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In Lies of P, gtting the right weapon would make your journey much easier.

In a game like Lies of P, the choice of weaponry holds significant importance. It goes beyond mere damage output, encompassing factors like their performance against the diverse array of monstrous creatures and machinery in Krat. While conventional weapons offer versatility through customization, special weapons belong to a unique category.

These special weapons possess unique attributes and effects unmatched by any others, but their distinctiveness also means they cannot be disassembled. For players seeking to enhance their arsenal with potent weapons capable of turning the tide of battle, this guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on acquiring all the special weapons available in Lies of P, essential for earning the Special Weapon Collector trophy and achievement.

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Special Weapons in Lies of P

All Special Weapons in Lies of P & How to Find Them

In total, there are 11 Special Weapons available in the game, and they can be easily missed. To ensure that none of these valuable weapons slip through your fingers, it is advisable for players to retain all the rare Ergo they come across during their journey. This includes the Ergo dropped by boss enemies, such as the one you obtain from defeating the Scrapped Watchman.

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Lies of P

The next step is to locate Alidoro, the Treasure Hunter, who can be found within the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Proceed to the elevator in this area, and you'll spot Alidoro standing on the balcony. Initiate a conversation with him and choose one of the available options. Following your interaction, he will eventually relocate to Hotel Krat, where he'll be prepared to engage in business transactions with you.

Special Weapon Required Rare Ergo
Seven-Coil Spring Sword Exchange the Parade Leader's Ergo obtained from defeating the Parade Master boss.
Etiquette Exchange the Broken Hero's Ergo obtained from defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss.
Holy Sword of the Ark Exchange the King's Flame Ergo obtained from defeating the King's Flame, Fuoco boss.
Trident of the Covenent Exchange the Twisted Angel's Ergo obtained from defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss.
Puppet Ripper Exchange the Burnt-White King's Ergo obtained from defeating the King of Puppets boss.
Frozen Feast Exchange the Reborn Champion's Ergo obtained from defeating the Champion Victor boss.
Two Dragons Sword Exchange the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo obtained from defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp boss.
Uroboros's Eye Exchange the Sad Zealot's Ergo obtained from defeating Laxasia The Complete boss.
Noblesse Oblige Exchange the Fallen One's Ergo obtained from defeating the Simon Manus, Awakened God boss.
Golden Lie Only available via the Real Boy ending and lying at every opportunity. Choose to give Geppetto the heart and head back to Hotel Krat after the ending without starting New Game+. Play all available records and grab the weapon from the portrait in Geppetto's room.
Proof of Humanity Refuse to give Geppetto the heart and proceed to the battle. Exchange the Nameless Puppet's Ergo obtained from defeating the Nameless Puppet boss.

How To Change Weapon Handles And Blades In Lies Of P

Players won't have the initial ability to craft their own weapons right from the start. Regrettably, they must navigate through a series of combat encounters and even confront a few bosses before gaining access to the option of creating unique weapons. After players successfully navigate the moderately lengthy initial sections of Lies of P, they will arrive at a location known as Hotel Krat. This serves as the central hub in the game, where crucial NPCs make appearances throughout the adventure.

Among these NPCs is Eugenie, a young woman situated in one of the alcoves within Hotel Krat, positioned just off the main Stargazer area in the lobby, opposite the front desk. Once players unlock access to the hotel, they can engage with this NPC, who functions as both a weaponsmith and an upgrade station for the weapons they discover during their journey. While players will need to return to Eugenie for attaching special modifiers to their handles and upgrading weapons, they can initiate the weapon crafting process from any Stargazer location.

What Does Changing Weapon Handles And Blades Do?

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Dangerous enemies

Each weapon blade is equipped with distinct weight statistics, lengths, and special abilities that can be triggered through the use of Fable Arts. Similarly, handles possess their own exclusive set of Fable Arts and are accompanied by graded stat attributes linked to Motivity, Technique, and Advance. The higher the grade (ranging from A to D) of a particular handle, the greater the bonus players will gain from using it. Through the process of switching and interchanging weapon blades and handles, players can craft one-of-a-kind weapon combinations with varying weights. These combinations not only align with their preferred attributes but also grant access to unique Fable Art combinations. Additionally, specific handles and blades will influence factors like the swinging motion of a weapon or its reach.

What Does Altering Handles Do?

Eugenie offers players the opportunity to Modify Handles on their customized weapons. To make modifications to a weapon's handle, players must first acquire a specific crank corresponding to the attribute they wish to align it with. For instance, utilizing a Motivity Crank on a weapon's handle will align it with the Motivity attribute, granting it an improved letter grade in that stat. However, players should exercise caution, as altering handles may also lead to a decrease in letter grade for certain stats. Fortunately, players will have the ability to preview how the letter grades will be affected during the handle modification process, enabling them to make an informed choice regarding the type of crank they wish to incorporate.

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Altering Handles

Can You Change Boss Weapons?

As players advance further into the game Lies of P, they will gradually gain access to exclusive Rare Ergo items by defeating specific bosses. These Rare Ergo can be exchanged with a unique Treasure Hunter named Alidoro once players encounter him for the first time. The weapons acquired through these Rare Ergo are entirely distinct, boasting exceptionally potent Fable Arts attacks and typically having boosted statistics. Consequently, they require specialized components for upgrades. Regrettably, players won't have the option to disassemble or customize these weapons in any manner.

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