Residing in a world after a catastrophic event can be an unsettling situation for the majority of individuals. These settings frequently involve transitioning from a comparatively protected and stable existence to a daily battle for survival by searching for any available resources. Video games have effectively harnessed the appeal of such perilous environments, ranging from acclaimed RPGs to open-world first-person shooters, offering players a taste of the challenges of living under such conditions.

This holds true for post-apocalyptic strategy games as well. Devising strategies for ensuring one's survival in the face of each passing day takes center stage on everyone's agenda. So, which post-apocalyptic strategy games are considered the finest?

Wasteland Series

Many individuals attribute the Wasteland series as one of the earliest examples of post-apocalyptic CRPG and strategy games set in a nuclear wasteland. From the initial installment to the latest release, the Wasteland games have maintained their isometric CRPG format and placed a strong emphasis on crafting intricate storylines that are influenced by players' choices as they advance through the game.

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Wasteland Series

Players engage in turn-based combat against a diverse array of threats, including menacing mutants, fellow survivors, and various dangers. Successfully navigating these battles necessitates players' familiarity with different remedies to safeguard their characters from afflictions such as radiation sickness and other ailments.

Originally launched in 1988, Wasteland introduced the post-apocalyptic theme to the world of video games and became a genre-defining masterpiece. Experience a pivotal RPG from history with revamped graphics, enhanced sound, and an expanded musical score.

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Wasteland 2

Set in the year 2087, nearly a century after a devastating nuclear war transformed large parts of the Earth into a radioactive wasteland, you assume the role of a Desert Ranger. These courageous law enforcement officers are the last hope in what was once the American southwest, serving as the final defense against hunger, disease, marauding raiders, and mutants.

Now, a more clandestine and ominous threat looms over humanity, and it falls upon you to investigate. Gather allies and pursue leads—your decisions will mold the world around you. Choose wisely; your life and the lives of those you are sworn to protect hinge on your choices.

Fallout 1 and 2

The Fallout series is synonymous with post-apocalyptic gaming, particularly its more recent entries. However, while the newer titles are first-person RPGs, the original two, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, adhere to their isometric CRPG roots. In these games, players are immersed in a radioactive wasteland, where their goal is to survive or rise as heroes without succumbing to radiation poisoning and undergoing a transformation into mutants.

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Fallout 1 and 2

Both Fallout games afford players the opportunity to negotiate, stealthily navigate, and engage in combat with other survivors, mutants, and robots as they progress through their respective narratives. Every choice players make when interacting with NPCs or establishing relationships with them will shape the outcome of their story, for better or worse.

Project Zomboid

For those seeking to personally experience the challenges of navigating a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, Project Zomboid is the game that delivers a captivating blend of enjoyment and apprehension.


Project Zomboid offers an intricate crafting system that enables players to craft a diverse array of survival tools and weapons, which come in handy when defending against swarms of zombies. The game also incorporates a clever survival mechanism that monitors whether the player has contracted any illnesses or sustained health-related issues, such as infection from a zombie bite or injuries inflicted by other survivors. This feature intensifies the sense of urgency, compelling players to reach the safest possible location as swiftly as they can.

They Are Billions

The concept of a world overrun by zombies has become a prevalent theme in contemporary games, and They Are Billions fully embraces this premise. In this game, players assume control of the last surviving human city and bear the responsibility of safeguarding humanity against the looming threat of billions of infected individuals congregating just beyond the city's walls.

They Are Billions
They Are Billions

Players must make critical decisions about dispatching scouting teams from the city to search for essential resources and weapons, thereby enhancing the city's defenses or gradually extending their territory to gradually revive human civilization, one colony at a time.

In the survival mode of They Are Billions, a unique world is generated featuring distinct events, weather conditions, geography, and infected inhabitants. Your objective is to construct a prosperous colony that can withstand relentless waves of infected creatures for a predetermined duration. This game mode is exceptionally fast-paced and highly addictive.


ATOM RPG is a CRPG that pays tribute to classic post-apocalyptic titles like the early Fallout and Wasteland games. It is situated in a location within Soviet Russia, following a global nuclear catastrophe triggered by the Western Bloc and the Soviet Union.

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In ATOM RPG, players have the freedom to tailor their characters, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses. It is the player's responsibility to assemble a group of survivors that best align with their chosen approach to surviving the post-nuclear wasteland of Soviet Russia. There is an abundance of side quests available, and creative problem-solving can yield multiple solutions for these quests.

Interactions with other survivors also lie within the player's discretion. They can opt for a friendly or confrontational approach, but they must be prepared to face the consequences of their decisions.

Sheltered 1 & 2

While the majority of post-apocalyptic strategy games put players in charge of managing a city or a community of survivors, the Sheltered series places players in control of a family residing within an underground bunker. Navigating life within a subterranean shelter is quite challenging, especially given the imminent depletion of resources. Players must carefully consider which family member should venture above ground to scavenge for food and essential items, all while bearing in mind the potential dangers posed by wildlife and other desperate survivors.

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Sheltered 1 & 2

In addition to resource allocation, players must prioritize the well-being of their family members. Each individual in the family has distinct needs, and maintaining their mental stability is essential for their continued survival.

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