There are three new categories of treasure puzzles in Genshin Impact 4.1. Solving these puzzles helps you complete exploration and collect attractive treasures with Primogems and materials. Let's check out their locations and how to solve these Genshin Impact puzzles here.

I. Jadewater Fruit Puzzles

You can find 16 Jadewater Fruit puzzles around Fontaine. This is a new type of treasure puzzle in the Fontaine Research Institute area. You need to trigger powerful elemental reactions to burst them and solve the puzzle.

As Jadewater Fruit has the Hydro element, you should use the strongest elemental reactions to burst this bubble.

  • Dendro is the best option;
  • Cryo is the second-best choice;
  • Anemo and Geo elements are less recommended.
Jadewater Fruit
Use Dendro characters to solve the Jadewater Fruit puzzles in Fontaine.

You should use Nahida, Ganyu, or other Dendro and Cryo catalyst/bow wielders to aim and shoot these fruits from a safe distance. Some Jadewater fruits will drop several Hydro particles on the ground. You have to pick these particles to summon the treasure chest.

Besides, some Jadewater Fruits will summon a local enemy. You have to defeat these enemies to get the treasure chest.

Bubble Flower Puzzle
Go to these Jadewater flower puzzle locations to solve this puzzle and get treasures.

II. Stabilizer Puzzles

Stabilizer scatters all over the new map of Fontaine 4.1. You have to hit this device on time to solve the puzzle. When you approach this device, activate it. Then, the ring starts to move down. Hit it with three to nine accurate strikes when it reaches the blue-lit check zone.

Stablizer Locations
Here are all the stabilizer puzzle locations in Fontaine 4.1.

If you see the device is in red, it's not ready to activate. You have to pick the charged part and install it on the device. Then, you can interact with the Stabilizer device and activate it. You should use sword wielders to strike this device easily and nimbly.

Stabilizer Puzzles
Find Stabilizer devices in the new area of Fontaine 4.1.

III. Energy Transfer Terminal

Energy Transfer Terminal is another new puzzle device in Genshin Impact 4.1. Follow these steps to use this device and solve puzzles.

  • Go to the location of this device on the minimap below and approach the blue terminal;
  • Seek an energy storage device and place it next to the terminal to charge power for it if it's in red;
Energy Transfer Terminal
Go to the Energy Transfer Terminal devices and use them to solve puzzles.
  • Enter the Viewfinder mode of the device to watch the surrounding area;
  • Rotate the Viewfinder and aim the target with the crosshairs to let it meter the puzzle element;
  • Collect and transfer energy from the Energy Transfer Device or Fixed Storage.
Energy Transfer Terminals
Travelers can find Energy Transfer Terminals in these locations.

You can also use these devices to read nearby Cipher Letters on walls. Solve these three latest puzzle devices in the land of Hydro to complete the exploration progress and unlock lots of treasure chests in this nation.

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