"A soft-bodied animal that emits a gentle light, often found climbing the walls of buildings near the water or underwater."

Lumitoile Genshin Impact is a Fontaine local specialty and is designed as an essential material if you want to ascend Neuvillette. Shaped like a starfish, this plant has a blue center and purple tips. Although divers tend to ignore them due to their low light emission, these tiny creatures have a unique talent for eating and breaking down pollution in the water.

There are currently 59 Lumitoile in the wild of Genshin Impact. Check out Lumitoile location and a quick farming guide below.

Lumitoile Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Lumitoile location

You'll discover these special stars in the Liffey Region around Fontaine, especially near Mont Esus East and along the coast by the New Fontaine Research Institute. Don't forget to activate some Waypoints while you're there.

Look for Lumitoiles on building walls near water sources or underwater in the Liffey Area of Fontaine, especially near Mont Esus East.

You can also spot them along the coast near the Fontaine Research Institute. Many of these starfish lookalikes are easily accessible by the coast, but for the rest, you might need to swim a bit.

Lumitoile Location
Some Lumitoile will be underwater which means you will need to dive.


Having Freminet in your active team will be helpful as he reduces the Stamina you use when swimming underwater. If you already have Neuvillette, add him to your team because he boosts your swimming speed.

Additionally, if you have Lyney, include him in your party because his passive skill alerts you when there's a Fontaine Local Specialty nearby, simplifying your star-collecting mission.

Lumitoile Genshin Impact use

Lumitoile is an essential character ascension material needed to fully ascend Neuvillette. You will need a total of 168 Lumitoile. Initially, you can collect 59 Lumitoile in the wild. After that, you'll have to wait for them to respawn, which takes two days or 48 hours.

It's important to note that there are only 59 Lumitoiles available on the entire map. But a character needs more than 150 to reach a full ascension level of 90. So, unless you're comfortable waiting for several days, your best option is to visit other players' worlds to gather the stars more quickly.

Neuvillette Materials
Make sure to return to the game and get a full set of Neuvillette materials if you want to maximize his kit.

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