Genshin Impact Update 4.1 will be released in two days. Let's check out the top 5 things to do before the new update comes out. These tips are useful for beginners in this game.

#1. Farm Materials For Neuvillette & Wriothesley

Neuvillette and Wriothesley are two upcoming characters in update 4.1. When the new part in Fontaine is unlocked, go to farm ascension materials for them. However, before you can farm Hero's Wits and other Character's Experience materials for them.

Besides, you ought to prepare the Character's Talent Level-Up materials for them. Besides, they also need lots of Mora to ascend and level up. You can also prepare artifacts for them by farming artifact domains in Fontaine or other nations in Teyvat.

Neuvillette And Wriothesley
Farm materials for Neuvillette and Wriothesley now.

#2. Save Primogems

To roll four upcoming event character and weapon banners in Genshin Impact 4.1, save your Primogems now. You should complete all commissions, story, character, archon, and hang-out quests to farm Primogems for upcoming banners.

Spiral Abyss and events are also great sources of this currency. If you want to roll upcoming 4-star and 5-star units in update 4.1, don't spend any Primogems in the two last days of the current update.

Save And Farm Primogems
Save and farm Primogems for upcoming banners.

#3. Rearrange Artifact Inventory

When the new part of Fontaine is unlocked, there will be more artifact domains to farm. You should rearrange your artifact inventory to make room for new arrivals. Let's check the artifacts in use and utilize unused artifacts to upgrade them.

Then, equip the best artifacts for suitable characters in your team. You should also farm materials to level this equipment. Try to maximize the potential and buffs of these gear to make your character strong and helpful.

Artifact Inventory
Arrange the Artifact Inventory before new artifacts are released.

#4. Six-Hour Long Quest

There will be a very long world quest in Fontaine 4.1 which may take you up to six hours to complete. To prepare for this long world quest, you should complete current world quests in Fontaine.

Sometimes, some of the NPCs in the new World Quest are busy or stuck somewhere in an old World quest. Then, you cannot do the missions unless you come back to complete the old quest. It also takes you a longer time to complete the upcoming quest chain. That's why you are suggested to complete all the current world quests in the Land of Hydro.

Long World Quest Genshin 4 1
Prepare for the long world quest in Genshin 4.1.

#5. Changes In the Commission System

Genshin Impact characters are highly anticipating the change in the commission system. Lots of players often skip these boring missions and miss lots of Primogems. But after update 4.1, you can receive commission rewards by collecting enough Encounter Points.

Genshin Impact players can farm Encounter Points when taking part in events, collecting materials, and sending characters on expedition trips. It helps you save time for other long quests and missions in this game.

Commission Genshin 4 1
There is an amazing change in the Commission System after Update 4.1.

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