The Waterborne Poetry event has begun today with three minigames to play and farm Primogems. It brings Travelers back to Mondstadt and Liyue with some traditional games, exploration activities, and combat challenges. Let's check some tips to win every game here.

I. Event  Schedule & Eligibility

The Waterborne Poetry takes place between October 12th and 30th. You have to reach AR 20 and complete the Archon quest 'The Song of the Dragon and Freedom" in Mondstadt to be eligible for this event. Then, go to see Hu Tao and Venti to start the event quest and unlock minigames.

Genshin Impact Waterborne Poetry
Waterborne Poetry event

II. Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites

The first minigame to play in Waterborne Poetry is a traditional game of Liyue. Participants can find the site of Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites in Liyue Harbor. You have to throw darts to the holding ports accurately. Here are some tips to get high scores quickly in every game.

  • Choose the best place to view the pots through the Ring of Rites and throw darts through these rings.
  • Hit the Beam of Blocking obstacle several times to break it.

The dart games in Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites will get more challenging.

Hundred Pace Hurling Rites
Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites

III. Inspiration Eruption

Inspiration Eruption is a combat challenge in which you have to defeat three Mythis Nexus and many waves of enemies. You have to clear small enemies as fast as possible to charge the Inspiring Crystals. Then, unleash the Inspiring Crystal energy on time to deal high damage to the big boss.

Besides, it would help if you had a strong team to counter these opponents. Make use of the enemy's element to trigger more elemental reactions. Don't forget to use Venti or Kazuha to gather small enemies to clear them faster.

Inspiration Eruption
Inspiration Eruption

Try to boost the damage to clear enemies quickly. It also helps you get high scores and meet the requirements to claim all rewards in one trial.

IV. Mending Painting Prospects

You will have a chance to return to familiar places around Teyvat in the Mending Painting Prospects minigame. On each day of the event, participants will get three pictures of famous destinations in every nation of Teyvat.

Stand on the place of observation marked on the minimap to observe the surrounding landscape. The tip is to define the central point before moving the focus to the left and right to find the right place to complete two sides of the picture.

Mending Painting Prospects
Mending Painting Prospects

V. Event Rewards

There are four phases in the Waterborne Poetry event. In each phase of the event, you have a chance to earn 200 Primogems from all three minigames. Besides, you should try to complete all minigame tasks to get all the rewards from this event, including:

  • Ballad Of The Boundless Blue;
  • Dandelion Bookmark;
  • Poetry Gala Favors;
  • Weapon Ascension Materials;
  • Hero's Wit;
  • Mora.

Besides, you also get more Primogems and rewards from other quests of this Genshin Impact 4.1 event.

Genshin Impact Waterborne Poetry Rewards
Waterborne Poetry Rewards

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