Cloud Retainer is a highly-anticipated Adeptus character in Genshin Impact. She has appeared in the character stories of many Liyue characters and story quests of the Nation of Contract. Let's check out the possible release date of Genshin Impact Cloud Retainer here.

#1. Who Is The Cloud Retainer?

Cloud Retainer is a Prime Adeptus in Liyue, a member of the Adepti Affil­i­a­tion. This special force is responsible for protecting the Nation of Contract from monsters. Cloud Retainer often appears in the form of a bird residing in a secret domain built in the Clouds above Qingyun Peak.

This bird Adeptus is also one of the oldest allies of the Geo Archon. She also appeared in the stories of Shenhe and Ganyu as the teacher of these characters. Both of them are Cryo DPS. Therefore, she can also hold the Cryo vision and master Cryo skills.

Genshin Impact Cloud Retainer
The Cloud Retainer may become a playable character in Update 4.4.

#2. When Is She Released?

According to some leaks, Cloud Retainer may come out as a playable character in Genshin Impact 4.4. She might be released in the Lantern Rite Festival 2024, the annual biggest event in Liyue. This event is often organized in the Lunar New Year.

Therefore, we can expect to see the banner of the playable Cloud Retainer in the human form in early 2024. As a Prime Adeptus serving the Geo Archon and guarding Liyue, she has an overwhelming power. Moreover, interesting stories about this character also make the Cloud Retainer one of the most anticipated playable units in Genshin Impact now.

Cloud Retainer
She may come out as a playable unit in the Lantern Rite.

#3. Liyue's Expansion & Updates

Furthermore, a new part of Liyue will be unlocked along with the release of this Adeptus. This land will connect the Geo Nation with the new Hydro Nation of Fontaine. According to the renowned merchant named Liben, he often travels from Fontaine, through Qiaoying Village to get into Liyue. This village is located near the border of these two nations.

In addition, Madame Ping and Guizhong are also expected to come out as playable units in upcoming updates of Liyue. They have appeared in many stories of this nation as guarders of Liyue. As leaked, these two characters will become playable after the Cloud Retainer.

Cloud Retainer Release
Madame Ping and Guizhong can become playable after Cloud Retainer's release.

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