Pure Water is a new craftable beverage in Fontaine. People in the Land of Hydro use their advanced technology to distill pure water from some common ingredients. Let's check out how to get the recipe for Genshin Impact Pure Water and craft it here.

I. How To Get Pure Water Formula

Pure water formula is one of several new consumable recipes in Fontaine 4.1. However, this special recipe is not available to purchase from food vendor NPCs like most of these new recipes. The only way to obtain is formula is by completing the world quest "Villains" in the Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region in Fontaine.

Upon completing this quest, you will get the recipe for this consumable, 40 Primogems, EXP, and many common materials.

How To Obtain The Recipe Of Pure Water
Complete the world quest 'Villains' in Fontaine to obtain its formula. 

II. How To Make Pure Water

After getting the recipe for Pure Water, you can go to any cooking spot in Teyvat to unlock it and check the required materials. Here are all the materials to craft pure water.

  • Tidalga x1: They are algae floating along Tider and water flows in Fontaine. Dive into the water areas in this nation to gather them.
  • Pinecone x2: Pinecones are available to collect in pine woods all around Teyvat. You can collect a lot of pinecones in Mondstadt and Dragonspine.
  • Wheat x3: You can purchase 100 wheat from a grocery shop in any nation of Teyvat with Mora. It's also the best way to gather this common material.

Pure water is a 3-star consumable beverage. Therefore, you need to craft it perfectly 15 times to unlock the auto-cook function. When the needle reaches the perfect area, just tap or click to stop it and finish cooking successfully.

How To Craft Pure Water
Gather these ingredients to to craft pure water. 

III. How To Use Pure Water

Pure water is a 3-star ATK-boosting consumable. It is described as drawing out the purest power from your character. When the active character drinks pure water, their team's overall ATK is increased by 320 units.

Besides, it also increases their CRIT Rate by 10% and the damage to the opponent by 20%. Its effect lasts 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, open the inventory and drink another bottle of pure water.

Genshin Impact Atk Boosting Dish
Consume it as any other ATK-boosting dish in this game before and during combat.

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