Neuvillette's banner is ready to roll now. If you have obtained this new character, build and use Neuvillette wisely and effectively to optimize his potential. Here are some tips and strategies to utilize this character in Fontaine's exploration team.

#1. Avoid Interruption

The interruption from the enemy's attack may break the rotation of Sourcewater Droplets. Therefore, you should avoid interruption by using a solid shield or keeping a safe distance from the opponents and their attack range. Zhongli or Baizhu's shield can be useful for this Hydro character.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette
Make sure the rotation of your Neuvillette's skill and charged attacks is not interrupted and broken.

#2. Heal Himself

Neuvillette's Elemental Skill or Burst can drop many Sourcewater Droplets. When he absorbs these droplets, this character can heal himself. Therefore, you should create as many droplets as possible. Moreover, he gets lots of Hydro DMG Bonuses based on HP at C4. Don't let it drop below 50% to ensure his survivability. If you don't have a decent shielder, equip a healer in your team.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Tips
Make use of Neuvillette's self-healing skill by producing and using his droplets.

#3. Build More Elemental Reactions

The second Ascension passive talent of Neuvillette can boost his Charged Attack damage. So, you should trigger as many reactions as possible. All elemental reactions can trigger this boost. Therefore, you can use any supporters or sub-DPS units with special elements, like Kazuha's Swirl reaction and Zhongli's Crystallized reaction.

Trigger As Many Reactions As Possible
Trigger as many reactions as possible.

#4. Don't Stack Normal Attack

The output damage of Neuvillette depends on the Charged Attack, elemental skill, and burst. Besides, his potential scales on HP. When choosing gear for this character, stack on his HP to boost the output damage. You can use artifacts, weapons, and characters to boost his Health status and try to produce as many Sourcewater Droplets as possible.

Dont Stack On His Atk
Don't stack on his ATK.

#5. Utilize His Arkhe Ability

As a character from Fontaine, Neuvillette is also affected by Arkhe Energy in the Land of Hydro. He is the top playable unit of the Pneuma Arkhe group. Therefore, the Chief Justice is very helpful in countering enemies with the Ousia energy in this nation. Remember to bring him with your team when exploring the open world in this nation or challenging domains in Fontaine.

Use His Arkhe Energy
Use his Arkhe Energy to counter Fontaine's local enemies.

#6. Create More Sourcewater Droplets

Neuvillette's output damage depends on the Sourcewater Droplets he creates when triggering the elemental skill and burst. You should create and use these Droplets continually when he is on-field. Keep following the rotation of the elemental skill and burst before the charged attack.

Moreover, this character also has higher underwater moving speed than non-Fontaine characters. Therefore, he is also an ideal character for sea exploration like Freminet. Use his talents and abilities wisely to contribute to your Fontaine exploration teams and enemy countering teams.

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