"A manual that was once passed down from generation to generation within an underwater priory. Today, none know of its existence."

This is one of the descriptions for the newest 5-star weapon in Genshin Impact - Tome of the Eternal Flow. For those who have not known, this S-class Catalyst serves as Neuvillette's signature weapon.

As the developers are releasing back-to-back new content for update 4.1, it may be beneficial for those who want to pull this weapon to know which character will benefit from it. Let's check Tome of the Eternal Flow best characters, its stats and ascension materials.

Tome of the Eternal Flow stats and effect

The new 5-star catalyst's Level 1 and 90 stats are:

  • Level 1: 44 ATK and 19.2% CRIT DMG
  • Level 90: 542 ATK and 88.2% CRIT DMG
Tome Of The Eternal Flow Genshin
The only way for you to get Tome of the Eternal Flow is from the event-exclusive weapon banners.

You can check more stats of this weapon below:

"HP is increased by 16/20/24/28/32%. When current HP increases or decreases, Charged Attack DMG will be increased by 14/18/22/26/30% for 4s. Max 3 stacks, can be triggered once every 0.3s. When you have 3 stacks or refresh a third stack's duration, 8 Energy will be restored. This Energy restoration effect can be triggered once every 12s."

It can be seen that Tome of the Eternal Flow can be an outstanding weapon for players who focus on high CRIT DMG% and buff to Charged Attacks.

Tome of the Eternal Flow ascension materials

If you want to maximize the power of Tome of the Eternal Flow, one of the things you must do is ascending it with suitable materials. In total, players must collect these Tome of the Eternal Flow ascension materials:

  • 5x Dross of Pure Sacred Dewdrop
  • 14x Sublimation of Pure Sacred Dewdrop
  • 14x Spring of Pure Sacred Dewdrop
  • 6x Essence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop
  • 23x Rift Core
  • 27x Foreign Synapse
  • 41x Alien Life Core
  • 15x Meshing Gear
  • 23x Mechanical Spur Gear
  • 27x Artificed Dynamic Gear
  • 225,000 Mora

You may get Pure Sacred Dewdrop from the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

On another hand, Rift Cores, Foreign Synpases, and Alien Life Cores are drops from Slain Breacher Primuses. Similarly, all Gears are rewards after you manage to defeat Clockwork Meka.

Tome Of The Eternal Flow
Do take note that you can farm these items in the land of Fontaine.

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Best characters to use Tome of the Eternal Flow

Who are Tome of the Eternal Flow best characters?

Neuvillette is indeed the best character for Tome of the Eternal Flow in Genshin Impact as this is his signature weapon. Other reasons include:

  • Neuvillette can obtain a huge edge from this weapon's HP Buff and CRIT DMG sub-stat.
  • He can activate its passive himself.

Ningguang: Although she can benefit from the Crit DMG sub-stat and the Charged Attack buffs, she may not be able to fully take advantage of the  Tome of the Eternal Flow's Skill unless she gets hit by the enemy.

Klee and Wanderer are also Tome of the Eternal Flow best characters. They can benefit from its Crit DMG sub-stat and the Charged Attack buff. However, same as Ningguang, they can't take the full advantage of the Weapon Skill unless hit by the enemy.

Yanfei, meanwhile, should be used along with a healer or get hit by opponents to maximize her potential with this weapon.