Genshin Impact 4.1 introduced a new Adventure Encounter Point system to let you claim rewards though you skip the Daily Commissions. Let's check out how to get these points quickly and claim all commission rewards without doing commissions.

I. What Is Encounter Point?

Encounter Point is a new system in Genshin Impact 4.1. You can collect these points and exchange them for Daily Commissions without doing these normal missions. Sometimes, daily commissions repeat, making lots of players get bored with doing these missions. Therefore, lots of Genshin players are excited about this new system.

Encounter Points Genshin
The Encounter Point system helps you save time for Daily Commissions.

II. How To Unlock Encounter Point System?

You have to meet some requirements to unlock the encounter point system and claim tons of Primogems. Let's check out how to unlock the Encounter Point feature and claim rewards immediately.

  • Reach AR 35 and above;
  • Complete Act 3 - Omnipresence Over Mortals quest of the Archon Quest Chapter 2 in Inazuma.

That's why completing all archon quests and world quests before the next update is a must-do in this game. After unlocking this system, you can check it in the Commission Section of the Adventure Book.

Complete The Omnipresence Over Mortals Quest
Complete the Omnipresence Over Mortals quest to unlock this system.

III. How To Obtain Encounter Points Quickly?

There are four ways to get Adventure Encounter Points in Genshin Impact. Let's check out the best ways to farm these points and their ranks.

#1. Collectible

Collecting is the easiest task in Genshin Impact. You can obtain points when collecting Oculi and any collectible objects in Teyvat. Therefore, don't ignore any collectibles around you. You can also get enough points to claim all Daily Commission rewards when farming Hydroculi in the Land ò Hydro and oculi in other nations.

Collect Items
Collect items like Oculi and materials while exploring the open world.

#2. Doing Quests

Doing quests is a must in Genshin Impact. You have to complete Archon quests, story quests, and world quests to keep up with the story of the game. Therefore, it's a convenient way to farm Adventure Encounter Points. Moreover, it's also a way to farm Primogems.

#3. Treasure Chests

Opening Treasure Chests also helps you farm Encounter Points. You can find many Common Chests and Exquisite Chests while exploring the map. Besides, lots of chests can be obtained after completing quests. Therefore, it's easy to claim all Daily Commission rewards after a farming trip in the open world of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Encounter Points
Open treasure chests to get rewards and Encounter points.

#4. Event Objectives

Genshin Impact often introduces many events to add fun and rewards. These events are great sources of Primogems and Encounter Points. Once you have completed an event objective, let's open the Commission section and check how many Encounter Points you have collected.

It's easy to claim 60 daily commission Primogems and rewards by getting Adventure Encounter Points. You can get these rewards without doing commissions.

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