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Muhammad Kumar - Oct 13, 2023 | PC/Console

Jingliu is a brand new Ice unit in Honkai Star Rail hailing from the path of Destruction. Here is an in-depth guide for Jingliu covering her abilities.

Jingliu stands out as the first 5-star Ice Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail. Functioning as a potent DPS unit, she delivers exceptional damage across various combat scenarios when properly supported. She effortlessly tackles the game's toughest challenges, although players must heavily invest in her to unlock her full potential.

Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Card 1
Honkai: Star Rail - Jingliu


For gamers seeking a powerful AoE Ice damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail, Jingliu is the answer. However, her true brilliance emerges only when equipped with the finest Light Cones and Relic sets available in the game. Discover how to optimize her setup for unparalleled power.

Jingliu Best Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Light Cone Relic Relic Stats
  • I Shall Be My Own Sword
  • On The Fall Of An Aeon (S5)
  • Brighter Than The Sun
  • Secret Vow (S5)
  • Nowhere to Run (S5)
  • Hunter of Glacial Forest (4PC)
  • Genius of Brilliant Stars (4PC)
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4PC)
  • CRIT Rate (up to ~50%)
  • ATK/ATK%
  • SPD

Jingliu offers a multitude of choices in terms of ideal Light Cones and Relic sets, and her stats require a specific configuration for optimal performance. Here, we'll dissect each section to explain the rationale behind these selections.

Jingliu Light Cones

"I Shall Be On My Own Sword" unquestionably stands as the top choice among all available Light Cones for Jingliu. It boosts her CRIT DMG and ATK, along with periodically providing a percentage-based DEF Ignore for a single attack. This combination significantly amplifies Jingliu's damage output in a way that surpasses any other Light Cone.

Following closely is "On The Fall of An Aeon," which greatly enhances Jingliu's ATK stat. Moreover, it is conveniently obtainable from Herta's Simulated Universe store, making it easily accessible to reach S5.

The remaining three Light Cones are valuable due to their direct damage bonuses. "Brighter Than The Sun," the signature Light Cone of Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, enables players to stack more CRIT DMG on Jingliu's Relic set. This option proves beneficial for players who have yet to acquire the ideal Relics, offering a solid choice in the interim.

Best Jingliu Relics and Stat Priorities

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Jingliu Relics and Stat Priorities

The top two Relic sets for Jingliu are Hunter of Glacial Frost and Genius of Brilliant Stars. The former boosts CRIT DMG for two turns after using the ultimate ability, whereas the latter allows the wearer to ignore up to 20% of a target's DEF. Considering Jingliu can enhance her ATK through her Talent, sets like Wild Wheat become less valuable.

In terms of Relic stats, it's advisable to aim for up to 50% CRIT Rate on a fully upgraded Jingliu, as her Talent provides an additional 50% CRIT Rate when active. Once this balance is achieved, prioritize building 134 SPD and maximizing CRIT DMG, with a few enhancements to ATK. Players working towards a level 10 Talent on Jingliu should target around 60% CRIT Rate.

Although reaching 100% CRIT Rate isn't mandatory, it is recommended. Players can experiment with their crit ratios until they attain satisfactory damage output.

Jingliu Trace Priorities

When enhancing Jingliu's Traces, prioritize leveling up her Skill initially as it serves as her primary source of damage. Players will get the best returns on their investment by focusing on this aspect first. Subsequently, concentrate on upgrading her Ultimate ability before investing in her Talent and Basic Attack.

Jingliu's Talent, Crescent Transmigration, provides a 40% CRIT Rate at level 1, increasing by 1% per level. Generally, spending resources on gaining an additional point of CRIT Rate and extra damage based on Jingliu's base ATK isn't the most efficient use of materials and money. Instead, it's more worthwhile to allocate resources towards unlocking her CRIT DMG nodes and her three significant Traces.

Jingliu teams and synergy

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Jingliu teams and synergy


Best Support for Jingliu thanks to her massive damage boosts but mostly because of her Speed modification capabilities. Due to Jingliu not consuming many skill points her main cost is almost completely mitigated.


Pela serves as an exceptional support for Jingliu, particularly at E4 level. Pela provides a substantial AoE DEF% Shred, similar to Silver Wolf, which synergizes well with the Quantum 4-piece set or Jingliu's Signature Cone. Importantly, this synergy avoids dilution and diminishing returns from Jingliu's extensive array of buffs. Pela is generally skill point positive, making her valuable for compositions struggling with skill points, especially those involving Fuxuan as the chosen sustain unit. At E4, her skill is enhanced with Ice shred, creating a significant single target debuff for Jingliu to capitalize on, making Pela effective for both AoE clearing and single target damage!


Tingyun proves to be an excellent 4-star companion for Jingliu, offering increased damage, ATK%, and most importantly, an additional base damage source. Although Jingliu's multipliers are relatively low, her overall stats are significantly boosted, greatly amplifying Tingyun's Benediction Lightning damage. Jingliu specifically aims to use her ultimate during the Transcendent state. Timing Tingyun's Ultimate to provide her energy can be a bit challenging, but with careful planning and coordination, you can synchronize Jingliu and Tingyun's Ultimates to achieve two Jingliu ultimates within a single Transcendent state, resulting in massive burst damage (Enter State: Ultimate (5) + Tingyun Ult (50) + Enh Skill (30) + Enh Skill (30) + Enh Skill (30) = 145).

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf offers valuable single-target support, enhancing damage without being significantly affected by diminishing returns from Jingliu's abilities. Additionally, she reinforces the Quantum 4-piece set bonus, increasing its consistency and potency. Silver's DEF shred ultimate synergizes exceptionally well with both Jingliu's abilities and her Signature Cone.

Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan stands as one of the most robust sustaining choices for Jingliu, given that your team can sustain itself primarily through Fuxuan's modest heals, even while Jingliu depletes their health. Because Jingliu doesn't heavily rely on skill points, Fuxuan's main drawback is nullified. Her substantial HP pool and HP-enhancing effect promptly fulfill Jingliu's talent ATK% boost prerequisite, even with lower-tier gear levels. Additionally, Fuxuan supplies essential CRIT Rate, aiding in reaching Jingliu's CRIT cap.


Each time Jingliu attacks, she depletes the team's HP, which counts as damage dealt to Blade, activating his Talent. In specific team setups, Jingliu significantly increases the frequency of Blade's Talent triggers, sometimes up to three times more than usual. This transforms Blade into a formidable AoE powerhouse, providing him with extra energy and nearly invincible status due to the extensive healing he receives.

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