A new part of Fontaine was unlocked in Genshin Impact 4.1. There are around 230 treasure chests of all types scattered all around the land of Hydro. Some of them are hidden, so you may easily miss them. Here are seven new hidden treasure chests in Fontaine 4.1.

#1. The Remain of The Day Chest & Achievement

The first hidden chest is easy to get, but you can also miss it easily as there is no sign showing you there is a chest to collect there. From the east-most teleport waypoint of the new map which is close to the lake, you head southeast to an abandoned camping spot with wood logs and a painting on the easel.

Sit on the log in front of the painting, set the time to 4.55 p.m., and take a photo of the landscape when the time reaches 5 p.m. Apart from a Precious chest, you also unlock the hidden achievement "The Remain of The Day".

The Remains Of The Day
Unlock the Remains of the Day Hidden Chest.

#2. Bulle Fruits Puzzle Chest

The next hidden treasure chest in Fontaine 4.1 can be found in the Central Laboratory Ruins. Use the Teleport waypoint in the south of the Statue of Seven, then head to your right side until you find five Bulle fruits on the ground.

Pick up all these fruits to unveil the hidden treasure chest here. After picking all five Bulle fruits, there will be three Treasure Hoarders summoned. Defeat them before claiming the chest.

First Treasure Chest
You need to defeat three enemies after finding five Bubbe fruits near the Central Laboratory Ruins.

#3. In Floating Hydro Block

The third hidden treasure chest in Fontaine 4.1 is also located in the Central Laboratory Ruins, but it spawns inside a floating Hydro block. Therefore, you have to find the way to the floating block nearest to the Teleport Waypoint on the mountain slope.

Upon entering the water block, follow the glowing spots on floating stones in the water. After keeping up with these glowing spots five times successfully, you can unveil a common chest.

Hidden Treasure Chest Inside Hydro Block
This is the location of the hidden treasure chest inside the Hydro block.

#4. Bulle Fruit On The Pine Tree

You can find the next hidden treasure chest in the new Fontaine Research Institute. There is a Teleport Waypoint at the entrance of this institute. Use this waypoint to reach this destination quickly.

Then, find a Bulle fruit on the top of a high pine tree. You have to climb that tree and grab that fruit to summon the hidden treasure chest. It's an interesting puzzle in Genshin Impact 4.1.

This Is An Interesting Hidden Treasure Chest
This is an interesting hidden treasure chest.

#5. Gunpowder Container On Mountain Peak

There is another hidden treasure chest on the peak of the mountain opposite the Statue of Seven in the Central Laboratory Ruins. You only have to teleport to this Statue and glide to the opposite mountain. Then, climb to the mountain peak.

There is a gunpowder barrel on the mountain peak. You should use a bow wielder to trigger the explosion from a safe distance to reveal the fifth hidden chest without getting damaged.

Climb The Mountain And Trigger The Explosion
Climb the mountain and trigger the explosion to get the hidden chest.

#6. Underwater Teleport Waypoint

The sixth hidden treasure chest spawns in the Fontaine Research Institute but it lies underwater. From the underwater teleport waypoint in this area, swim along the trench and approach the underwater tower.

Don't forget to gather Xenochromatic Jellyfish's ability in advance. Then, find a strange stone near the tower. Destroy that stone and then ruin nearby cylinders. Then, the last hidden chest will appear in the position of the destroyed stone.

Destroy The Strange Stone And Cylinders
Destroy the strange stone and cylinders to get the hidden chest.

#7. Tear Off Notes On Walls

There is another secret chest to unlock in the new Fortress of Meropide of Fontaine 4.1. Teleport to the waypoint in the south of the Fortress and find some notes posted on three walls near the waypoint.

Go to these posts and tear them off the walls. Then, you have to talk to the NPC Maupoil about these posts. After that, you will get the hidden chest.

Tear Off Posts
Tear off three posts on the wall to get the secret chest.

#8. Complete Checkpoints Precisely

You may easily miss this hidden chest if you don't check the surrounding area carefully when reaching the first Statue of Seven you unlock on the new map.

After you go there from the Court of Fontaine and unlock this Statue of Seven, look back and observe three broken walls behind you. Then, you can spot some checkpoints on these broken walls. Climb the wall behind you and land on checkpoints precisely to get the secret chest.

Collect Checkpoints To Get The Chest
Collect checkpoints to get the chest.

There are many other treasure chests to unlock all around Fontaine 4.0 and 4.1. These treasure chests give you Primogems, Hydro sigils, and many other materials. Moreover, they are objectives of exploration missions in this game.

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