The Best Weapons in Starfield And Where to Find Them

Muhammad Kumar - Sep 13, 2023 | PC/Console

Here are the weapons you should try to get in Starfield.

In Starfield, most of the weapons encountered by players are randomly obtained, featuring different stats and modifications in each playthrough. Nevertheless, there are special firearms that every player can obtain, either by finishing specific side quests or main storyline missions or by visiting various weapon vendors scattered throughout the game.

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The top-tier weapons in Starfield serve as invaluable assets for players as they explore the vast universe, enabling them to dispatch their adversaries with grace and efficiency. Furthermore, these firearms and melee weapons are excellent choices for customization, with many of them already equipped with multiple modifications when initially acquired by players.

Fiscal Quarter (Rifle)

The Fiscal Quarter stands as a unique rifle awarded to players by Walter Stroud upon completing the main story mission, "All That Money Can Buy." To initiate this quest, players must have a conversation with Walter at the Lodge after finishing "Into the Unknown." To successfully finish the quest, players must assist Walter in obtaining the Artifact from Neon and then ensuring his safe return to their ship after resolving matters with Slayton.

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The Best Weapons in Starfield


Unrestrained Vengeance (Laser Rifle)

Players will obtain the Unrestrained Vengeance laser rifle if they manage to defeat the Hunter during the main story mission "High Price to Pay." Achieving this requires players to reduce his health to zero once, causing him to temporarily vanish. Although he may reappear later, as long as players can defeat him at least once, he will reward them with the Rare laser rifle and some credits when they return to their ship and depart.

Gallow's Reach (Rifle)

In the main story mission "No Sudden Moves," players will be tasked with acquiring Captain Petrov's vault key. Once obtained, instead of proceeding directly to the vault as directed, players have the option to explore Petrov's quarters by entering the door behind him. Inside, above a contraband safe, players will discover the Rare rifle known as Gallow's Reach. This weapon stands out as one of the top choices among unique Starfield firearms, particularly at this stage of the game.

Experiment A-7 (Shotgun)

Experiment A-7 is a Rare shotgun available to players during their exploration of the Nishina Research Station distress signal in the "Entangled" main story mission. About halfway through the mission, a security guard named Ethan will provide players with this weapon. It proves to be one of the most effective firearms in Starfield for dealing with alien threats.

Eternity's Gate (Particle Beam Rifle)

Eternity's Gate is a Legendary particle beam rifle, widely considered the top-tier weapon in Starfield and among the most coveted firearms in the game. Players can acquire this weapon by defeating the Emissary at the Buried Temple, an opportunity that arises only if they decide to align with the Hunter during the "Unearthed" main story mission, or opt for neutrality.

The Last Priest (Melee)

Obtaining The Last Priest requires players to finish the side quest "Infinity's End," an event that can only be initiated by aligning with the Hunter during the conclusion of the "Unearthed" main story mission. Players will receive this Rare melee weapon by complying with the Hunter's requests or by successfully persuading him that they have, even if they haven't actually fulfilled his demands.

Unmitigated Violence (Laser Rifle)

Unmitigated Violence serves as the primary weapon of the Hunter, making it unsurprising that it ranks among the finest firearms in Starfield. Players have the opportunity to acquire this Legendary laser rifle by defeating the Hunter at the Buried Temple, a possibility that becomes unavailable if players opt to align with him in the conclusion of the "Unearthed" main story mission. Consequently, those desiring to obtain his firearm should instead choose to side with the Emissary or remain neutral.

Sir Livingstone's Pistol (Pistol)

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Sir Livingstone's Pistol (Pistol)

While Sir Livingstone's Pistol may not rank as the top firearm in Starfield, it carries significant sentimental worth. To acquire it, players must have chosen the "Kid's Stuff" trait at the beginning of the game. If they made this selection, they should align with Constellation and subsequently visit their parents in the Residential District of New Atlantis. Their digital father will express immense pride and gift them Sir Livingstone's Pistol.

Justifier (Rifle)

Similar to obtaining the Deadeye, players will access the Justifier by progressing through the Freestar Collective questline. Marshall Blake will present it to them upon completing "The Hammer Falls" mission, regardless of the earlier decision made concerning Ron Hope's fate. This reward package also includes various other items, such as a new attire and the Star Eagle spaceship. It's worth mentioning that the player's previous choice within the mission does not influence the ultimate reward.

Heller's Cutter (Heavy)

Heller's Cutter can be discovered in a crate located on Vectera, the moon where Starfield's story commences. Players won't have access to it during their initial visit, but they will have the opportunity to revisit the Narion system after delivering the Artifact to Constellation. Upon returning, they can then locate Heller's Cutter inside a crate.

Deadeye (Pistol)

The Deadeye stands out as one of Starfield's visually appealing unique weapons and happens to be one of the most straightforward to acquire. Players can do so by accepting Marshall Blake's invitation to become a deputy in the Deputized side quest for the Freestar Collective in Akila City. Along with the firearm, they'll also receive a Deputy Hat and Ranger Deputy Uniform, allowing them to fulfill their space cowboy (or cowgirl) aspirations at last.

Keelhauler (Pistol)

Players receive the Keelauler as a prize upon successfully finishing the "Echoes of the Past" side mission. This mission is initiated when players enter United Colonies airspace with contraband aboard their ship or have a bounty on their heads, followed by the completion of the "Deep Cover" quest.

Peacekeeper (Rifle)

With sufficient time spent in the Altair system, players will eventually receive a distress signal from an individual known as Private Mahoney, initiating the Groundpounder side quest. To successfully finish it, they must travel to Altair II's Freestar Collective Research Outpost and confront a group of Spacers. In return for their efforts, players will be rewarded with the Peacekeeper.

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