There will be four new Fontaine bosses and enemies in Genshin Impact 4.1, including world bosses and elite enemies. You need to defeat them and get their drops for many purposes. Let's check out how to find and defeat them here.

Genshin Impact 4 1 Enemy
Learn how to defeat upcoming bosses and enemies in the next update.

I. Millennial Pearl Seahorse

Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a new World Boss in Genshin Impact. It's a strong enemy spawning in a unique underwater cave in Fontaine. When reaching this cavern, you will see a glowing purple unicorn with three tails and a sharp horn. Here is how to defeat this boss.

  • It has a glowing Xenomare Pearl on its chest which is also its weak point. You have to destroy that pearl to weaken this boss.
  • When the unicorn leaps into the air, it summons three Resonant Coral Orbs on the ground to prepare for a powerful Fontemer Hoarthunder attack. Quickly break these orbs to deal huge damage to this boss.

Use Ayaka and Mona's Alternative Sprint or Yelan's skill to evade the Electro Missile, Shock Dive, and Fontemer Hoarthunder attacks.

Millennial Pearl Seahorse
Millennial Pearl Seahorse has a sharp horn that can summon lightning.

II. Experimental Field Generator

The Experimental Field Generator is another new world boss which is pretty hard to defeat. You must avoid its deadly Rock Shrapnels and Ground Shockwave attacks by dashing away from the warning circles and jumping on time. Check out how to defeat this boss here.

  • You have to hit this boss with Pneuma-aligned attacks to disable its gravity field.
  • Don't forget to consume food and drink to buff your characters before combat.
  • Jump to avoid the shock wave while this boss creates the anti-gravity zone on the battlefield.

You should use Neuvillette - the upcoming Pneuma-aligned character from this nation.

Experimental Field Generator
Hit Experimental Field Generator with Pneuma-aligned attacks.

III. Frost Operative

Frost Operative is a new elite enemy that wields the Cryo element. She is a member of the special forces trained and managed by Arlecchino - the upcoming playable Fatui Harbinger in a future Fontaine update. You can find them in the new area of Fontaine in update 4.1.

  • You should use a nimble Freeze team to counter and defeat this Cryo boss.
  • Dash to evade when you are marked with a Life Bond after being hit by her Hunt Down attack.
Frost Operative
Frost Operative works for the Fatui Harbinger - Arlecchino.

IV. Wind Operative

Like the Frost Operative, the Wind Operative is also an elite boss in the new area of the Land of Hydro. This Fatui enemy was also trained in the Arlecchino's special forces with the fellow Frost Operative. You also need to avoid being marked by the Life Bond and evade her Anemo slashes.

Wind Operative
The Fatui Wind Operative is a member of the Arlecchino's special force in Fontaine.

You need their boss drops to ascend and level up upcoming characters and weapons in Fontaine 4.1. Defeat Experimental Field Generator and Millennial Pearl Seahorse to farm materials for Neuvillette and Wriothesley.

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