How To Make And Use Obsidian In Minecraft 1.20

Muhammad Kumar - Sep 25, 2023 | PC/Console

Obsidian is one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft, which can be used for a number of end-game features.

Obsidian stands out as one of the most resilient blocks in Minecraft, necessitating a Diamond pickaxe and considerable time to mine it, regardless of the pickaxe type employed. This poses a challenge, as Obsidian is a valuable crafting resource essential for creating a Nether Portal. In this article, Gurugamer will demonstrate efficient and straightforward methods for swiftly obtaining Obsidian in Minecraft 1.20.

respawn anchor
Obsidian can be crafted into many useful items.

1. Where to find Obsidian in Minecraft 1.20?

Obsidian blocks are typically generated at the interface of lava and water in outdoor environments, such as deep ravines or underwater volcanoes. Nevertheless, they can also be discovered in various constructed structures within the game world.

In the Overworld:

  • Ruined Portals, Ravines, Caves, and Underwater Volcanoes are common locations.
  • Woodland Mansions may have Obsidian on their second and third floors, sometimes concealed by a diamond block.
  • Ocean Ruins occasionally contain a single Obsidian block.

In the Nether:

  • Ruined Portals can be a source of Obsidian.

In The End:

  • Obsidian Pillars can be found on the main island of The End, extending down to Y=0.
  • Obsidian may also be found in End Cities and End Ships.

You can also acquire Obsidian from chests within various structures, including Nether fortresses, bastion remnants, ruined portals, and villages.

Alternatively, you have the option to obtain Obsidian blocks through bartering with Piglins. However, the chance of receiving Obsidian through bartering is relatively low at 8.71%, requiring an average of 12 gold ingots for one Obsidian block.

2. How to get Obsidian with Lava

The most straightforward method for acquiring obsidian involves locating lava and using water to transform it into obsidian. One of the simplest techniques to obtain obsidian is by locating a lava pool, introducing water to it, and subsequently utilizing a diamond pickaxe for mining. However, if you require a substantial quantity of obsidian, this can prove to be quite challenging.

Acquiring Lava: To begin, players must obtain lava, which can be found in various locations, both in the Overworld and the Nether. In the Overworld, lava is primarily located deep underground or at the base of ravines. In the Nether, it is more abundant, but players must manually transport it back using buckets.

An easy way to get infinite lava.

Lava can be obtained indefinitely by utilizing a stalactite and a lava source block. If there is a lava source positioned above the stalactite, there is a 5.9% probability that it will completely fill an empty cauldron beneath it with lava. Refilling a cauldron with water or lava takes nearly one Minecraft day on average, so players may want to acquire multiple stalactites and cauldrons.

Lava Casting: Once a sufficient amount of lava is obtained, players can create a framework or mold. In this process, the lava is arranged as desired and then covered with water to transform it into obsidian. This method allows for the creation of obsidian structures like Nether portals in situ, eliminating the need for a diamond pickaxe.

When using a mold, obsidian is typically cast one layer at a time to prevent the spread of lava.

3. Nether portals Obsidian farming

When traversing a Nether portal, a fresh portal materializes at your arrival point. These newly formed portals can be dismantled to acquire obsidian.

To commence, you'll need to gather a minimum of 10 obsidian blocks before venturing into the Nether through a portal. Afterward, establish a second portal at least 16 blocks apart from the original one. Entering this second portal will transport you to a newly generated portal in the Overworld. This newly generated portal will be situated approximately 128 blocks distant from your initial Overworld portal. Subsequently, you can extract the new Overworld portal and repeat this procedure as needed.

Nether Portal
Each time after the first should yield 14 obsidian.

4. Best Uses For Obsidian

  1. Blast-Resistant Structures: Obsidian, with its high blast resistance of 1200, is perfect for building structures that can withstand explosions, including those caused by creepers or even the Ender Dragon. Its slow mining speed (8.35 seconds per block) makes it an excellent defensive choice against griefers on multiplayer servers.
  2. Enchanting Table: Crafting an enchanting table, a crucial tool for enhancing gear and items, requires four obsidian blocks. By using experience levels, lapis lazuli, and the table, players can enchant their items, improving their abilities and attributes.
  3. Beacon: To create a beacon that offers beneficial status effects to nearby players, such as Speed or Regeneration, players need three obsidian blocks, a Nether Star, and five blocks of glass. To activate the beacon, it must be placed atop a pyramid constructed from valuable materials.
  4. Ender Chest: Ender chests are personalized storage accessible from anywhere in the world. Crafting one requires eight obsidian blocks and an eye of ender. They can be paired with shulker boxes for expanded storage in the End.
  5. Nether Portal: Crafting a Nether portal necessitates ten obsidian blocks arranged in a 5x4 frame, with other materials at the corners. Igniting it with Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge activates the portal, granting access to the Nether or facilitating the repair of ruined portals.
  6. Respawn Anchor: In the challenging Nether, players cannot use beds to respawn. Instead, they can craft a Respawn Anchor with six obsidian blocks and three glowstone blocks. Charging it with glowstone blocks allows players to set their respawn point within the Nether, ensuring they return there upon death.

How to get shulker boxes

Compared with a regular chest, a shulker box adds an extra level of convenience by remaining 'intact' (with all of the items still inside of it) when it is broken. Crafting a Shulker Box is actually super easy. You only need two ingredients: Wood for chests, and Shulker Shells.

Be careful fighting these guys in high places -their bullets can inflict the levitation status effect.

While getting wood is easy, acquiring Shulker Shells, on the other hand, is pretty tricky. They only drop from Shulker - a hostile mob that is exclusive to the End City. So, in order to obtain Shulker Shells to make the Shulker Box, you have to defeat the Ender Dragon first.


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