Furina, also known as the God of Justice in Genshin Impact, will be a new Hydro character that players are very anticipated to have. Up to now, she has made appearances in the Fontaine storyline. Not just a pretty unit, she's also the Hydro Archon - the main protector of the Hydro land.

A recent update on the leaks subreddit has teased several new details about Furina kit. Check out her rumored skills below.

Genshin Furina
What kind of prowess and freshness will Genshin Impact Furina bring to the game?

1. Furina kit leaks

Elemental Skill

Furina's Elemental Skill may appear quite interesting as she will summon a small creature. This is quite similar to the skill of characters like Yaoyao and Xiangling.

The element that distinguishes this skill is its flexibility. According to the leaks, the summoned animal's actions change according to the active character's attack type. This adaptability indicates the Hydro Archon's capacity to adjust to various combat scenarios and offer edges to both offense and defense.

Elemental Burst

Meanwhile, her Elemental Burst seems to take on a supportive role. It can offer damage buffs to the party and add Hydro effects. However, it doesn't seem to directly benefit Furina's burst damage.

Furina's Stacking system

Furina kit leaks suggest a unique stacking system connected to her HP, aligning with her Hydro attribute.

Genshin Impact Furina
Furina's kit suggests that she may have a stacking mechanic and summon some kind of animal upon her Elemental Skill.

There's speculation that regaining HP will amplify her healing abilities while losing HP will enhance her elemental damage. This mechanic promises to introduce a distinctive element to her gameplay, where careful HP management will likely be essential for optimizing her potential.

However, unlike other similar skills usually associated with specific elemental damage types, Furina's will depend on whether characters are using their Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks.

The leaks also mention that the Hydro Archon may have the ability to drain HP from her entire team, but she'll also lose health while on the field. This interaction will affect her damage multipliers.

Many fans are eager to see how this mechanic functions, as it's unusual for Genshin Impact characters to have effects that negatively affect the HP of their team members. However, it's important to note that these leaks are not 100% reliable, as her official release is likely still months away.

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2. Furina Genshin Impact release date

Regarding Furina's precise release date, HoYoverse has confirmed that she won't be included in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 4.1, which will introduce two new catalyst users, Neuvillette and Wriothesley. These characters have had their official introduction via the newest trailer.

Based on previous speculations, players can anticipate Furina's addition to the playable roster in version 4.2. Following the game's regular update schedule, this should be around early November.

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