In Genshin Impact, optimizing your character involves the careful selection of weapon, artifacts, and team setup. HoYoverse has already unveiled that Neuvillette is one of the 5-star characters set to debut in the Genshin Impact 4.1 update.

As the esteemed Chief Justice of Fontaine, Neuvillette wields a Hydro vision. You can catch glimpses of his character in the "Overture Teaser: The Final Feast." He plays a pivotal role in version 4.0 quests.

In case you manage to acquire Neuvillette during his banner event, it's essential to consider his ideal build and team composition. Much like Alhaitham, Neuvillette is known for his seriousness and influential position.

Neuvillette Genshin Impact
Find out the best Neuvillette team comp and more.

The community buzzes with excitement over his confirmation as a playable character, with expectations of him becoming a formidable Hydro specialist. Leakers have provided a sneak peek at his abilities, fueling speculation about the optimal Neuvillette build and his role in Fontaine.

Check out Neuvillette team comp and best build below.

1. Neuvillette best Artifacts

The best artifact for Neuvillette is the Marechaussee Hunter artifacts. This set can increase his Charged ATK DMG while also enhancing the CRIT Rate whenever we witness a change in HP value. Do notice that this is your best option if you aim for a Charged ATK DPS build with the mix of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Another choice for Neuvillette artifacts would be the Heart of Depth set. This selection can enhance his Hydro damage and Normal Attack output. Alternatively, the Noblesse Oblige set proves effective in boosting his Elemental Burst damage.

Heart Of Depth Genshin Artifact
Heart of Dept is a good choice for many Hydro characters in the game.

Additionally, the Nymph’s Dream artifact set emerges as a strong contender for Neuvillette's best artifact. This set substantially amplifies Hydro damage and normal attacks, with a cumulative stacking effect.

2. Neuvillette best weapons

To make Neuvillette a formidable unit, you must also equip him with the most optimal weapon.

His signature weapon has been released. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to pull for the Tome of the Eternal Flow, chances are you will have the best version of Neuvillette in your game.

Tome Of The Eternal Flow Genshin
Tome of the Eternal Flow is Neuvillette's signature weapon.

On another hand, Neuvillette will also benefit significantly from using the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. This top-tier choice boosts his Elemental DMG Bonus and augments his Movement Speed.

In case you cannot access these 5-star catalysts, the Eye of Perception proves to be a commendable alternative. The 4-star catalyst weapon offers an increase in Elemental DMG, a crucial stat for Neuvillette, given his role as a Hydro damage dealer.

Some other weapon optionss that you can consider to equip with Neuvillette:

  • Flowing Purity (F2P)
  • Prototype Amber (F2P)
  • Sacrificial Jade
  • Cashflow Supervision

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3. Best team comps for Neuvillette

Neuvillette's versatility makes him a valuable addition to various team compositions. He seamlessly mingles into teams that require Hydro damage, including freeze and vaporize setups. However, his remarkable potential as a Hydro DPS character positions him ideally within Bloom teams, where his abilities truly shine.

You can take a look at some alternative choices for the best Neuvillette team comp below:

3.1. Freeze team - Neuvillette, Ganyu, Mona, Diona

In this team composition, Neuvillette's Hydro application combines harmoniously with Ganyu's Cryo damage to freeze enemies effectively.

Neuvillette Ganyu Mona Diona
Equip Neuvillette with these characters and you will get a Freeze team.

Furthermore, Mona's Elemental Burst can be utilized to enhance the damage output of Neuvillette's Burst ability.

This synergy creates a powerful and strategic dynamic for controlling and defeating foes in various encounters.

3.2. Vaporize team - Neuvillette, Xiangling, Bennett, Xingqiu

Neuvillette's Hydro application plays a major role in vaporizing Xiangling's Pyro damage, resulting in potent elemental reactions.

Bennett's Elemental Burst provides an attack buff to the team. Meanwhile, Xingqiu's Elemental Skill comes into play, applying Hydro to off-field enemies. His skill can further enhance the team's ability to deal damage through Vaporize reactions. This well-coordinated synergy optimizes the team's effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Xiangling Bennett Xingqiu
Candidates for a Neuvillette team focusing on Vaporize.

3.3. Hyperbloom Team - Neuvillete, Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Fischl/Xinqiu

This Neuvillette team comp will mostly rely on between Dendro and Hydro elemental reactions. Dendro cores will be subsequently activated via Electro attacks for substantial damage output.

This strategy is presently regarded as one of the strongest DPS reactions in the game, emphasizing the team's formidable damage-dealing capabilities.

3.4. Electro-Charged Team - Neuvillette, Kujou Sara, Zhongli, Kuki Shinobu

This team composition presents a strategic blend of characters designed to maximize the benefit to Neuvillette. He will take on the role of DPS.

Neuvillette Zhongli
Neuvillette best teams can also include Zhongli.

With Kujou Sara as both Sub DPS and Support, Neuvillette is likely to receive substantial damage boosts and elemental synergy, amplifying her damage output.

Kuki Shinobu and Zhongli, as Support characters, provide valuable utilities and shields, further safeguarding Neuvillette during battles.

This balance of damage and support ensures that Neuvillette can focus on dealing high damage without compromising on defense or elemental versatility, making this team composition a promising choice for optimizing her potential in Genshin Impact adventures.

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