In Lies of P, players are provided with a variety of options for employing items during combat. These options include the upper belt, lower belt, and quick access bag, all of which are designed to help players categorize their usable items for quick and easy access.

Nevertheless, in contrast to typical Soulslike games, players have limited slots available for items in each belt or bag. Consequently, the strategic selection of items for placement on the lower belt becomes crucial. To that end, let's explore some of the most effective tools and items that players can attach specifically to their lower belt in Lies of P.

Wishtone Cube

The Wishing Cube, also known as the Wishtone Cube, becomes available to players only after they encounter an NPC named Giangio near the winged angel statue along the Path of Misery. This item is usable and its effects depend on the type of Wishstone inserted into the Cube, offering a range of wonderful but temporary benefits.

Lies Of P Player Holding Up Cube To Use It In Game
Lies Of P Player Holding Up Cube To Use It In Game

These benefits can include continuous healing, summoning healing specters, or providing both the player and their specter with elemental enhancements. While the process of recharging the Wishstone with Giangio may seem somewhat inconvenient and unnecessary, involving the constant care of the Gold Coin Tree and returning to Giangio, the Cube proves to be a valuable asset overall. If players choose to incorporate the Cube into their gameplay, it's advisable to place it on the lower belt and consider investing in the Increase Cube Uses P-Organ upgrade and the Decrease Cube Activation Time P-Organ ability, which will likely enhance its effectiveness.

Attribute Purification & Special Purification Ampoules

As players advance through the expansive landscape of Krat and its environs, they'll notice a growing prevalence of Environmental Hazards. These hazards, such as rivers tainted by Corruption, pools afflicted by Decay, Bear Traps, Disruption crystals, and deteriorating floors, can pose significant threats if underestimated.

Lies Of P Player Running Next To Puppet Of The Fut
Lies Of P Player Running Next To Puppet Of The Future

However, players can significantly enhance their safety by ensuring they have Attribute Purification Ampoules readily accessible on their lower belt. The presence of these items within easy reach provides players with the assurance they need to navigate through corrupted areas without the need to clear the Corruption fluid beforehand. It's important to note that Attribute Purification addresses Shock, Decay, Corruption, and Overheat, while Special Purification addresses Shock, Break, and Disruption.

All Types Of Abrasives (Fire, Electric Blitz, & Acid)

Abrasives in Lies of P can be likened to Elemental Greases in Elden Ring, providing a more relatable comparison for veterans of Soulslike games. Essentially, these items enable players to temporarily infuse their weapons with a specific Elemental Damage type. In Lies of P, the choice of Elemental Damage becomes crucial depending on the type of enemy Pinocchio is currently facing.

Lies Of P Player With All Three Blitz Grinder Item
Lies Of P Player With All Three Blitz Grinder Item

Having a few of these abrasives, regardless of their elemental properties, readily available on the lower belt ensures that players are well-prepared for various situations. The only potential source of confusion may be the resemblance of the Abrasive icon to that of the Grinder. However, the distinct color variations between each Abrasive and the Grinder should sufficiently prevent players from mixing them up.

Legion Magazine

Initially, Pinocchio's Legion Arm might appear rather unimpressive. When players embark on their journey in Lies of P, they're equipped with only a basic 'punch' as the core function of the Legion Arm. However, as players advance in the game, unlock new Hotel Krat NPCs, and construct new Legion Arms, they'll discover that the Legion Arm can be a game-changing asset when employed effectively.

Lies Of P Player Using Legion Cartridge To Reload
Lies Of P Player Using Legion Cartridge To Reload

For instance, the Aegis Arm has the potential to render certain challenging bosses significantly more manageable, effectively mitigating the need for precise Perfect Guards. The ultimate upgrade of the Puppet String offers players wielding slower weapons a means to capitalize on opportunities when enemies are vulnerable to staggering. Furthermore, the Fulminis serves as an outstanding tool for dealing damage, fitting seamlessly into the intervals between enemy attacks.

For those who favor utilizing their Legion Arm of choice, incorporating some Legion Magazines on the lower belt can facilitate smoother traversal between Stargazers or transform seemingly insurmountable boss encounters into achievable feats.

Gemini's Emergency Protection & Iron Protection

While Lies of P undeniably draws significant inspiration from Bloodborne and other Soulslike games, it also introduces innovative elements to the subgenre. One noteworthy addition is the capacity for players to regenerate their healing items, known as Pulse Cells, by dealing a sufficient amount of damage. This inventive feature adds a layer of forgiveness to the game, making it more accommodating.

Lies Of P Player Using Geminis Protection Next To
Lies Of P Player Using Geminis Protection

Moreover, items like Gemini's Emergency Protection and Gemini's Iron Protection stand out as rather unique. These items temporarily shield players from losing any of their Ergo upon death. Initially, the notion of using an item to 'prepare' for death during combat might seem unconventional. However, in the second half of the game, some formidable foes can swiftly overpower players and deplete their Pulse Cells. In such situations, or when players run out of Pulse Cells during a boss battle, these items offer a valuable means to retain the Ergo they have accumulated.

Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool

Venigni's Urgent Repair Tools prove to be exceptionally valuable in comparison to many other consumables available in Lies of P. It's regrettable that these items appear to be somewhat scarce. Nonetheless, whenever players do come across them, it's advisable to equip them on their lower belt. This way, they can readily utilize them when the need arises, rather than resorting to their Grinder.

Lies Of P Using Vegnini S Repair Tool 1
Lies Of P Using Vegnini S Repair Tool

For instance, a situation where this strategy becomes pertinent is during the latter part of the King of Puppets battle. Here, players encounter a critical moment where they must restore their weapon durability, but the adversary typically grants them only a brief respite, if at all. In such a scenario, having Venigni's Urgent Repair Tool readily accessible can genuinely make the difference between survival and defeat.

Weapon Durability Grinder

Let's begin with the Grinder, an item that is initially placed on the Lower Belt and should ideally remain there throughout the game. As players advance through the game, the Grinder's significance steadily grows. Over time, Grindstones become accessible, allowing players to temporarily imbue their weapon with elemental or supplementary effects. Additionally, as Pinocchio embarks on their adventure, enemies progressively take a toll on the durability of weapons.

Lies Of P Using Grinder To Sharpen Weapon Durabili
Lies Of P Using Grinder To Sharpen Weapon

While it's true that players could potentially use Venigni's Repair Tools as a substitute, these items are relatively scarce, even when available at Merchant Shops, and are not intended as a full-fledged replacement for the Grinder.

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