Genshin Impact 4.1 Radiant Harvest is a collecting event with interesting activities and attractive rewards. Almost all challenges of the event are unlocked. Check out how to take part in this event and complete the collecting missions.

I. Radiant Harvest Schedule & Eligibility

Radiant Harvest takes place between September 28th and October 9, 2023. You have to meet some requirements to be eligible for this event.

  • Reach Adventure Rank 20 and above;
  • Unlock at least one Statue of Seven in Fontaine;
  • Complete the Anemo Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" in Mondstadt.

Then, you need to complete the quest "Cause and Effect" to unlock challenges and start hunting Violetglow Jellyfishes in the locations of each mission.

Radiant Harvest Event
Take part in the Radiant Harvest event.

II. Radiant Harvest Locations

To unlock the challenge, you have to go to the Romaritime Harbor to find the NPC Kesean and receive missions. After talking to him, the quest "Cause and Effect" will be completed and you can start to navigate the Violetglow Jellyfish locations.

The Radiant Harvest event takes place in many underwater locations around Fontaine. Let's check out all locations and missions of seven days in this event.

Days Location
1 Thalatta Submarine Canyon
2 Salacia Plain
3 Salacia Plain, but a little northeast of the previous location
4 Elton Trench
5 Fontaine Research Institute Region
6 Liffey Region

These locations can be navigated on the minimap and find waypoints nearby to teleport and reach the destination quickly.

Radiant Harvest Genshin Impact
Go to the location marked on the minimap.

III. Radiant Harvest Event Tips

You may need some tips and strategies to complete the Violetglow Jellyfish hunting trips quickly. Participants have to capture 35 jellyfish within a few minutes. Therefore, you have to move nimbly underwater. Here are some must-know tips to swim rapidly and approach the targets easily.

  • Find a near teleport waypoint to approach the location of the violet jellyfish.
  • Then, use turbulent rings in the area to swim faster in this area.
  • Swim through Turbulent Bubbles in the area to get an extended speed boost in a limited duration to move faster.
  • Besides, use a Fontaine character with underwater movement passive talents, such as Freminet or Neuvillette for better speed.

These tips will help you complete the challenge in one trial and claim all daily challenge rewards instantly. Then, you can save time for many quests and other activities in this game.

Use Devices In The Area
Use devices in the area to support your movement.

IV. Radiant Harvest Rewards

Radiant Harvest gives you 420 Primogem and many attractive rewards. Here are all the interesting rewards you can obtain from this event.

  • 420 Primogems;
  • A Majestic Scene Within the Sphere: Lucky Glow;
  • 3 Silver Goblets of the Pristine Sea;
  • 250,000 Mora;
  • 18 Mystic Ores;
  • 16 Hero's Wits;
  • 3 items of Spring of Pure Sacred Dewdrop;
  • 3 items of Movement of an Ancient Chord.

The Majestic Scene Within the Sphere: Lucky Glow is a special piece of furniture for the Serenitea Tea world. Let's take part in and try to get this event reward. You cannot purchase it from any other source.

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