If you've played Minecraft a lot, you might want to try building a big village to see how your creativity is. You can either fix up existing villages or make a totally new one for the little people in the game. This can truly be fun as it affects how the game works and also makes you better at building stuff.

Fortunately, there are lots of online guides that show you, step by step, how to make the villagers' houses nicer and add cool decorations to your village. If you're wondering which guides to use for your Minecraft village, take a look at the list of best Minecraft villager house ideas below.

1. Windmill

A windmill is like a pretty structure that doesn't have a real purpose like a house or storage place. You can put these tall spinning machines near your fields where you grow crops like wheat to make the area look nice.

Windmill - A simple Minecraft villager house design
Windmill - A simple Minecraft villager house design

But here's the catch: in regular Minecraft, the windmill won't actually spin around like a real one unless you use special mods. However, you can still make your world look cool by adding at least one of these towers.

Oh, and before you start building, make sure you gather enough wool because you'll need it to make the cloth that's connected to each part of the windmill that sticks out.

2. Villager Blacksmith

While the farmers in a village work to keep everyone healthy by growing food, the blacksmith has a different job. They melt down materials like iron and use them to make valuable things and create iron golems. To do this job right, they need a special furnace called a blast furnace. So, it makes sense to make the outside of their workshop look good too.

Villager Blacksmith
Villager Blacksmith

A good example of a Villager Blacksmith's workshop can be found in one of Lioncheater's online building tutorials. In this project, they show how you can make the building look important by adding two simple towers made of stone bricks to a wooden structure. This helps the blacksmith's workshop stand out among the usual wooden houses you find in a Minecraft village.

3. Villager Farmhouse

One of the most crucial parts of any village is the farm because the people who live there need food to eat, get better when they're hurt, and have babies. To show how important this source of life is, you can follow Blitzheart's Farm House tutorial. This tutorial helps you build a big, two-story house that stands taller than the smaller homes in the village.

Villager Farmhouse
Minecraft Villager Farmhouse designs

Additionally, this house is surrounded by a field of wheat, which can be used as a decoration or by Villagers who work as farmers. And, don't forget to gather enough bricks and dark oak planks because you'll need these materials to make the house look different from the other wooden buildings nearby.

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4. Mob Watchtower

The biggest danger to any Minecraft village is sudden attacks by either bad groups of Illagers or unexpected groups of mobs. In particular, zombies really like to attack villagers, which messes up their trading and turns them into more bad creatures.

Mob Watchtower Minecraft
Mob Watchtower is a practical Minecraft villager house idea.

To stop this from happening, you can make your village safer by building watchtowers all around it. These towers will have lights that keep mobs from showing up. Even though there won't be real soldiers in the towers, you can make extra iron golems at the bottom of each tower to fight off any annoying mobs that come into your territory.

5. Villager House

In spite of the fact that Mojang made an effort to improve the standard villages that naturally appear in Minecraft, they can still start to look the same after a while. To make things more interesting, we recommend changing the basic villager houses into something special. You could even make a different type of building for each house you create.

Villager House
Villager House

A good example of this is ItsMarloe's Villager House. It takes the usual small cottage style and adds more details to make it look unique. To get this look, you'll need to gather different kinds of wood and make some concrete for the house's walls.

6. Villager Trading Stalls

If you've decided to have villagers in your custom village, then you probably want a special place where they can offer the best things in exchange for emeralds. Each villager has their own job, which decides what they do during the day and what kind of things they'll trade.

Villager Trading Stalls
Villager Trading Stalls

These simple trading stalls are a smart way to keep villagers safe from scary mobs and to stop them from running off when you want to trade. Before you build these small market stalls, it's a good idea to have a pretty big sheep farm because each roof is made from different colored wool.

7. Central Fountain

Building a village doesn't mean everything you make has to be a house or does a specific job. Take a look at Goldrobin's fountain tutorial, for example. It adds to any village by making a nice spot in the middle where villagers can come together at the end of the day.

Central Fountain
Central Fountain

To build this water feature, you'll need some stone bricks and learn how to make a sort of round pattern as the base of the fountain. When you've finished the fountain's structure, just put water in it, and you'll see how it flows down, making a pretty design.

8. Village Town Hall

The last Minecraft villager house idea we would like to introduce is a Village Town Hall. Every great village should have a main attraction, and LionCheater provides an excellent tutorial for building a town hall. This building can serve many purposes, like storing things, making more places for trading, or even housing the bell that rings when there's a raid.

If you decide to make this town hall, we suggest also building a village fountain and marketplace. When you put these three things together, they make a fantastic center for your village. Once you finish these projects, you can start working on defenses and houses around the village.

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