Lies of P, much like other Soulslike titles, presents a formidable challenge at times, requiring players to make precise choices to optimize their character builds. The game isn't overly complex, but its extensive explanations and intricate mechanics may overwhelm newcomers to the subgenre.

Here, we've compiled a set of tips aimed at assisting novice players in getting off to a stronger start in Lies of P. While there are numerous nuanced mechanics to explore and experiment with, this guide should sufficiently address the fundamentals, offering a clearer roadmap for the initial hours of gameplay.

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Lies of P

Invest in Vigor Early

Boosting Vigor enhances P's maximum stamina, enabling him to perform additional blocks, dodges, and attacks before becoming fatigued. In many cases, having increased stamina early on proves more advantageous than having greater health because effective dodging and blocking can entirely mitigate incoming damage. However, the choice between the two depends on the player's skill in avoiding attacks.

Ideally, players should allocate points into both Vigor and Vitality during the early stages. This approach offers a greater margin for error and sets the foundation for a more favorable experience in the mid-to-late game.

Allocate Stats Properly

Once players have allocated a reasonable amount of points into Vigor and Vitality, they should then concentrate on one or two other attributes. The available choices include Motivity, Technique, and Advance, each influencing various aspects of P's abilities.

In general, players should prioritize investing additional points into the attribute that complements their primary weapon the most. Motivity typically impacts heavier weapons, while Technique is more relevant to agile ones. Advance, on the other hand, enhances the performance of Legion Arms and throwable items.

Watch For Ambushes

Encountering ambushes is a frequent happening in Lies of P. Whenever an object appears suspiciously well-placed, there's a good chance that an adversary lurks behind crates or perches on a nearby ledge. Occasionally, enemy puppets have their allies nearby for protection, so it's advisable to inspect those corners before approaching anything.

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Watch For Ambushes

Bait or Drag Enemies

Regarding ambushes, a highly effective strategy to circumvent them involves enticing or attracting enemies closer through projectile throws or ranged assaults. Sawtoothed Wheels, in particular, serve the purpose of capturing the focus of potential targets and redirecting them toward the player. The Puppet String Legion Arm is also adept at dispersing and subduing enemy groups, making it a valuable asset in such situations.

Fight or Flight

In the classic Soulsborne fashion, players have the choice to engage in combat with every obstacle they encounter or simply evade them. Certain enemies will eventually lose their interest in players, granting the opportunity to eliminate weaker stragglers safely or find respite at a nearby Stargazer.

However, there are instances where an adversary will relentlessly pursue players. Depending on the enemy type, they may exhibit signs like glowing red and unleashing attacks that cannot be evaded or blocked, requiring flawless blocking to avoid them.

Avoid Fighting Near Walls

Engaging enemies in close quarters can disrupt the flow of combat if players inadvertently strike a nearby wall. Weapons rebounding off walls can destabilize P, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks.

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Allocate Stats Properly

To avoid this issue, it's advisable to engage enemies in more open spaces whenever feasible. If constrained spaces are unavoidable, opting for weapons with thrusting attacks or overhead swings can help reduce the likelihood of inadvertent wall impacts.

Always Look for Shortcuts

Most exploration sections typically lead to shortcuts that enable players to shorten their travel time between Stargazers and the subsequent significant obstacle in Lies of P. These shortcuts are typically represented by locked gates, raised ladders, or malfunctioning elevators.

Navigating the game's maps is relatively uncomplicated, and uncovering these shortcuts typically requires minimal effort, unless players deliberately choose not to explore. Additionally, while searching for shortcuts, there's a good possibility that players may stumble upon concealed items along the way. Therefore, it's advisable to periodically inspect the well-trodden paths.

How To Unlock Legion Arm Crafting And Upgrading In Lies Of P

To enhance their Legion Arm Crafting and Upgrading capabilities, players must begin by locating and rescuing an individual named Venigni. Venigni can be located in the vicinity of a Stargazer within the Venigni Factory in Area III. Upon encountering him, players should engage in conversation and listen to his account of losing contact with his personal butler.

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Legion Arm Crafting

Following this interaction, players can proceed through the factory and arrive at an area where they will confront a formidable fire-based boss named King's Flame, Fuoco. Defeating this imposing robotic adversary will grant access to a route leading behind the factory and to a newly activated Stargazer. Upon activating this Stargazer, players can return to Hotel Krat, where they will discover Venigni and his assistant butler situated opposite the Weaponsmith.

Venigni's presence brings about some changes within Hotel Krat, including the introduction of a new machine (located to the left of the NPC). This machine enables players to craft and upgrade their Legion Arms. Crafting a new Legion Arm from the available options necessitates obtaining a Legion Plug. Each Legion Arm boasts its own grading system that influences its Motivity, Technique, and Advance attributes. Additionally, players gain access to three upgrade options for each Legion Arm, allowing them to modify and enhance their functionality.

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