Honkai: Star Rail - Fu Xuan Build Guide

Muhammad Kumar - Sep 26, 2023 | Mobile Games

Fu Xuan is a powerful tank and support character in Star Rail, with the ability to boost the team and provide various utilities.

Fu Xuan plays a prominent role in The Xianzhou Luofu's Trailblazer Quests as the leader of the Divination Commission. Beyond her significant role in the game's lore, she's a formidable character that players can consider adding to their teams in Honkai: Star Rail.

In Honkai: Star Rail, Fu Xuan is classified as a Quantum Preservation character. Version 1.3 of the game introduced Lynx under her banner, allowing players to create a mono-Quantum team if they already possess Silver Wolf. This team can be complemented with characters like Seele or Qingque. Whether you're building a mono-element or multi-element team, Fu Xuan proves highly valuable for handling challenging content such as the Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster, thanks to her ability to withstand powerful enemy attacks.

Honkai: Star Rail - Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan Best Build In Honkai: Star Rail

Light Cone Relic Set Relic Stat
  1. She Already Shut Her Eyes
  2. Texture of Memories
  3. Landau's Choice
  4. Moment of Victory
  5. We Are Wildfire
  6. Defense
  1. 4pc Guard of Wuthering Snow
  2. 2pc Longevous Disciple + Guard of Wuthering Snow

Planar Ornaments

  1. Broken Keel
  2. Fleet of the Ageless
  • Body: HP%
  • Feet: HP% or Speed
  • Planar Sphere: HP%
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration or HP%

Fu Xuan Trace Priority

All of Fu Xuan's traces, except for her Basic Attack, are quite valuable. Players are recommended to focus on her Ultimate and Skill first, with Talent and Basic Attack being a lower priority.

Fu Xuan Best Relics In Honkai: Star Rail

Unlike other Preservation characters, Fu Xuan's abilities rely on HP rather than DEF, offering players a fresh approach to building Preservation characters. However, this choice means that Fu Xuan may not gain as much advantage from Planar Ornaments such as "Belobog of the Architects" or "Knight of Purity Palace," even though she has higher DEF, which could enhance her survivability. Instead, it's advisable for players to concentrate on equipping either the 4-piece "Guard of Wuthering Snow" set or combining this set with "Longevous Disciple." While the 2-piece "Longevous Disciple" set can be beneficial for players lacking significant HP in their primary and secondary stats, those with higher HP might prefer the full "Guard of Wuthering Snow" set.

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Fu Xuan Best Relics

When selecting Planar Ornaments for Fu Xuan, players can choose between "Broken Keel" and "Fleet of the Ageless," both of which provide support capabilities by boosting ally stats while simultaneously enhancing Fu Xuan's own stats. However, considering that Fu Xuan already gains Effect RES through her ascension tree and "Broken Keel" itself, most players will find it easier to consistently trigger this Planar Ornament's effect. Furthermore, having extra Effect RES will greatly benefit Fu Xuan by reducing the occurrence of negative status effects from opponents, which can be crucial in challenging battles. Conversely, those planning to build Fu Xuan for speed (especially by using Speed boots instead of HP%) can effectively utilize "Fleet of the Ageless" instead.

For the main relic stats on Fu Xuan, it's generally recommended that players focus on HP% wherever applicable, except for the Link Rope relic, where Energy Regeneration is highly valuable to enable Fu Xuan to activate her Ultimate as often as possible. However, considering that Fu Xuan's Ultimate deals significant AoE damage, players who want to enhance her DPS capabilities may also consider focusing on Crit DMG for the Body piece, especially since she can increase her and her allies' Crit Rate and has Crit Rate ascension bonus stats. Nevertheless, since she primarily excels in damage mitigation, HP% will still be more suitable for most players.

As for the sub-stats, players should prioritize HP, Crit DMG, DEF, and Speed in this order to maximize Fu Xuan's effectiveness in combat.

Fu Xuan Best Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

Considering that Fu Xuan doesn't derive substantial benefits from DEF-focused light cones, players should prioritize Preservation light cones that offer alternative effects rather than DEF. The one exception to this rule is "Moment of Victory," which happens to be Gepard's signature light cone. Nevertheless, players can make more effective use of other 5-star options, such as "She Already Shut Her Eyes," Fu Xuan's own signature light cone. This particular light cone boosts Fu Xuan's HP and Energy Regeneration rate, provides healing to allies, and offers a damage bonus, making it the optimal choice.

Honkai Star Rail Next Light Cone Banner Fu Xuan 1
Fu Xuan Best Light Cones

For a free-to-play-friendly 5-star alternative, players can consider "Texture of Memories," which is available for purchase in the Simulated Universe's Herta Store. When fully enhanced, this light cone significantly enhances Fu Xuan's Effect Res, reducing her vulnerability to enemy debuff-related attacks. Additionally, it supplies a shield based on her maximum HP, which can prove valuable since Fu Xuan lacks the ability to generate shields independently. On that note, players seeking a highly defensive option can easily opt for this light cone instead of her signature one to conserve resources while still achieving a substantial character build.

Among the 4-star alternatives, "Landau's Choice" stands out as the best selection. It increases the likelihood of Fu Xuan being targeted by attacks while simultaneously reducing the damage she incurs. However, it's worth noting that in battles where opponents predominantly deal AoE damage, this effect may not hold as much significance. Players should carefully consider their specific battle circumstances when choosing a light cone.

Fu Xuan best team comp

The most effective team composition for Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail is the mono-Quantum setup, with primary support from Silver Wolf. This team exclusively comprises Quantum characters, ensuring that Silver Wolf can exploit the Quantum weakness of the enemy. This weakness enables Seele to inflict substantial damage, allowing the entire team to swiftly break through the enemy's Toughness.

In contrast to the previous team strategy where Lynx used taunt on the DPS, in this setup, Lynx will utilize her Skill on Fu Xuan. If players possess Fu Xuan's Light Cone skill, She Already Shut Her Eyes, the Master Diviner enhances the team's overall damage output when Fu Xuan's HP is reduced. However, even without this skill, Fu Xuan can still bear the brunt of damage due to her Preservation character trait, allowing her to accumulate HP and withstand numerous attacks. Additionally, she possesses the ability to self-heal when her HP is critically low, making her a highly dependable and easy-to-maintain tank.

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