Who doesn't want a couple of companions while conquering the world of Minecraft? There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a cute pet for yourself. Each of them has their own unique feature, design, and behavior. The best pet in Minecraft will depend on what are you looking for.

Some pets will just look cute while some can even protect your home from hostile creatures. Here is Gurugamer's list of the top 5  Minecraft pets.

1. Wolves

Minecraft Wolves Feature
Wolves in Minecraft are cute and they can help you fight mobs

Wolves are known for their undying loyalty to their owner and that is why we love them. Plus, their fluffy fur makes them look absolutely adorable.

In Minecraft, you can find wild wolves and tame them with bones. Once you tamed them, they will have a collar that can be dyed with different colors. A tamed wolf will follow you around naturally.

You can make your wolf sit by pressing use on them. They will attack whichever target you are attacking, except for creepers, ghasts, tamed horses, or tamed cats. Just make sure you heal your pet after each battle to full to keep them healthy.

2. Horses

Minecraft How To Breed Horses
Horses make great pets in Minecraft

There are many ways to travel across the map in Minecraft, but riding a horse will always be the classic way. Riding a horse is one of the fastest ways to travel in Minecraft and horses are very easy to find. To ride a horse, you need to have a horse saddle first and use it on one of your tamed horses. In addition, a tamed horse can be used to breed a foal or a mule.

3. Cats

Cat Lying On The Bed
Cat in Minecraft can protect you from creepers and phantoms

Cats in Minecraft are not only cute but they are also amazing pets as they can fence off creepers and phantoms. You can find untamed cats around villages and swamp huts. Just like in real life, cats in Minecraft are playful creatures that would jump on chests, beds, and furnaces. To tame a cat in Minecraft, you can use raw cod or raw salmon.

4. Donkeys

Donkey With Chest
You can use donkeys to travel and store items in Minecraft

Donkeys are another super useful pet in Minecraft. You can ride on it with a saddle and put a small chest on it to carry more items. You can easily find donkeys in plains or savannas. They can also be used to climb hills and jump fences where players can't reach by themselves.

5. Llamas

Tame A Llamas
Llamas can be used to transport a large number of items

Llamas are the best pet to use when you need to transport a large number of items. However, this animal will not accept a saddle even if it is tamed, unlike donkeys. However, when you leash a llama, up to 9 other llamas in the caravan nearby will follow each other, forming a caravan of 10 llamas, allowing you to transport as many items as you want.

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