List Of All Stash House In GTA Online, Ranked

Muhammad Kumar - Oct 08, 2023 | PC/Console

Stash houses in GTA Online offer players fun side missions with unique locations and variations. They provide a great way for beginners to make money.

In GTA Online, players can engage in exciting side missions by locating stash houses. These unique missions occur once a day and are scattered across different locations on the map. When players find a stash house, they might encounter various scenarios upon arrival, ranging from intense shootouts to finding the place empty. Regardless of the situation, these stash houses provide an excellent opportunity for beginners to earn money in the game.

To identify a stash house, players can look for a distinctive purple symbol marking its entrance. Upon entering, players have to confront and defeat five enemy gang members. Afterward, they need to search for a code written on a yellow Post-it note and input it into the safe to access the cash. Escaping the stash house and its vicinity becomes the next challenge, often involving evading gang members' gunfire until a notification confirms a successful escape.

1. Altruist Camp

Upon reaching this particular stash house, players encounter the most significant resistance compared to all other stash houses. A fierce gun battle ensues with the Altruist Cult, located in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in San Andreas.

Altruist Camp 1
Altruist Camp

This stash house is situated in an isolated area, offering a picturesque yet eerie journey towards it. Unlike the other stash house locations, it stands out. The player must eliminate several enemies before gaining access to the camp. After securing loot from the stash house, escaping the camp involves facing intense opposition. Despite the challenges, the experience is highly enjoyable, and players experience a profound sense of accomplishment upon successfully fleeing the scene.

2. Thomson Scrapyard

Escaping the busy streets of Los Santos and the glamorous lifestyle of rockstars is always refreshing, especially when driving out to the serene Blaine County desert. Fortunately, this stash house offers an exciting getaway. Positioned in Blaine County, San Andreas, the same region where Lester Crest maintains a safe house, this location is a favorite among GTA 5 fans.

Thomson 1
Thomson Scrapyard

This spot is significant in the GTA 5 story mode, and players enjoy exploring it in the online version. The scrapyard is adorned with two wrecked airplanes and several discarded cars, creating a haunting ambiance that keeps players on edge before and after completing the stash house raid.

3. Grapeseed Rail Terminus

Once again, players find themselves in the company of unsavory characters during a random encounter at the Grapeseed Rail Terminus stash house.

Grapeseed 1
Grapeseed Rail Terminus

Situated in Grapeseed, Blaine County, this depot is primarily used for mechanical parts, cars, and various railroad items. Although it's located in a small rural town and doesn't play a role in GTA 5's storyline, it stands out as one of the best stash houses to explore in the online version of GTA. Additionally, it appears in the mission "Heist Prep: Demolition Charges" of the Cayo Perico Heist and serves as a drop-off location option in "The Lost Contract" mission. However, fans particularly enjoy it when it becomes the setting for a raid on a stash house inhabited by hostile rednecks.

4. 7953 Algonquin Boulevard

The stash house in this area is operated by a group of Rednecks, and when raided, the player engages in an enjoyable shootout with them before making a swift escape with the loot. Situated on Algonquin Boulevard in Sandy Shores, Blaine County, this multi-level house with a windmill affixed to the roof adds an intriguing element to the visit. A "Howdy Stranger" poster is displayed on one of the walls, and an entrance is marked with a sign that reads "Our House," enhancing the unique atmosphere of the location.

Boulevard Gta 1
7953 Algonquin Boulevard

Construction materials are visible in the yard and occasionally construction workers can be found on site, indicating it is being actively renovated. It is inaccessible to the player outside missions.

5. Mom's Famous Tacos

Certainly, Mom's Famous Tacos stands out as one of the most creatively named locations in the entire Grand Theft Auto series. This spot is worth a visit not just for raiding a stash house.

Tacos 1
Mom's Famous Tacos

Operating as a chain of small food vendors in both GTA 5 and GTA: Online, Mom's Famous Tacos hold no significance in the game's storyline but serve as a prominent and captivating backdrop. Additionally, it's renowned for providing an engaging setting for a memorable shootout during stash house raids.

6. Weazel Morningwood

An unexpected spot for a stash house in the game is a movie theater, which is precisely where one is located. Managed by the notorious gang frequently encountered in the game, The Ballas, this unconventional stash house setting is memorable.

Weazal 1
Weazel Morningwood

This movie theater location is featured in various missions in both GTA 5 and GTA Online, making it easy to overlook its role as a stash house. Nonetheless, there's a unique thrill in engaging in a shootout within a cinema, particularly since The Ballas harbor animosity towards Franklin in the GTA 5 storyline due to his affiliation with the rival gang, The Families. Taking Franklin's side and pilfering loot from this stash house when it becomes the daily mission location adds an enjoyable twist to the game.

7. Millar's Fishery Co

Millar's fishery is situated close to the northern shoreline of the Alamo Sea. Upon the player's approach, numerous thugs are found lingering, prepared for an altercation. The site comprises two structures: a warehouse and a boathouse.

Millars 1
Millar's Fishery Co

In GTA Online, The Lost MC gang controls this area. The protagonist raids Millar's Fishery, seizing drug containers stored there, and also targets it as a stash house for theft.

8. Cherry Pie Farm

Situated on Baytree Canyon Road in Great Chaparral, this farm specializes in cherries, prunes, and pork, and is guarded by a group of enemies.

Cherry Pie Farm 1
Cherry Pie Farm

The area comprises a farmhouse, a storage barn, and two wooden barns on the western side. Exploring this location before raiding the stash house proves intriguing, but engaging in a confrontation with hostile locals is inevitable. Overcoming these obstacles, the player must defeat the enemies and successfully escape the area with the stash.

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