Similar to how the early explorers viewed the vast ocean in the 16th century, space signifies freedom, excitement, and limitless potential for many people. Although most individuals will never have the opportunity to play golf on the moon in reality, there are numerous video games set in the depths of space that provide an immersive and satisfying gaming experience.

For many, the notion of boarding a spaceship and venturing into the stars for an adventure holds immense allure. The appeal lies in the idea of embarking on a journey without a predetermined path, offering players the ultimate form of escapism. While the central theme of space-themed games is freedom, it also grants game developers considerable creative freedom. They can design their own universe, disregarding earthly norms and conventions.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer presents a multitude of gameplay options, enabling players to adopt roles such as pirates, bounty hunters, commodity traders, or miners. Reflecting the vastness of space, Freelancer was created to provide players with numerous avenues to craft their narratives within the game.

Freelancer 15

In the game's single-player mode, players assume the role of Edison Trent, a pilot on a mission to thwart an alien threat menacing the Sirius sector. Despite the high anticipation among fans for a sequel to this highly praised game, the planned Xbox 360 title, Project Lonestar, was scrapped in 2006.

2. Star Wars: Squadron

Given the popularity of previous Star Wars space fighter games like Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Tie Fighter, it's unsurprising that Star Wars: Squadrons received favorable reviews upon its release in 2020.

Star Wars Squadrons Review 4
Star Wars: Squadron

In Star Wars: Squadrons, players can pilot iconic ships from the franchise, including the Tie Fighter, X-Wing, RZ-1 A-Wing, and the Reaper, engaging in thrilling dogfights amidst the stars. The game features familiar locations from the series, including Yavin Prime, the base of operations for the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

3. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a distinctive indie game incorporating exploration, puzzles, mystery, and action. Its narrative captivates players by trapping them in a time loop, compelling them to relive the same day repeatedly, carrying over their acquired knowledge from previous iterations.

Outer Wilds
Outer Wilds

While attempting to unravel the mystery behind the time loop, players leverage their future knowledge to solve puzzles and progress the storyline. The game grants players the freedom to initiate their adventure from any point, with discovered objectives guiding them toward the overarching narrative.

4. Among Us

In 2020, Among Us gained widespread popularity when various content creators collaborated to play the game together. Despite its seemingly lighthearted appearance with colorful spacemen reminiscent of minions, the game's core goal is to identify the deceitful impostor among the crew before it's too late.

Among Us
Among Us

In Among Us, players can either assume the role of an impostor and eliminate their fellow crewmates or work to uncover the impostor before they sabotage the ship and harm the crew. The initial map, the Skeld, was introduced in 2018. Since then, three additional maps have been incorporated into the game, including the most recent one, The Airship.

5. Observation

Enthusiasts of Isaac Asimov's literature, known for his tales featuring robots and early AI concepts like "I, Robot," will find great pleasure in playing Observation. This adventure-puzzle game unfolds within the multinational space station Observation, adrift in space without power.

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The game's narrative revolves around Dr. Emma Fisher, the station's medical officer, and the player, who assumes control of the ship's AI, SAM. With the crew absent and mysterious incidents occurring on the station, SAM must ensure Emma's safety amid the unfolding events.

6. Tacoma

In the year 2088, players assume the role of Amy Ferrier, stranded on the apparently deserted Tacoma lunar transfer station. Through an AI interface, players watch recordings of the crew, gradually uncovering the tragic destiny of the absent team.


Tacoma is an exploration game where players navigate the vacant space station, listening to eerie holograms and finding clues. The characters in Tacoma are exceptionally well-crafted, as is the overarching storyline, revealing a disconcerting future and a pivotal event that necessitated extreme choices.

7. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous offers players an initial ship and credits, then releases them into the vast and seemingly infinite Milky Way to navigate on their own. The game boasts hyper-realistic space settings and an immersive gameplay experience.

Elite Dangerous Vr
Elite Dangerous

Within Elite Dangerous, players can engage in large-scale space conflicts, track down bounties, earn a living as a miner, or operate as a space taxi. As players accumulate more credits, they can purchase larger ships and superior upgrades to enhance their existence in the chilly expanse of space.

8. EVE Online

EVE Online has consistently remained one of the most popular MMORPGs since its launch in 2003. It has seen multiple free expansions and currently boasts a daily login count of approximately 180,000 players.

Eve Online Game 1
EVE Online

Set in a unified universe, EVE Online empowers players to carve their own paths while navigating their ships through the harsh vastness of space. Whether one chooses to hunt down pirates, embrace a life of piracy, pursue bounties, engage in Factional Warfare, or simply explore the immense universe, the unique aspect of EVE Online lies in the player's control over their journey.

9. FTL: Faster Than Light

In FTL: Faster Than Light, players control a spaceship fleeing from a relentless pursuing fleet. While being chased, players must scavenge for resources that can aid their escape.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Despite its straightforward visuals, FTL: Faster Than Light is a complex game. It revolves around tactical spaceship battles, requiring players to decide which weapons should target enemy systems for optimal results. Players also manage the ship's crew, assigning tasks to prevent the ship from being destroyed. Success in Faster Than Light hinges on strategic planning and efficient time management, potentially determining the difference between survival and defeat. The game's ability to pause makes it appealing to casual players, allowing them to engage intermittently while working or watching online content.

10. Dead Space

The sensation of claustrophobia plays a significant role in the success of specific horror video games, exemplified by the confined corridors in the original Resident Evil or the stifling security room at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in Five Nights at Freddy's. Dead Space is a game that effectively utilizes this gameplay element to create tension.

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Dead Space

Upon arriving at the USG Ishimura, the game's protagonist, Isaac Clarke, quickly realizes that the ship has been infested by mutated undead creatures called Necromorphs. In Dead Space, players must solve puzzles to survive and combat these bloodthirsty monsters using abilities like Kinesis, allowing them to move and throw objects, and Stasis, which slows down time.

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