It's unusual for a studio that essentially pioneered a genre to completely defy the conventions of that genre in their latest release, just a little over a decade later. FromSoftware, however, not only embraces this approach but takes it to a whole new level with Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon. While you can still find some unmistakable elements from the studio's iconic Soulsborne franchises integrated into their fresh mech-action game, the core of this release is an entirely unique creation.

The game's formidable bosses are the most striking departure from the typical Soulsborne formula in Armored Core 6: Fire Of Rubicon. In a Souls game, players typically focus on learning a boss's attack patterns to find opportunities to dodge. In Armored Core 6, they must also master the art of customizing their mech (or Armored Core) to match the specific challenges they encounter. The game offers an extensive customization system with over 100 AC components, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the most critical choices players face are the weapons they select. Here, we present the top-tier weapons available in the game.

1. Stun Needle Launcher

The most potent weapon in Armored Core 6 is also unique in that it is bestowed upon the player. During the climactic showdown in Chapter 3, known as the "Destroy the Ice Worm" mission, players receive the Stun Needle Launcher, an unexpected tool to vanquish an Ice Worm.

Ve 60sna Stun Needle Launcher In Armored Core 6
Stun Needle Launcher


Upon completing this mission, players gain automatic access to the Stun Needle Launcher for their right shoulder. However, they have the option to immediately acquire a left-shoulder version as well. Opting for two of these weapons is the most reliable method for incapacitating or inflicting damage on bosses. This weapon boasts rapid firing, pinpoint accuracy, and swift reload times. It proves indispensable in specific encounters in the game's later chapters and is increasingly considered a necessity in PvP battles. To put it simply, the Stun Needle Launcher stands as the ultimate weapon in Armored Core 6.

2. Zimmerman

One aspect of shotguns that tends to remain consistent in video games is their suitability for close-range combat. However, Armored Core 6 bucks this trend entirely, challenging players' preconceptions. Enter the Zimmerman, a long-range shotgun that defies the conventional norms, and its effectiveness is nothing short of remarkable.

Sg 027 Zimmerman Shotgun In Armored Core 6 1

The inclusion of "range" as a feature in this shotgun's arsenal transforms it into a formidable weapon for staggering opponents. No foe can escape the devastating impact of its blasts, making it exceptionally easy to penetrate their defenses. Once these defenses are breached, the Zimmerman's damage output is equally noteworthy. The only drawback to this weapon is its relatively slow rate of fire, but a player who wields two Zimmermans and possesses a strong grasp of positioning will struggle to find a more potent handheld weapon in the entire game.


When it comes to explosive weaponry, there's no superior choice to the SONGBIRDS, a shoulder-mounted double-barreled Grenade Cannon. Although it suffers from a frustratingly slow reload speed, its unadulterated destructive power more than compensates for this limitation.

Songbirds Grenade Cannon In Armored Core 6 1

The SONGBIRDS boasts the unique feature of firing both barrels simultaneously, effectively making it a two-in-one variant of the Gou-Chen. However, the blast radius of each grenade is significantly larger, along with an increased potential to stagger opponents. If a player can maneuver their Armored Core (AC) up close and unleash the SONGBIRDS directly in the enemy's face, they'll be hard-pressed to discover a more efficient method for inflicting substantial damage.

4. Gatling Gun

One of the most challenging (and frequently vexing) aspects of boss battles in Armored Core 6 is the remarkable speed at which the enemy maneuvers, making it exceptionally tricky to maintain stagger progression. When the adversary dashes out of range, players often find that by the time they close the gap for another round of fire, the boss's stagger gauge has completely regenerated. This is where the Hu-Ben Gatling Gun comes into play.

Df Ga 08 Hu Ben Gatling Gun In Armored Core 6
Gatling Gun

Despite its ballistic nature, the Gatling Gun does away with the need for reloading thanks to its absence of a magazine. Players can simply hold down the trigger and continue firing without interruption, with the only concern being the weapon's overheating. This consistent barrage of ballistic firepower has the capacity to induce staggering in bosses on its own, and if the boss is already staggered, the Gatling Gun delivers significant damage. Players who opt for dual-wielding these formidable weapons will only amplify these effects.

5.  Stun Baton

While the Stun Baton might not claim the title of the top melee weapon in Armored Core 6, it generally doesn't find much utility in most character builds or combat scenarios. However, there's one exceptional reason why it holds such a high position on this ranking: its astonishing ability to utterly dominate the game's formidable bosses.

Vp 67eb Stun Baton In Armored Core 6
Stun Baton

The Stun Baton achieves this feat by granting players the power to essentially immobilize any unfortunate boss it strikes. Its attacks recover rapidly and generate a staggering amount of incapacitation potential, virtually ensuring that even the most resilient bosses will stagger. As demonstrated by YouTuber Oyff, this weapon can reduce Armored Core 6's most challenging boss encounters to mere jokes.

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