In recent times, cooperative gameplay has lagged behind in the gaming industry. There was a period when split-screen gaming was a fundamental aspect of game design. However, in recent years, it has been relegated to a secondary role, often treated as an additional feature added on after the single-player campaign and online multiplayer components have been developed. Although certain games like It Takes Two have emphasized co-op play, overall, collaborative gaming has become a diminishing skill.

Finding open-world co-op experiences is even more challenging. While Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone are built around squad-based gameplay, they are confined to enclosed arenas. Creating an open world where players have the freedom to explore while teaming up with friends is a daunting task, especially when these games often rely on perspective tricks to conceal loading screens. Managing multiple perspectives complicates this task further. However, a few games have successfully achieved this feat, leading to significant accomplishments on occasion.

1. Grand Theft Auto Online

There's simply no alternative in this category. When it comes to "expansive open worlds," Grand Theft Auto Online has reigned supreme for nearly a decade, with no rival coming close. The online segment of the game remains as popular now as it was upon its initial release, if not more so. Players can dive into it occasionally or every day, enjoying a fantastic experience with their friends.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

The game's enduring popularity is a testament in itself, but what truly stands out is how effortlessly players can form their own gang and swiftly establish their presence within the game's universe. Whether embarking on a Criminal Career, tackling missions, or simply indulging in the boundless and dynamic open world, every moment is exhilarating. Rockstar consistently rolls out substantial updates, underscoring the ongoing enthusiasm of their player community even after all these years.

2. Elden Ring

To be fair, all the games in the Soulsborne series, except Sekiro, offer exceptional co-op experiences. However, Elden Ring stands out because it's the first fully realized open-world game in the series. This distinction sets it apart from its counterparts. Although FromSoftware's unique approach to co-op might be a bit complex for newcomers, the wealth of information available online can quickly guide them, making the extra effort well worthwhile.

Ash Of War Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Embarking on the journey through The Lands Between with friends is an unparalleled adventure. The vast array of activities, each shrouded in an aura of mystery and danger that characterizes every aspect of the game, creates an immersive experience. Whether delving into dungeons, confronting bosses in the open world, progressing through the extensive main campaign, discovering new gear and items, or farming for Runes, the list of engaging activities is endless. Every moment spent exploring these realms is an absolute delight.

3. Monster Hunter: World

For a considerable period, Capcom faced challenges in making their Monster Hunter series as popular in the West as it was in Japan. Everything changed with the release of Monster Hunter: World. At last, gamers worldwide got to experience what a small yet passionate community had been enthusiastically talking about for more than a decade.

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter: World

The game's combat system retained the steep learning curve from previous installments but introduced vast open environments where players could explore freely, encountering roaming monsters. Few experiences match the exhilaration of collaborating with a friend to lure a Bazelgeuse into a trap or wearing down an Anjanath with an Insect Glaive before stunning it with a powerful slam from a friend's Charge Blade.

4. Diablo 4

In the competitive gaming market, there's little uncertainty about Diablo 4's position in the realm of cooperative gameplay. While Diablo 2 was already considered one of the finest cooperative RPGs, its contemporary sequel elevates the experience to an entirely new standard.

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 Diablo 4

What sets this game apart is its level scaling mechanism, which seamlessly adjusts to each player in a group, regardless of their character's level. This means a level 20 Druid and a level 60 Rogue can team up to face a boss, and both will find the challenge equally engaging. Couple that with the synergy between different character classes and the user-friendly skill respec system, and Diablo 4 delivers an almost flawless cooperative gaming experience.

5. Borderlands

The franchise that originally defined the looter-shooter genre continues to dominate, largely due to the sheer enjoyment it offers when played with friends. At its core, Borderlands is a first-person shooter with distinctive style and extensive customization, but its appeal goes far beyond that.

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While it might seem like a standard shooter on the surface, it's elevated by its diverse playable characters, unique world design, and, above all, the incredible variety of firearms it offers. There are millions of guns, each coming in different shapes, sizes, and types. The range of loot in Borderlands is so vast that no two players will ever have identical experiences. Determining the best entry in the franchise ultimately depends on personal preference. They're all exceptional, and it all boils down to one common factor: the abundance of eccentric guns.

6. Forza Horizon 5

Cooperative play doesn't always revolve around joining forces with friends to defeat formidable foes. Sometimes, the most enjoyable moments come from immersing oneself in a vast, open landscape equipped with all the tools needed to maximize the experience. This defines Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay
Forza Horizon 5

In this game, players can compete against each other in races spanning the expansive terrain of Mexico, but this is merely the beginning. There's an array of activities to engage in: attempt the longest jump, take down a hot air balloon, conquer a volcano, or uncover a hidden city. What sets this game apart is that it's more than just a racing simulator; it's a racing playground meant to be explored best in a group.

Dive into an extensive campaign filled with numerous challenges that offer rewards for indulging in your favorite activities. Encounter new characters and influence the outcomes of their Horizon Story missions.

Experience breathtaking weather phenomena, including towering dust storms and fierce tropical storms, as Mexico's distinctive and ever-changing seasons transform the world on a weekly basis. Stay engaged with the game for fresh events, challenges, collectibles, and rewards, as well as new areas to explore. Each season promises a unique and varied experience that sets it apart from the rest.

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