Fontaine Research Institute and Fortress Of Meropide are two new areas in Genshin Impact 4.1. These two regions have lots of exciting stories. Let's check out the locations and the lore about these Genshin Impact 4.1 areas here.

I. Fontaine Research Institute

The Land of Hydro is famous for its technological development. Fontaine Research Institute is the center of energy and machinery studies in this nation. You can find the Central Lab of this institute in the Kinetic Energy Engineering Region.

Head to the North of the Court of Fontaine until you spot loading cubes and debris in the sky. It's the ruin of this institute. The Arkhe energy and many types of Clockwork Mek are the focus of this institute. Alain Guillotin founded this institute.

Fontaine Research Institute
You can find the remains of Fontaine Research Institute ruins in the North of the Court of Fontaine. 

II. Fortress Of Meropide

Fortress Of Meropide is an underwater prison in the Liffey Region, Fontaine. You will do Acts III and IV of the Fontaine's Story Quest series here. The Duke Wriothesley is the warden and administrator of this steampunk prison.

He often protects the weak in this prison and makes the exiled troublemakers behave well. He has powerful fists and cool and intimidating looks. After getting the power in this prison, the Duck reformed and created an order and culture among the convict communities there. Here are three places you can visit in the Fortress Of Meropide.

Fortress Of Meropide
Fortress Of Meropide is an underground jail. 

#1. Pankration

Pankration Ring is the center of entertainment in the Fortress Of Meropide. The convicts in this prison can gather around this underground ring in community events. Travelers can also test their combat skills in this entertainment center.

#2. Rag and Bone Shop

The underground prison also has a merchant shop to serve people here. You can purchase many items in the Rag and Bone Shop of the Fortress Of Meropide. But you have to use Credit Coupons - the exclusive currency in this prison. Travelers have to win combat in the Pankration to earn Credit Coupons and purchase items from this shop.

#3. Coupon Cafeteria

The Fortress Of Meropide provides meals for the inmates in the Coupon Cafeteria. It also serves as a restaurant for visitors like Travelers. You also need Credit Coupons to buy additional meals. Besides, each convict can get a Welfare Meal per day, including one free meal and a fortune slip. You can only use Credit Coupons inside this prison.

Fortress Of Meropide Locations
There are three main locations in the Fortress Of Meropide.

In addition, the Fortress Of Meropide has its own life and culture. The exiled criminals have to use their labor to obtain supplies and coupons to purchase items and more food. This prison is also the major manufacturer of most of Fontaine's Clockwork Mekas. When visiting this prison, you will see lots of bending pipes and steel because its design is inspired by Steampunk Aspects.

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