The Energy Concentrating Component is a new quest item in Fontaine. You need to collect seven components to unlock the luxurious chest in Kuisel's Clockwork Workshop. Here are all the locations and how to use these items.

Energy Concentrating Components
Check out six locations of seven components in Fontaine 4.1.

#1-2. Road to the Singularity (2 Components)

There are two components to collect when doing the quest Road to the Singularity in which you have to fight off two Clockwork Meka bosses. They spawn in a cave in the northwest of the New Fontaine Research Institute. You can find this location at the end of the path leading to the under-mountain cave between two waypoints in the north and northeast of the map.

Defeat Two Bosses
Defeat two robots in this cavern.

#3. Research Institute's Northern Waypoint

The third component can be collected in the north of the previous location. Use the northernmost waypoint and head south to the small pond. Then, defeat two Clockwork Meka enemies next to this pond and pick an energy-concentrating component.

Clear Two Opponents
Clear two opponents next to the water puddle.

#4. Mont Esus Eastern Map Border

The next Clockwork Meka boss to defeat resides near the map border in the east area of Mont Esus. Head to the end of the broken bridge and use an Ousia-aligned character to cleat this enemy quickly.

Find This Single Enemy
Find this single enemy to defeat.

#5. Liffey Region Statue Of Seven

Get to the Statue of Seven in the Liffey Region and head southwest. Then, you can find a Construction Specialist Mek in an open area of the map, under the end of the aqueduct from the Court of Fontaine.

This Mek Is Easy To Find
This Mek is easy to find in the open world.

#6. South of Millennial Pearl Seahorse

The fifth component can be farmed by defeating underwater Meka Clockwork bosses in the South of Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss. You can find some Deepwater Assault Mek enemies above a giant pipe in the south of this weekly boss.

Borrow The Xenochromatic Jellyfishs Ability
Borrow the Xenochromatic Jellyfish's ability to counter this enemy underwater.

#7. Underground Cave

You can find a small bond behind the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss. Dive into it and go along the tunnel until you find a campfire with a single Meka Clockwork robot standing next to it.

You have to activate the robot by grabbing food in front of it. Then, fight off this opponent to get the item.

You Can Find The Last One Here
You can find the last one behind the Millennium Seahorse cave.

How To Use Energy Concentrating Components

After collecting seven components, you continue to process the quest Road to the Singularity, in which you find a locked luxurious chest. Go to the Kuisel’s Workshop and use these components to open a cage, claim the chest, and complete this world quest. After completing this quest, you can receive over 100 Primogems from completed missions, two luxurious chests, and an achievement - The Worst! Fontaine’s Eight Evil Clockwork Knights!

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