for roleplaying as a cop, complete with sirens and horns that add special effects lacking in other cars. The only drawback is that players cannot keep or customize it, and the inability to sell it is disappointing, although understandable.

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