"Suddenly The Rain Stops" is the newest web event for the debut of Neuvillette. The Chief Justice of Fontaine is listening to Melusine Aiefe reporting incidents in Fontaine. Let's check out how to complete this web event and obtain 40 Free Primogems instantly.

I. Neuvillette's Web Event Schedule

"Suddenly The Rain Stops" is the introducing web event for the release of the new character Neuvillette. It takes place between September 22nd and 27th. Therefore, you should join and complete this event before the official banner of Chief Justice is released. Go to the event via the event link and log in with your own account to start the play.

Suddenly The Rain Stops
Take part in the web event "Suddenly The Rain Stops". 

II. How To Play Neuvillette's Web Event

There are three incidents in the Court of Fontaine. You have to complete two missions to unlock the second and third incidents to report, including:

  • Share the Web Event to unlock the second incident;
  • Watch Neuvillette's Character Teaser to unlock the last incident.

Select the incident to report to the Chief Justice. Then, choose the descriptions in the appropriate order to complete the report, including the issue and her solution. You can unlock the alternative scenario when selecting the wrong option.

Suddenly The Rain Stops Mission
Report incidents in the Court of Fontaine to Neuvillette. 

III. Right Descriptions To Select

Each incident has two scenarios, based on the solution that Aiefe selects. You only obtain the rewards when selecting the right option and unlocking the main scenario. Let's check out the right answers to the

#1. Teaching a Lesson

The first incident report is already unlocked when you log into the event. Two Fontaine citizens had an argument as both of them wanted to talk to Aiefe. So, select the sentence at the top. Then, Aiefe taught them a lesson. Thus, the second sentence is the right option to complete the first report.

Suddenly The Rain Stops Event
Here are all the solutions to three incidents. 

#2. Half a Bottle of Fonta Each

The second incident is another argument between two people in the Court of Fontaine. Monniotte and Herbier argued over the final bottle of Fonta. Then, Aiefe bought them two cups and shared the beverage equally. So, the option on the top is the first sentence of the report. Next, choose the sentence at the bottom.

#3. Mechanical Component Price List

Wriothesley sent the Mechanical Components price list to the office of Neuvillette. Please select the top and bottom sentences to report the issue to the Chief Justice. Just give the price list to Neuvillette and let him take a look.

Suddenly The Rain Stops Wriothesley
Wriothesley also appeared in the event. 

IV. Neuvillette's Web Event Rewards

Genshin Impact players can get easy rewards from Neuvillette's Web Event. You can claim them after completing each incident.

  • First incident: 20,000 Mora and 2 Mystic Ores;
  • Second incident: 40 Primogems and 3 Varunada Lazurite Fragments;
  • Last incident: Neuvillette Web Event Wallpaper.

You can download the wallpaper picture to your device.

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