Creating outposts is a major highlight in Starfield, offering players the opportunity to explore numerous planets and establish their presence on them, ranging from a cozy residence to a trading hub or even an advanced research facility. However, it's crucial to be discerning when selecting a suitable location, as not all planets are equally suitable.

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Starfield encompasses approximately 100 inhabitable planets


Identifying the optimal locations for outposts in Starfield isn't a fixed process. Due to the significant role of procedural generation in the game, each player's experience will be unique, making it challenging to pinpoint any single outpost location as superior to others. Instead of specifying exact spots, this guide will focus on how to discover the most suitable planets for building your outposts.

Where to Build Outposts in Starfield

With a multitude of planets and a high degree of unpredictability in Starfield, the ideal location for constructing an outpost will ultimately hinge on players' preferences and requirements. The following offers a general set of guidelines to consider when seeking a suitable site for building.

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Build Outposts


When strategizing the establishment of an outpost, players must prioritize the availability of resources as their foremost concern. The primary allure of outpost construction lies in automated resource extraction, making it sensible to construct a base atop any mineral deposit on a given planet. Furthermore, the actual construction process necessitates a substantial quantity of raw materials. Therefore, it's advisable to seek out a planet featuring one (or multiple) of the following frequently-used construction materials:

  • Fe (Iron)
  • Ni (Nickel)
  • Al (Aluminum)
  • Cu (Copper)
  • Be (Beryllium)

Before making planetfall, always perform a preliminary scan of the planet to identify regions with specific resource deposits. Subsequently, designate a custom marker on the planet's surface to establish a landing zone that encompasses all the minerals indicated on the map within its vicinity.

Additionally, when in the process of planet selection, factor in the indigenous plant and animal life. These life forms can be harvested for raw materials that prove invaluable for crafting and research endeavors.

Environmental Conditions

Certain planets exhibit higher levels of hostility compared to others, necessitating players to invest Skill Points into the Planetary Habitation skill before establishing settlements on them. It's advisable to steer clear of locales characterized by adverse conditions such as toxic atmospheres or exceptionally high gravity.

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However, it's important not to entirely dismiss these planets from consideration, as some of them might boast abundant rare resource deposits, which could prove challenging to locate elsewhere.

Planet Location

Opting to construct an outpost within a star system proximate to one of Starfield's major cities might be the most prudent choice. Erecting a base in a remote location could potentially curtail swift travel capabilities, as spacecrafts possess finite grav drive fuel. While this doesn't pose a significant issue since ship fuel isn't a concern, it will inevitably extend travel times between different destinations.


Furthermore, it is essential to conduct thorough assessments of all the planets within a given solar system to ascertain whether they possess the necessary resources and conditions conducive to establishing the most optimal outpost. Establishing a network of outposts in close proximity to each other can offer a highly convenient means of efficiently managing trade and logistical operations.

How Many Starfield Planets Support Life

In spite of its expansive galaxy available for exploration, Starfield encompasses approximately 100 inhabitable planets inhabited by various life forms, constituting roughly 10% of the game's entire galaxy. Among these planets, some solely sustain indigenous wildlife, whereas others may host intelligent life forms. (It's worth noting that even uninhabitable worlds remain valuable for resource acquisition and outpost establishment.)

Unlike games such as No Man's Sky, the presence of alien wildlife on Starfield planets is not subject to randomization. The developers have made it clear that players will encounter living creatures native to the particular Star System they are exploring.

How to Build an Outpost in Starfield

Players can commence outpost construction almost immediately, with this option becoming accessible upon delivering the artifact to Constellation at the game's outset. Afterward, players only need to identify a suitable location and activate the hand scanner by pressing either the LB button (Xbox) or the F key (PC). Subsequently, they simply need to press the X button (Xbox) or the R key (PC) to deploy an outpost beacon and confirm its placement in order to initiate outpost construction.

Starfield Skill System

When it comes to determining what qualifies as an appropriate outpost site, there are a few factors for players to take into account. Firstly, they cannot establish an outpost within the confines of an existing outpost or settlement, nor can they do so on planets and moons with extreme weather conditions initially. Nevertheless, by unlocking and enhancing the Planetary Habitation skill, they can circumvent this latter restriction while also increasing the total number of outposts they can establish.

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Planetary Habitation skill

Constructing a basic outpost in Starfield typically involves configuring it for resource extraction, which necessitates two essential components: a resource extractor and an energy source. While a limited quantity of the mined resource can be stored within the extractor, players may opt to establish a storage system to prevent the container from reaching capacity. Alternatively, they can construct a Transfer Container, facilitating the retrieval of freshly mined resources while aboard their ship.

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Constructing a basic outpost in Starfield

To achieve this, players need to create an output link from the extractor to the Transfer Container, enabling resources to be automatically transferred. Subsequently, they can access their ship's cargo hold menu and toggle between linked Transfer Containers by pressing either the LB button (Xbox) or the F key (PC). If players intend to have multiple Transfer Containers, renaming Starfield outposts is advisable to facilitate easy differentiation.

While your buildings will clearly need to be able to withstand the potentially hostile atmosphere of the planet you choose to set up base on, that doesn't mean that you need to scrimp on the furniture or decorations and items.

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