In Starfield, there exists a multitude of Perks waiting to be unlocked, yet their potency varies. Naturally, what each player deems as more potent can differ depending on their chosen playstyle, but there are certain Perks that undeniably offer substantial benefits. Surprisingly, several of these formidable Perks can be acquired relatively early in the game.

Starfield features diverse character builds, but regardless of the path you select, Perks drawn from all Skill Trees hold value. Omitted from the list provided below are Perks tailored to specific player preferences, such as those linked to particular weapon certifications. Instead, the focus here is on Perks that wield considerable power, regardless of your chosen character build.

1. Special Projects

The Special Projects Science Perk, situated at Tier 4, provides the ability to create items and experimental contrivances that would typically lie beyond one's reach. Its strength lies in the supplementary enhancement possibilities it offers, as well as the opportunity to generate surplus resources. This Perk holds the greatest potential for individuals aspiring to construct a thriving commercial empire within the world of Starfield, leading to substantial credit earnings.

Special Projects

2. Persuasion/Intimidation

Persuasion and Intimidation are potent Social Perks that achieve similar outcomes, albeit through slightly distinct approaches. Persuasion typically proves more advantageous when you need to diplomatically navigate challenging circumstances, while the ability to intimidate an NPC into retreat can also be valuable. Regardless of the chosen path, these Perks provide the means to influence the behavior of NPCs, allowing you to circumvent combat situations. It's worth noting that obtaining both is feasible, as Persuasion is found in Tier 1, and Intimidation is available in Tier 2.

Screenshot 416

3. Instigation

Instigation serves as another avenue for influencing NPCs and falls under the category of a Tier 3 Social Perk. However, this particular Perk empowers you to explicitly instruct the NPC to eliminate all of their companions. Since it's the NPC carrying out the action, it theoretically allows you to distance yourself from culpability, though that interpretation might be a stretch. Nevertheless, for individuals keen on evading combat or constructing characters centered on Social Skills in the Starfield universe, this Perk can enable others to engage in combat on your behalf.

Screenshot 418

4. Leadership

The Leadership Perk holds significant potency, especially for those who have chosen the Extrovert Trait in Starfield. Positioned as a Tier 3 Social Skill, Leadership enhances the capabilities of your Companions, fortifying their resilience and competence as their Ranks advance. Furthermore, it amplifies the bonuses they confer when accompanying you, establishing it as an essential Perk for anyone who frequently travels alongside a Companion.

Screenshot 419

5. Boost Pack Training/Boost Assault Training

The Boost Pack Training and Boost Assault Training Perks are grouped together due to their direct interdependence, significantly enhancing both exploration and combat effectiveness on planets. Without the initial Tier 1 Tech Perk, Boost Pack Training, you won't be able to utilize any Boost capabilities offered by Gear Pieces. Boosting facilitates easier and faster traversal across planets, aiding in stamina recovery during airborne maneuvers.

Boost Pack Training/Boost Assault Training

However, when combined with the Tier 4 Boost Assault Training, this Perk combination becomes even more formidable. The second Perk enables players to inflict damage on foes simply by executing a boost into the air, with a chance of igniting them. Subsequent Ranks amplify these abilities, potentially causing enemies to be knocked down, granting hovering capabilities, and even introducing a time-slowing effect.

6. Rejuvenation

The Rejuvenation Perk, positioned as the second Tier 4 Perk within the Physical Skill Tree, facilitates accelerated health regeneration when not engaged in combat, and this regeneration rate increases with each Rank. Upon reaching Rank 4, you gain the added ability to replenish health even during combat situations. This represents a viable strategy for crafting an exceptionally resilient character who becomes significantly more challenging for adversaries to defeat. Consequently, players will find this Perk appealing, regardless of their chosen character build, as it underscores the importance of maintaining good health.

Screenshot 415

7. Stealth/Concealment

Concealment and Stealth are distinct Perks found within the Physical Skill Tree, both bearing significant effectiveness for similar reasons. They greatly enhance one's abilities in theft and covert actions. In the pursuit of unlocking the Concealment Perk, which resides in Tier 4, you will likely obtain the Tier 1 Stealth Perk as part of your progression.

The Concealment Perk amplifies the advantages of heightened stealth, enabling you to inflict more damage and maintain undetected movement, rendering all the accrued Stealth bonuses highly rewarding. Moreover, the ultimate Rank of this Perk offers the added benefit of causing adversaries to lose track of your presence.

Screenshot 413

8. Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting stands out as a Perk that nearly every player will prioritize obtaining right away, given that it's the sole legitimate means of permanently augmenting your carry capacity in Starfield, without resorting to cheats. This Perk falls under the Tier 1 category in the Physical Skill Tree, augmenting your capacity with progressively greater increments for each Rank attained.

Screenshot 412
Weight Lifting

Additionally, the final Rank offers the bonus of rendering you more resilient against being staggered. This resistance can prove critical in combat scenarios, irrespective of your chosen playthrough style.

9. Piloting

Piloting, another Tier 1 Tech Skill, boasts substantial potency, particularly in its higher Ranks, which grant the ability to operate the top-tier spacecraft in Starfield. Even its initial Ranks offer practical benefits, enabling your ships to utilize thrusters and exhibit improved maneuverability. The amalgamation of these two attributes solidifies Piloting as a formidable Perk. Possessing a high-quality spacecraft with swift mobility holds inherent value regardless of your intended pursuits, as it enhances both evasion and combat capabilities.


10. Security

Security is classified as a Tier 1 Tech Skill in Starfield, which implies that you can attain it at an early stage, possibly even before concluding the initial mission if you select it as part of your character background. This Perk wields significant influence by substantially enhancing your proficiency with Digipicks, which can be relatively scarce in the game's early stages. This skill, in turn, simplifies the process of unlocking doors and safes, granting you access to superior and higher-tier loot at an earlier point in the game. Consequently, you can discover better items for personal use or to sell for profit.


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